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Interesting emmaegbert - I find I get a lot less exercise when I'm in the city than I do when I'm in more rural settings.


I have been lucky that dh feels my workouts are as much of a priority as I do so even when he is not wanting to watch ds alone he totally agrees he needs to so I can make it to the gym. We don't have the option of a gym with childcare here 'cause we're outside of a small town but that would be a nice option - right now my workout times are dictated by dh's work schedule & that could become a LOT more complicated as he is hoping to apply to the police force shortly.

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After a crazy, non-routine end to my summer, I'm finally getting back into the habit of exercising again.  I lost about a month and a half of real workouts, there, but I tried to stay active as much as possible.  Like when we went to a reunion at a campground with a nice river, most of my family would drive down and back up when they were done, but I made a point to refuse rides and walk the 10-15 minutes back to camp, uphill.  It wasn't fun, but I figured it was the least I could do if I wasn't going to exercise for real.


Now my kids are back in school, and it's just me and 3yo DS during the day, so I'm trying to make a point of going 3-4 times a week again.  I'm finding that I can do MUCH less now than I could a couple months ago without my heart rate skyrocketing, but I still feel good doing something.  I usually try to do ~30 min cardio on the elliptical or treadmill.  Elliptical is easier on my pelvic joints, but sometimes puts my feet to sleep.   Then I'll do a few weights (focusing on my back and legs, usually), and then get down on the floor for cat/cow pelvic tilts and stretching.  And then I'm completely worn out.


My motivation comes from my complete lack of exercise in all my previous pregnancies, plus the fact that I started this pregnancy heavier than the end of my pregnancy with my last baby.  That doesn't make me feel good when I think about it, and I was really, really fed up with my body image at the start of this year.  I felt absolutely resolved to finally, now that I'm in my 30's, DO SOMETHING about it!  And then I found out I was pregnant.  There was quite the initial resentment that I wouldn't see myself lose weight because of all my effort, but then I convinced myself that if I kept with it, I'd probably end up weighing less and feeling thinner post-partum than I did before I found out I was pregnant.  And even if not, I'm getting myself into a habit of taking care of myself, and that's important.  I don't know if I'll ever be as skinny as I want to be (I'm probably not THAT motivated, if I'm honest with myself!), but I certainly want to get to be a healthier weight.  I do find myself wondering what I'll do after the baby is born - I certainly won't be going back to the gym until at least 6 weeks, and then NOT taking a baby with me (too much germ exposure for me!), so I'll have to adjust the way I do things, probably.  And finances might come into play, too.  Still, I'm hoping to keep up the habit.

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I had the most amazing swim last night. It's been years since I swam regularly, but fortunately my endurance came back early on, and now I'm starting to get my speed back, too. I had a stretch of laps in the middle where I swear I was flying through the water (despite my rather non-hydrodynamic shape!) It felt so good.


lifeguard, I am with you. I feel very fortunate that my DH is very supportive of my need to exercise. Swimming is my favourite activity right now by far, and the lap swimming time at our neighbourhood pool is very inconveniently coincident with dinner clean-up and bedtime routine (7-8 p.m.) but DH still encourages me to go as often as I like. I go every second night, and swim laps for an hour. It's so, so awesome. I'm sure part of the reason he is so wonderful about it is that I am a total cranky witch on the days I don't get any decent exercise winky.gif whereas I come home from swimming floating on air.


Leiahs, I am starting to think about post-baby workouts as well. I expect to be walking daily (DS' school is about a mile away and I'll be picking him up this year rather than using after-care) but that won't be that much activity. I might take longer routes to get there so that I can get a good little hike in.


There are mom & baby exercise classes around me that I took when I was on mat leave with DS. I went in all cocky, thinking hey, I'm a former nationals level athlete, how hard can this be ... ^$&* those classes kicked my behind. They were fast-paced, hard, plus you use the baby as a weight and the kid just keeps getting heavier all the time! However, they were also quite expensive, it was a pain to get to them on time, and DS did not take to them well at all, so I'm not sure if I will do them again.


I've found that swimming and workout videos have really been great for me during pregnancy, so I might just keep up with those. The swimming will require getting the baby taking a bottle, but that's the plan, anyway. And videos are so convenient.


