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buying a birth pool

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I'm considering buying rather than renting because it seems cheaper and it would be nice to be able to reuse it next time. I'm looking for something inexpensive, unlikely to tear, deep enough, with a comfortable bottom, and preferably made with safe, non off gassing bpa free plastic. So far i've seen La bassine, Aquaborn and birth pool in a box. Any feed back on those? Other brands to check out? For a summer birth should i get a cover to keep the water warm? thanks!

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I have used the la bas sine both times. I'm 5'10" and long waisted and it's deep enough for me to labor comfortably with my abdomen submerged and delivery on hands and knees hanging onto the side. I think my midwives have even sat on the sides of it. My labors have been fairly quick, 3-5 hours and we have had no problems keeping it warm. In fact it needs to stay only slightly above body temp when you are laboring. We keep a large stainless steel bowl (that will be used for the placenta afterward) to add warm water.

It deflates easily and comes with it's own carrying case so you can throw it in the closet or under the bed until next time. smile.gif

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I forgot to add that it is oval and not round . We were able to squeeze it in our old bathroom and my midwife had access on 1 side. This time we had room all the way around. It is only meant for 1 person and feels quite cozy and safe to me. But if you want someone in with you it will be too small.
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I didn't need a cover for my October waterbirth. You can always cover with a tarp or shower curtain. 

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I second the La Bassine recommendation. We bought one for our birth 2.5 years ago, and bought the liner to go with it. It's now been used by 4 or 5 friends of mine, who each just bought their own liner. It was super comfy, strong, deep enough and easy to use. It stayed plenty warm over several hours with a couple of buckets of water being taken out periodically and hot water added. I can't wait to use it again any day now!

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my midwife recommended the birth pool in a box, but said that ultimately pretty much anything would work... I like the completeness of the deluxe pool-in-a-box kit, and the fact that DP can fit in the pool with me, since I'll probably want him massaging my back or holding me.  I still need to figure out where this pool is FITTING in my apartment, but that's another story ;)


I'm also figuring it makes sense to buy and then either re-sell to another mama, or re-use for the next birth (don't know where I'll store it, but... hey, that's what friends with basements are for?)

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I'm thinking I'll go with la bassine. More questions: 1) What else do i need in terms of a hose & fittings for the faucet? 2) Do you think I would miss DH not fitting in the tub with me?

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This is our kit:

- pool and liner

- tarp for under the pool

- electric pump to inflate the pool

- drinking water hose to fill it up

- aquarium pump to pump it out (you could just siphon it but we live on the 2nd floor in an apartment in a city) with hose. This is the one we have http://www.marineandreef.com/Hagen_Marina_AquaVac_with_25_ft_hose_p/rhg11040.htm

- clean bucket (to take water out if needed)

- thermometer

- little mesh aquarium strainer

- lots of towels!


I thought I might want DH in the tub with me, but it worked really well to have him on a chair or the floor outside the tub and me inside leaning against the very thick and supportive sides. It's small enough that he was able to pour water on my back and massage me from outside, but big enough I didn't feel at all constrained. 

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Sorry, thread crashing...


So if you know for sure that you want your partner in the tub with you at some point, then which tub would you go with?  When I gave birth to DS1, I was pretty much plastered to DH in the tub for the last part of my labor.  I had the La Bassine bookmarked, because it looked nice, and I like the inflated sides (I was at a birth center with DS1, and those tub sides were ROCK hard), and then the birth pool in a box is also bookmarked for me as well.  BUT, I can't imagine how I would have gotten through those last hours without DH being right in there with me...

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This is the pool we used.  And honestly, it was perfect for us.  Granted, we did have a pump for a large pool we borrowed from my mom, but it was firm sided, yet comfy for me.  I was able to hang over the side of the pool while on my knees and be comforted by my doula and my mom without the pool threatening to collapse.  It was really wonderful.  When I bought it the price was only $25, so I was bummed to see they raised the cost. 


And fyi, my husband climbed in right before I delivered, and he was able to comfortably stay in with me through and after delivery.

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Depending on how big you and your partner are, you might be comfortable being in the La Bassine together, especially if he's behind you and your back is on his chest (supported squat). If you're on all fours or leaning against the side, there probably wouldn't be much room behind you. But I'm 5'9 and my DH is 6'3.  Do you know anyone with one that you could blow up and try a few positions in a dry run? 

I like the looks of that kid pool Thandiwe - nice strong sides. Hard sides would have felt really uncomfortable for me I think. I loved the inflated sides of our La Bassine.


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