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Vaccine Friendly MD in Danbury, CT

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Does anyone know of any doctors who will go along with delaying or selctively choosing vaccines for kids?  I am looking for either a Pediatrician or a Family Doctor.  Thanks in advance.

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Not sure how far you are willing to go. I'm in Bethel and go all the way to Milford to see Dr. Lopusny at Preferred Pediatrics. Her website is http://preferredpediatricsofct.com/ . It would be nice to have a closer doctor but it took me so long to find a doctor I liked it's worth the drive!! I can't say enough wonderful things about her. She's an MD but uses a lot of homeopathic remedies too. Easy to get in touch with and is the only doctor in the practice and really cares about her patients. She is very very flexible with vaccines and advises her patients not to do the standard schedule all at once. She said she really would rather not give more than one shot per visit. If you do decide to use her I will warn you that she is pregnant and due sometime in April I believe. She will be referring her patients to a doctor in Fairfield (whom I have never met) for the few weeks that she is out of the office. Not sure how this will affect new patients... Good Luck!

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