Over the course of a couple of years, I had an injury, followed by another injury, followed by a pregnancy. I stopped playing sports, gained quite a bit of weight through those years and was dealing with something similar in terms of body image. I was starting my 30s, not wanting to feel so out of shape for the rest of my life (and I definitely notice that it gets harder to spring back into shape as I get older.) It took a year or two to make it all the way to where I was happy, but along the way, I resolved a lot of issues and even managed to accept that my genetics are what they are and I am never going to be really thin unless I am willing to make it my top priority in life, and maybe not even then. So weight management turned out not to be a great long-term motivator for me (also, I find that calorie restriction is way more effective for that than exercise), and even health is such a distal outcome that it works when I am close to being motivated, but it won't get me out of a rut. But they did get me started. Now, the immediate gratification of feeling good when I exercise has become really important in my life, so even though it wasn't what got me started, it's definitely what keeps me going.

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I've been thinking about post baby workouts too. How long do you think one should wait before trying to do something? I had a c/s with DS so I have no idea about what is a good amount of time for a vaginal.

I'm starting back teaching a few Pilates classes next week. It is going to be so hard! I'm going to do a test drive today to see what I can and can't do with this big belly. I imagine that most of my class will be instructing and less demonstrating but I want to do what I can. I will probably only teach 4 weeks b/c then I'll be 38 weeks. I guess if I feel good I will keep teaching. We'll see how this first week back goes. My students have been begging for the return of classes. I'm sure they will take what they can get at this point.

This week will be a 2 workout week again. My SPD is just getting to be too bothersome after my workouts so I need a longer recovery period. Plus, I've been single parenting with DH out of town. CRAZY WEEK! Hubby arrives in town soon and I can get a break from the madness.

pi, I am totally getting this baby to take a bottle. I bought a good pump and I bought those tommee tippee 'close to nature' bottles that feel like real boobs. I will take the baby on runs and do what I can with the baby, but I am going to need some time away too. A big part of me not working out until my son was 20 mo, was b/c I never left him. I don't want that to happen again. I'm glad I did it for my son b/c he had a very traumatic birth, but this time I'm hoping to be able to at least sneak away for a few workouts a week. I think it will make me a better mommy in the long run.

Leiahs, I'm thinking the eliptical will be my new best friend in the last month. Running is really getting hard on my pubic joint plus I only run for about 10 min then I get ligament pain.
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I have had a rough time getting my work outs in (which consist of walking while pusing DS in a stroller, plus yoga once a week) due to just being busy and motivation. This thread has helped! Last night I really didn't want to go, but finally did and DS and I had a blast playing at the park (it is near the end of the walk) so that helped with the motivation.

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Exercise after birth... hmmm, I don't even know.  I'm sure the other mama's can weigh in better based on personal experience, but I'd have to say that physiologically, we'll need at least a few weeks (4-6?).  This would be for both vaginal/c-sec.  Mainly because where our placenta was attached will become an open fleshwound on the inside of our bodies the size of a dinner plate, and definitely needs time to heal.  I know that I'll also be anxious to get back to exercising, so I'm interested in learning more.  One of my midwives just had a baby and was exercising her whole pregnancy (at least she was still doing spin classes at 38 weeks).


I also had a tough physical week.  Today I skipped spin class because my back is aching so much, and my abs are really sore.  Plus I'm just tired and cranky.  I wanted to take a nap, but the mother's room was occupied. I have no idea who could have been in there, because there aren't any other pregnant or lactating women on the floor, and it is a designated "mother's room".  Whoever it was was in there twice when I checked, 30 minutes apart, so I missed my window to go nap.  I have a blanket in a cubby, so I'd be really annoyed if some trader (I work on a trading floor)  was napping with my blanket, or even worse, taking a big smelly poop in the mother's room while reading Wall Street Journal.  You'd be surprised how many of them bring newspapers with them into the bathroom. 


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Originally Posted by tutucrazy View Post

I've been thinking about post baby workouts too. How long do you think one should wait before trying to do something? I had a c/s with DS so I have no idea about what is a good amount of time for a vaginal.

