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I agree "elective" doesn't mean it was the Mother's choice..

Both local hosptial's here have VBAC bans so you either choose your elective C-section or you drive almost 2hrs away. It's quite the "choice" that is offered, you get to have your hands tied to birth locally while practically being threatened with stories of you uterus rupturing.

So true.  I have absolutely no one who will support a VBA3C in IL.  It would be much longer than a two hour drive to find anyone who would deliver--don't even know where.  I'm 99% sure I'm heading toward another C/S.  Given the history of the reasons for my past C/S (all planned homebirths, 2 with more than 24 hrs of labor before transfer), I'm not comfortable with an unassisted birth.  I wouldn't call my upcoming C/S "elective."  I have no realistic choice.


I don't know why we're beating each other up over semantics here.  The way I see it is, when possible it would be great to have a C/S like the one in the video versus the way they're typically done. Personally having a "natural c/s" (stupid terminology) still would not entice me to choose a C/S.  Most people "naturally" minded would still fight like heck to have a vaginal birth.


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T-dunahoo, for a "crash" section, mom is often knocked out because general anesthesia is faster to administer.  If a situation proceeds to crash status on a mother who has an epidural already in place, it may be possible to crank the epidural to a sufficient level for surgery, or use spinal anesthesia (which, technically, is anesthesia in a different layer of the spine). 


A crash section is a really scary situation.  It means that a patient is at imminent risk of dying.  It's possible for a situation to be a real emergency and still to not be quite that bad.

Originally Posted by Tdunahoo View Post

I've always been told that TRUE birth emergencies that require a c/s the mom is knocked out. Many moms are told that they need to have an "emergency section" and it can be anywhere from 30-60 minutes before she is rolled into the OR for surgery. I believe, and I could be wrong. that is what imalittleteapot is talking about. A true emergency mom gets knocked out, non-emergent mom is kept awake even if it is a "necessary" c/s



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I had to sign an "elective" c-section form at my hospital. I looked at my OB-GYN as said if it's elective there's another option right... Not if you want to deliver here or with me. So I had to sign the elective form even though I had no other option. And there weren't any other options anywhere in a few hour drive that I could find. My last c-section I tried to make more natural but it's the first time our hospital had tried anything like it. But this video went even further. I might try to get my OB to watch it. It would be great if I can do more of these things this next time. (I wish it weren't true but this will be my fourth c-section. Baby #1 was breech, baby#2 I should have found a midwife but I didn't know better, baby#3 I wanted to try to VBAC but no midwife would touch me and baby was breech and low amniotic fluid, and this one again no one anywhere around would let me VBAC and I'm not comfortable doing it on my own. Not at all what I would have chosen but it is what it is. So all I can do is do the best I can given the circumstances. And advocating for myself does improve things and helps to personalize the birth. With my first two I didn't even think I could write a birth plan with a c-section but it was my last one that I decided I could have some control over how things were done and they actually listened to many of my requests.






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I just want to point out that any surgery that is not a matter of life and death is classified as elective.  

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