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Crazy prodromal for last 3 weeks- losing my mind!!!

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This is my third baby after a gap of 8 years. My first two labors were slow and very easy right up until transition. With my first I had several hours of labor, went to the hospital, got from 3 cm to 5 cm and stalled. They sent me home to rest and relax, it ended up being 2 weeks until labor started up again. With my second I had a more typical labor.


So about 3 weeks ago, at 37 weeks, I woke up early in the morning thinking for sure I was in labor. I woke up DH, and we packed up a bunch of stuff to take to the birth center, and went about our day. I was having uncomfortable contractions that I could feel in the front and back, every 3 minutes, about a minute long, for several hours. Eventually they started spacing out and by that evening they were pretty much gone.


For the next couple of weeks I had shorter periods of very regular, uncomfortable contractions. They are usually about 3 -4 min apart, and between 30-75 seconds. This usually lasts a couple of hours before dying out.


As of Friday I was 3.5 cm, 80% effaced, with a posterior cervix. I had my membranes swept that day.


Saturday I started getting stronger contractions around 1 pm, as I was waking up from a nap. I was determined not to get excited, so we went about our day, taking the kids and dog for a walk. When I finally timed the contractions around 3 pm, they were 2 min apart, 1 min long. They were strong enough that I could not ignore them at all, but I could talk and walk through them. DH could tell when I was getting them even though I was attempting to play it cool. The baby felt lower and I was beginning to feel a lot of pressure. We got in the car to go home and during contractions it was impossible to sit still because of the pressure, but could still talk through them. I called my midwife, she said to call her when it was harder to talk through them. We got home and the contractions got strong enough that I couldn't walk through them, and had to lean over and grab something and rock a bit. I thought for sure this was it, and was about 10 min away from walking out the door to the birth center when they started to ease up. Within an hour they were spacing apart and no more pressure.


I was completely exhausted for much of the next day after all this, and feeling like a crazy person. Now I am at my due date, really bummed to not have had this baby yet, very uncomfortable as the baby feels so low in my pelvis, and getting a little depressed.


A midwife at the practice, not my usual one, told me that if I made it to 41 weeks she could break my water to get labor started. I am very hesitant to do this, but do not want to go over 42 weeks and have to go to the regular labor and delivery unit!


I am more tempted, if I have another mini-labor session like Saturday's, to go in and have my water broken if I am pretty well dilated, not sure HOW well dilated really, just to keep things moving. I am still worried about this, though, so have made no decisions.


I am also really nervous about not knowing when I should actually go in, call DH and my kids to come home, etc.

Any advice would be appreciated, I am just so miserable and confused!

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I just saw this and couldn't not respond. I had about a month of prodromal labor with my second baby and it was miserable! The actual labor was about 90 minutes, start to finish, and I think it was so short because my body had been preparing for weeks. I had her at one day past 40 weeks.


Sending you easy labor prayers! Hang in there, mama. You're very close to meeting your baby! joy.gif

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Thanks, Peainthepod!

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No worries, mama! How are you feeling today?

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Great! I had my baby in a super fast labor on Saturday! So glad to hold her and not be pregnant.

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Congratulations! joy.gif

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