I'm anticipating at least 4-6 weeks before doing anything strenuous if I have a vaginal birth, 6-8 if I have another c/s. I'll just see how I'm feeling. I'll have to be at least up and walking pretty quickly to care for my older DS, so it won't be total inactivity, though I'm hoping to be able to take the first week or so to just recover and have someone else pick him up from school.


I want to have something of a plan in place for getting back into a regular exercise routine, though, because otherwise, next thing I know 6 months will have slipped by.

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pi - I too have found that weight control/loss is NOT a motivator for me. Weight loss is just so difficult & slow for me that it's not a good enough incentive - I think that's why the powerlifting has worked so well for me because there are always new, reachable goals to aim for.


post-baby exercise - I think about this a lot. I'm just not 100% sure how to swing as my gym doesn't have childcare & there are no others in town (not that I would want to switch anyway) that do. But with the drive & the workout time it takes almost 2 hours from start to finish & realistically making it much shorter would be very difficult. But ds was not able to be away from me for that long very easily until he was several months old - he nursed absolutely constantly! I've approached our gym owners about bringing the baby along as long as it is quiet in the gym but they haven't given me an answer yet. Long term dh & I want to set up a home gym but we can't afford it yet (the initial investment is pretty big) & quite honestly I have a hard time believing I'll be as committed without the gym environment - I walk into the gym & the atmosphere really helps set the mood for me to get down to business.


I do hope that I can back to lifting asap after she arrives. I had a 3rd degree tear with ds & it was really hard to get going again. I literally could barely get up & walk a few steps for the first few weeks. I hope I don't have to go through that again.


I'm visiting friends this week & missing my workouts. I thought I'd be able to use the hotel gym on the way here but it was a treadmill in a closet - so completely unhelpful. Then I thought I could go to the local Y but they don't have childcare for the summer months & I don't feel right asking my friends to watch ds for such a long period of time (they also do not live in town & realistically I couldn't go there & back & workout in under 2 hours). I'm walking every day but I just despise missing my lifting workouts.



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I guess that first 5 weeks postpartum will be so busy anyway, I don't think I'll miss the workouts. Just adjusting to life with a baby and 3yo is going to take some time! I'm blessed to have access to a nice little private gym near my house so I can go with baby. I didn't even realize that until I read your post lifeguard. While the baby is small I can always just take him/her in the infant seat and do the workout while baby snoozes. To be honest, I haven't even been going to my regular gym b/c that little private one has everything I need to get a good workout and is right down the street. I'm there with you about the home gym! If only I had some $$$.

Amy, that is annoying about the mom's room! Watch it have been some inconsiderate dude who thought he found a good place to take his daily deuce. Are you going to return to work after maternity leave?
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I wanted to get up and out both times PP and was walking a bit within a couple of days, but it does take at least a month to really not feel exhausted by even really pretty minor excursions, IME. And about 3 months I started feelling "normal" again. At 1 week PP I was just DYING to get out and walked to the local starbucks (closest thing I could walk to when I lived there) and was definitely pooped, and that was probably 1/3 mile or so each way? These were with uncomplicated vaginal births (and I was active right up to the end with both- I do think that probably made a difference). At 2d PP I played a little VERY not-strenuous ball on the sidewalk outside with my 4.5yo, and I thought I was going to pass out. Its important to look after yourself. As AmyMay says, you are bleeding and healing, and that healing is really important.


Anyway I already have 2 kids and I am a SAHM and a grad student and low-income... so gyms are pretty much out for me. I get most of my exercise from walking (usually around 4 miles a day) and then I try to get to a yoga or dance class 1x per week if possible- I assume I will jettison that for a while pp and cut the walks back for a few weeks until I feel up for it. I am going to apply for financial aid at the Y when I get home in a little over a week- both my olders are super into swimming and I'd like them to take lessons over the winter. And I am excited with the prospect of babysitting so I can get back in shape more quickly! I think it can possibly be a fairly affordable option for me.


