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Cloth diaper question

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Hey mommas! Finally got SO to agree to CD with Dd2 since I did it with my older 2. =)

Does anyone here use best bottoms from nickis diapers? I ordered the starter pack. What do you think of them?

Where do you get your CDs? What brands do you use?


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Woo! Welcome to the world of CDing!

Moving over to Diapering for you. thumb.gif
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Through trial and error I found that I like Baby Kicks one size fitteds and wool best. Different people like different styles and materials and different babies fit different brands better (at different times).

I buy at Diaper Lab in Boston.

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I have one Best Bottom diaper that we use in our rotation, however I just use it with a prefold instead of the insert. My daughter is almost 3 months and we have yet to have a leak even when she has a major poop. It is quite adjustable and fits well around her legs, which are not very chubby. I like this cover better than our snap Thirsties covers.

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