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water broke!

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Pretty sure my water just broke!  Ha - see my last post in the march thread - lol


and of course DH not answering his phone.    No contractions so not a hurry or anything.  Hopefully I get lucky and don't have pit this time. 


Talked to the MW just now and she said to get rest/ eat/drink and we will talk later this afternoon!


Ack!  First I need to calm down a minute, pack some stuff for DD and myself and figure out what I am doing.  lol.

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DH called back - he is heading home.... now to wait and see!

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goodvibes.gif ELV

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Sweet!  Hurry up and wait!! ;)

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Good luck to you and ELV!

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How exciting!  

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Just keep breathing! Can't wait to hear how it goes!
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Yippee- ELV :)

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Yay!!!! ELV~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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now on the waiting game...take a nap!

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ELV!! goodvibes.gif!!

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Yay, good luck!!!

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Sending you thoughts and prayers! Hoping you are blowing right through this labor thing and meeting your sweet babe soon!

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Woo hoo!  ELV!

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Yay! ELV! I hope you have a easy labor and you don;t need the pit! Can't wait to hear the news,

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Baby boy born this morning at 4:02am!

Contractions started on their own at 2:30 yesterday. No pit!

He is 9pounds 2oz!!! I guess he was done cooking early.

I had a mw attended hospital water birth.

When you really really think you can't do it anymore, it really can be true that you are almost there!!!

Picture and actual birth story, and name, coming later!
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Hooray!  Can't wait to hear and see more!  Enjoy!!

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Congratulations!! Welcome to the world baby! Can't wait to hear the story and see some pictures!! joy.gif

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