I have to build exercise into my life... like walking for transportation. I do not give myself the permission to do enough "for myself" otherwise, nor do I have the resources for it, frankly. And for me, weight loss is also SSSSLLLLLOOOOOWWWW so its not like I can "nurse off the pounds" or "walk off the pounds" (HA! I gain weight PP, its completely and utterly unfair and its just what my body does, and yes, I babywear too). Sigh.

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Emma, the YMCA is usually very good with accommodating their rates for people depending on their financial abilities. I hope they work something out for your family! Are you taking a break from school this semester? I want to get back to school when this baby turns 1, just take a few classes. I'm hoping to be able to enter a nursing program by the time baby is 2 and follow that with a midwifery program. If only I knew what I wanted to do BEFORE I had kids. Instead I got a pointless degree that I will never use and racked up a ton of student debt in the process. greensad.gif School is going to be so much harder with kids in the mix.
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I've got high hopes for the Y :)


(Tutucrazy, OT I know but... I am almost done with school and writing my dissertation now. And yes, I will take a break, and then I will try to be done before baby is 6mo. I went right back with DS, and that was too crazy but I was weeks away from finishing my quarter and just wanted to do that... then I had a 4week break. Took about 4m off with DD, and that was about right for me. School is hard and different with kids but its not impossible.  I liked going to class, having that mental space to myself. But I was in grad school so slightly more control over my schedule. Schools vary a lot in how they support and accommodate student parents. I would certainly hope that midwifery programs were good about that!)

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emmaegbert - I'm with you with not being able to nurse off or walk off the pounds. Neither does much of anything for me in the weightloss department - unfortunately my body wants the exercise vigorous & plenty & taking too long a break from that makes getting back into it torturous!


tutucrazy - the private gym sounds lovely!

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I've had a horribly grumpy 24 hours.  My kids woke me up to fighting and major trouble-making this morning, and I had a headache to boot.  I finally convinced myself to get to the gym anyway - the 3 of them could be watched by the YMCA staff while they jumped out some energy on the nice foam mats, and I could have some peace and quiet.  When I got on the elliptical, I somehow decided to listen to my hypnobirthing tracks on my iPod instead of finding something on the TV or some upbeat music.  Best decision ever.  I managed 30 min on the elliptical, heart rate hanging around 160's the whole time, and still felt calm and centered and relaxed (as much as you can be while still actively using your muscles!).  I decided that was really good practice!!  If I can keep my breathing slow and even and my extra muscles relaxed while I'm doing a WORKOUT, then I can remember how to relax myself during labor, too.  :)


Unfortunately, when I was done working out, and stretching, and re-centering myself, I found out my DS1 was punching other kids, and DS2 had taken off his socks and they were totally, completely lost.  Lovely.  It didn't take long to get back into grumpy mode.  Sigh.  But when DH came home tonight he gave me some very nice pampering with a lovely foot and back/shoulder/neck massage while we watched a movie.  I feel better now.  Hopefully still will tomorrow, too.  ;)

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I'm still managing to exercise 5 days a week. Running is all but out now though. Baby's head is way low in my pelvis, and the pressure on my bladder has just been unbearable for the past couple of weeks. I also get pain in my shins and calves when I run sometimes; I think due to less blood flow. I still occasionally get in a couple miles running, but I've been more comfortable with walking fast and using my spinning bike.  I also decided about 10 days ago to focus on building up my strength a little more before the birth, so I've been doing more free weights (fairly light though) and modified push ups. That's feeling good. My pre-natal yoga class isn't much of a workout, but it does help me feel strong and good in my body and is a good venue for practicing breathing and staying relaxed while doing some physical work.


In terms of postpartum exercise, I'm hoping I can back into it within a few weeks and that the weather holds out long enough for me to reestablish some comfort with running before the snow flies and the roads get icy (which can happen starting in late October here).

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Leiahs, what a great idea about listening to your hypno-birthing while doing cardio! I have been trying to do a mental imagery/birth affirmations one but I always fall asleep b/c I'm laying down. If I do it while doing cardio, I bet I can actually stay awake and focus on it. Going to give it a try and see if I get more out of it.

