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Anyone have Rubella/German Measles?

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My doctor advised me that there are 2 diseases that would be beneficial for my DD to contract and get natural immunity to: chicken pox and rubella.

We have finally succeeded on the first, now are hoping to find the second. 

I couldn't find a thread about this so thought I'd put it out there in case there are any others looking, especially here, near Boston.

Thank goodness for these forums, I wouldn't know anywhere else I could post this!

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Sorry I don't have a lead for you, but I'm curious to know who your doctor is since it's very rare to find someone that would recommend such a natural path. Please share!

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I am happy to share his name: he is Dr. Alexander Angelov in Swampscott, MA.

He is a completely holistic family doctor. He is interested in his patients physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental well being. When my DD was an infant and had a badly prolapsed belly button, other doc's indicated a "minor" surgery might be needed. Dr. Angelov taped a penny to her belly button and it fixed itself in a couple of weeks. After that I was hooked.

He has worked similar miracles for my DD and my DH (he started going to him too) for the past 8 years now. Thanks to him my daughter is vax-free and has hardly ever experienced western medicine. Thanks to him I know how to properly boil a ginger root for medicinal tea. And even more miraculous than anything else: he got my DH to give up fast food and regularly eat salad!

So, he is quite atypical (in a good way) as a doctor. And the office is too: I called for an appointment the other day for my DD's annual checkup and they said, "ok, how about tomorrow?" I don't think I have ever waited more than a week for even a routine appointment... which is SO rare these days.

He and his staff are all Russian, so there is a little bit of effort required to communicate. And you do have to set aside quite a bit of time to see him because he will talk your ear off about anything and everything under the sun that is health-related whether you want to listen or not. But all in all, he is a rare gem! 



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Sounds like a great find Mayree.

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Hi Mayree, i know this is a really old post, but was curious about Dr. Angelov. My family med doctor supports delayed vax, but is leaving practicing medicine. I see that this MD supports this. Does your child see as a PCP? Does he do sick child visits? Thank you!
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Dr. Angelov does support delayed vax and also does sick child visits. He is PCP for my DD, and I believe he is affiliated with most health plans. Hope that's helpful :)

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I just heard of a measles outbreak in the Cambridge/Somerville, MA area. Is there anyone out there looking to get their child exposed who might have leads?

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