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So... Im a cashier....

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... and I've been lucky enough to jump over to the vitamin/bodycare section of the store for the last couple months, but now they don't need me anymore, and Im back to the checkstand.  Has anyone every heard anything about dangers of standing in front of one of those scanners all day? Sucks.. they are right at baby level. Thoughts? 


Thank you! 

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Do you think you could talk to your boss about moving to another Dept. for your pregnancy?

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Hmmm.  No, never heard that. It's aimed up at the ceiling, so I don't think it would be an issue. I've seen lots of pregnant cashiers.  Most end up with stools to sit on though.  It's hard on your back to stand so long every day. 

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I would more worry about touching the receipts with the PBA  on them.  http://www.rodale.com/bpa-receipts  Unless your work at a health store, most have them have moved away from that paper for receipts.

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Yep, Im at Whole Foods and I know our receipts are PBA free, so thats a plus.  Im still looking into the whole emf thing from the scanner, but for now Im just training myself to use my left hand to push buttons and then I can stand to the side of the scanner.  Its working out okay.  :) 

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Earthlady- I WISH ours only pointed up, I wouldn't be nearly as worried... ours have two lasers, one that points out and one that points up... they are "advanced"  oh man... sometimes I wish I worked at a less advanced place... thats for sure

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