I had a nice workout on Saturday morning and had very little SPD symptoms afterward b/c I didn't run, just did cross-training, and I didn't do anything with my legs apart or deep squats. Unfortunately DH and I DTD and that really bothered my SPD when I tried to be on top. :/ Sex was way more effort than it was worth...
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Today during our drive ds needed to poop so we pulled over on the side of the road. I held him scooped under his knees with his back against my chest & then squatted down myself so he could poop & we sat like that for about 5 minutes. I felt pretty darn good about that, I was squatting nice & deep & was comfortable doing so, even with his extra 40lbs!


Oh the bladder! I make SO many bathroom trips during workouts now. When we skip I tease my trainer that she just likes to see me run for the bathroom afterwards!

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I think my running days this pregnancy are coming to a close.  greensad.gif  I'd only been running 1-2 days a week for the past few weeks, and for the past 2 weeks, I haven't been able to run 3 miles continuously without needing to walk.  I promised myself that I'd only run until it stopped becomming fun, and it is becomming less fun to not be able to actually run during a run.   This weekend we're going camping in Vermont, and have hikes planned for both Friday and Saturday mornings.  I may still try a run next weekend, but I'm OK if it becomes more of a hike.  The thing that is hard for me is knowing that running is not going to get any easier.  It is not like I'm in the process of getting in shape where if I have a run where I struggle a lot, I know that running again later in the week will be easier because I'm more fit now.  I can see the window closing... though I definitely have good days and bad days, I know running isn't going to feel really good again until this baby is breathing on the outside!


So, I'm making peace with that.  I used to run afterwork in the evenings, but I had switched to running on the weekends (in the mornings when it was cool).  During the months it was so hot, I would work out during the day during my lunch break (enough time for a minimum of 45-55 minute workout, plus shower) and that is when I discovered and fell in love with taking classes (spinning, sculpt, kickboxing, & my favorite of all, zumba).  I'm really thankful that I've been enjoying them so much, and doing a ton of strength training, and none of the exercises seem to fatigue me or bother me the way running does- even the cardio/jumping/ portions.  Plus, DH and I have been enjoying the evening time because we're not out not running- it is amazing a) how much more quickly my day at work goes by when I get to leave during the day for a workout, and b) how much longer my evening at home feels when I don't need to break it up with a workout (changing, running, shower, transition etc).  So that part has been really nice. 


I also walk to and from the train station every day, which is about 1 mile twice a day, up and down a big hill.  I finally had to acknowledge that I can not get there as quickly anymore.  I'd been late for work consistently for weeks now because it clearly takes me longer to walk, but I wasn't ready to start leaving the house any earlier. 


I feel like I've said this a million times, but I am so impressed and encouraged and inspired by all you ladies committed to finding time to take care of yourselves through movement and exercise.  I truly think it is one of the best gifts we can give ourselves and our babies and our families, and it is especially helpful to see how many of you women make the time to do this with older kids too.  And overcoming huge obstacles along the way, including other family obligations, distance/time, school, finances, and all kinds of other challenges.

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So, everytime I see this thread I say the same thing to myself...




Just thought I would finally share.....



To be fair I was exercising quite regularly shortly before conceiving but when my gym found out I was preggers they kicked me out...bullshit right there man...and now I dont have the time for more than a walk or two a week as Im working 60 plus hours :(

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Amy, I'm there with you. Running just isn't going to work for me anymore. If I manage to run, I only make it about 10 min and the pubic pain I get afterward isn't worth it. Now I'm just doing 10 min on the stepmill, 10 min on the eliptical and 10 min on the bike. Sometimes I do walking uphill too. Strength training is going fantastic though and I really feel like I can do almost everything during weightlifting despite the 30+ pounds. Today I taught pilates which wasn't easy but I managed pretty good. I didn't do a lot of the exercises that just aren't possible now but most my students are returns from last year so they can manage without me having to demonstrate everything. Hopefully if it isn't too windy I can do some stand-up-paddle on Friday. Like you, I'm totally okay with backing off for now. I don't want to induce any injuries and with my SPD being still pretty mild I want to make sure it stays that way.

lifeguard, I'm impressed with your squat. That is one of the movements that I really can't do with this pubic pain. Looks like I won't be squatting to deliver! Ha.
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