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What size freezer do you have?

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Looking at buying a chest freezer hopefully tomorrow actually as they are on sale at Sears... but not sure what size. My husband thinks the smallest size (5.1 cu ft) but I think we would rapidly out grow it if I plan to make a bunch of freezer meals, buy local grassfed beef, pork and free range chicken. Maybe extra bread, muffins, cookies etc before baby #4 arrives. I was thinking more along the lines of the 8.8cu ft one. So what works or doesn't work for you??


Thank you!

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I also originally thought we should go with a smaller one, but we ended up getting a 22 cu ft one because we found an awesome deal on craigslist and I can't imagine using a smaller one now!  I know ours is pretty huge and that isn't for everyone but I would suggest going with something bigger than the 5.5 for sure!  They fill up WAY faster than you think they will.  From what you said you'd be putting in it, I think even the 8.8 would be pretty packed.  In ours we have a variety of extra breads, shredded cheeses, chicken, beef, pork, fruit, vegetables, freezer meals, yogurt and a few convenience foods and it's completely filled but not packed and it's still easy to rotate things.    Although, I doubt most people have quite the quantity we have of these things...  Anyway, definitely go for something bigger than the 5.5!   

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Well we ended up going with the 7.1 I think. It seemed plenty big for a while and now that I'm actually stocking up on things for once #4 arrives it is definitely too small! :) I thought it would be but DH was unconvinced that I would actually use it. So we'll see.... Maybe it's time to find a cheap upright to add to our collection. :)

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We have 2 uprights--one 21 cu ft, and one that's way smaller, but not sure what size.  7 maybe?  Plus 2 refrigerators with freezers.  I need another freezer.  But we raise all our meats, have goat milk now, buy most groceries once a month, and have been known to get gallons and gallons of berries and peaches at a time. 

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We have a 16 cu ft upright. It seemed huge when we got it, compared to our old 8cu ft chest, but I really wanted at least 20 & I'm regretting we didn't hold out for a bigger one (even though the 16 barely fit in the door)

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I don't know what size ours is, but when we first got it and right after we moved, it was not full. Freezers run more efficiently if they are 1/2 or more full. We filled gallon milk jugs about 3/4 full with water and put them in the bottom to fill the space. As we needed the room, I moved them to the fridge to thaw and keep the fridge cool for free.

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We just purchased a 7.0 cubic square foot freezer last month. It'll hold an 1/8 of beef and half a hog (neither of which we've been able to actually purchase yet) as well as a decent amount of freezer meals and frozen veg. It's a good sized freezer for a family of three, but I can see us needing a second one 4-5 years down the line. 

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