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What are these red dots?

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A few of ds's diapers and wipes have red dots on them, and I have no clue what they are. It kind of looks like the diapers have the measles or something. It's only on a few wipes and diapers. Not even really on the diapers, but on the hemp inserts (we use Thirsties Duos). The pocket and the terry cloth are still white. The pieces that have the spots are pretty covered in them, but the affected pieces are a very small portion of our stash.


DS does not have a diaper rash and I don't think it's blood since it literally looks like the hemp liner and cotton wipes have the measles. Just lots and lots of red dots (pretty uniform in size).


Any idea what could be causing these red spots?

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It could be mould. Oxy or bleach should get rid of that, though. Are they tiny spots or large?

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Small, like dots from a pen. And the cover every surface they are on! Do I just wash the diapers with Oxy Clean? I already threw away the wipes, but I do have on spotted hemp insert.


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Does anyone have any ideas about what this is or how to get rid of it?


I threw away all of the affected wipes and the single affected hemp insert, and today another hemp insert came out of the drier with the spots. The dots definitely spread across all the wipes, so I tossed them all.


I've searched and searched online and can't figure out what this is.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Do they smell burnt?  I know it sounds strange, but is it possible your dryer is burning the fabric?  I have had clothes come out of the dryer at times with small spots because they were literally burned by the intense heat.  Seeing as how you say it is when they come out of the dryer and that little one doesn't actually have rash, I'd be suspicious of a too-hot dryer?


Just a thought, maybe completely crazy.  hide.gif

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Well, I stuffed my nose into the stuffer, but it didn't smell like anything. Is that weird? I would think it should smell like something... mold, ammonia, burnt, something.


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Y'know, if it doesn't have a smell and there's not a rash, I wouldn't stress it.  Seriously, no harm, no foul.  winky.gif

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