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Car seat installation help please

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Ok, I have a couple questions and feel stupid for not being able to figure this out on my own:


1) I have the Chicco KeyFit 30 for my 3 month old. What position is the handle supposed to be in when it is in the car? The manual says "ALWAYS place the handle in one of the LOCKED positions when using Child Restraint in vehicle" Does it matter which position the handle is in?


2) I went to install the Graco Nautilus in the 3rd row of my 2001 Honda Odyssey using the seatbelt installation and I am a little confused about how to secure the seatbelt. The path the seatbelt goes through is also the path that the latch strap goes. Do I need to remove the latch belt to use the seatbelt installation? I am not sure I am understanding how to make sure the seatbelt is 'locked'. I watched the video on the Graco website for the installation but just want to double check that I did it right. The other car seats I've used the seatbelt installation have a piece that pinches the seatbelt to the car seat, so that the seatbelt cannot move. 


Thank you for your help.



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I can't help you with number 2, but with number 1 the handle can be in Any locked position.  It is one of the reason I chose the keyfit.  As long as it is locked... you are fine.

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You can use any handle position in the car with your Keyfit.


With the Nautilus, yes the belt goes through the same place the LATCH belt does.  You don't have to remove the LATCH belt, but it's helpful to secure it out of the way--I hooked the clips together behind the seat to pull it out of the way.  To lock your belt, install the seat, and then pull the shoulder portion out slowly, until you reach the very end.  Then start feeding it back in, and you will  hear a "click-click-click" and the belt is locked.

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Thank you. I feel better having double checked.


I was able to go back and get the Nautilus in a little tighter, although I need to adjust the harness height so I will need to reinstall it this week. 


The latch belt seems like it would prevent the seatbelt from being as tight as possible. 

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Just to let you know, car-seat.org has a TON of information and nemerous techs to help answer all carseat questions.  You dont have to join to ask either.

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