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Have you tried these pouches?

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Kinda new here and to this whole thing, so please bear with me.

I have seen lots of reviews of the Kangaroo Korner fleece pouches and was all set to order one, but still a bit leary bc we are having a summer baby.

Then we were in TX on vacation and I saw a woman wearing a pouch (not something we see much around here) so I asked her about it and she said hers was made of hemp fleece so is cooler than what all fleece would be. It was by Mom & Me Creations.
I checked out their site, and they look great, but since I'm new at this I thought I'd ask for input since I hadn't heard of it until then.

We only have about 3 months of really warm weather here, but that's exactly when the babe is going to be born and I'm afraid s/he will be too warm and not like it if I go with the all fleece one.

Any input appreciated!
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I beleive you are talking about the Pea in a Pod pouch, correct?

While hemp is a natural fiber, and therefore more breathable than polyester fleece, I'm still not sure you're going to want that for a hot Texas summer.

My DD was born in July, in Boston, and we had a heat wave that August. I used my Maya Wrap cotton pouch and it was perfect. Very breathable and lightweight.

Honestly, I would recommend one of those. In the winter, I simply wore her in that under XL sweaters and I would wear DH's raincoat and I could keep her warm and dry.

I am, however, going to get a fleece pouch for my October baby on the way. I haven't decided yet on a Pea in a Pod or the KKAFP (see my thread here on that subject! - ugh, tough decisions!!!).

If you can afford it, get both. Or, get the cotton Maya Pouch and you can probably sell it when winter comes.
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Thank you. Yes I went and checked and it is called Pea in a Pod. Maybe I will find more info if I do a search on that name instead of the Mom & Me Creations.

Also, we were just vacationing in TX, we live in MI.

I have considered a cotton pouch but thought a fleece type adjustable one was better for a new wearer and a newborn?
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I used the KKAFP when my daughter was a newborn and absolutely loved it. Of all the products I've ever tried (and there have been a lot!) I think this one stands out as the easiest to use for a beginner, and the most cozy for a newborn. But I had a winter baby! When summer hit I put the AFP away and moved on.

I've never tried the Pea in a Pod but have heard good things about it overall. However, a friend of mine has this one and the KKAFP and she says they're both too hot for summer. She's in Tennessee.

I second Piglet68 in her recommendation for the Maya pouch. I really love it with my toddler, and highly recommend it to mamas with newborn babes. It's definitely a nice cool option for the summer.

Another good adjustable pouch option would be the Adjustable Cotton Pouch from Kangaroo Korner. It's not quite as comfortable as the fleece, but still a really nice product.

Good luck!
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Thanks MamaToFallon. I have considered a cotton pouch instead, but I had heard that the fleece type ones were easier for newbies and more comfy.
Do the cotton ones support newborns enough?
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I have one of Jen's pea in a pod pouches! I'm wearing it right now. I'm not a veteran slingin mama, but I love this pouch. I have a sling and a soft carrier too, but the mom & me is my fav. It has plenty of support for a newborn because it is adjustable. I used mine on DS since he was born and he's now 9 1/2 weeks (hey isn't that an old kinky movie? ) I live in So. Cal. so it gets warm here too. I don't plan on using it during the summer... way too warm. HTH.
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