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So apparently as of yesterday, Kay is doing home births with http://www.gamidwife.com/. No idea why she left AWS, but I'm sticking with Janet and I like her. Also more news to me, AWS has found a replacement midwife for Kay who will start May 31st, bio coming soon. She'll be too late for my baby though, poor Janet needs some back-up, she's totally swamped! I hope this isn't considered bad mouthing or gossip, but my problem was with how the office handled Kay leaving, they just didn't tell anyone... no call, no note at the desk or on the website, no email/mail. I came in for at least 2 monthly appointments and saw Janet and just assumed that Kay was delivering, no problem. I had to find out that Kay was gone from other people whispering in the waiting room instead of from someone on staff. I've had zero problems with the midwives and nurses I've seen there, but the front desk staff has left a little to be desired in the way they handle things like rescheduling when Janet is delivering (I've waited over an hour without them saying that Janet isn't in yet several times), rescheduling when the ulrtasound tech broke her arm before Thanksgiving (they gave me a make-up date when the tech wasn't even in the office), not telling Kay's patients that she had left for months, etc. The only thing I can think of in their defense is that as far as the Kay situation goes is that I'm sure how to "deal" with that was handed down from some higher power. I wish my searches had turned up Gifts from Grace as it's a much closer drive for me and they sound great but oh well. I really am happy with my care at AWS despite all this drama and wait times since Kay left, and I'm looking forward to delivering at North Fulton.

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When I had my baby in December, Kay Johnson was my midwife and Janet was the back-up at North Fulton. I interacted with both of them at the hospital and at AWS and I would recommend them without reservation. I believe that Kay is now only doing home births with Debbie Pulley (also a midwife). I thought North Fulton was great for my waterbirth but as that was my first childbirthing experience, I have nothing to compare it to.

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I delievered at North Fulton for my first and currently I am looking for another provider to deliver my 2nd due in January.


I had Kay as my midwife and would never recommend that office for several reasons. 1) I felt as if I was lied to because I told Kay I wanted her to deliver my baby and instead had Janet. 2) I would absolutely never recommend Janet (although glad that several people had pleasant experiences with her) because during my 11 hour labor she never spoke to me in person, only spoke about me in 3rd person as if I couldn't hear/understand her, she left the room without telling my husband or myself whether it was for breakfast or to check on someone else, she lied to me about the timetable that Dr. Schineaux (is that how her name is spelled?) would be in to start preps for the necessary c-section.


This is my personal experience. I am glad that others had a good experience with her but personally I would never recommend Janet to anyone.


I hope this post doesn't break any rules. It is just my personal experience with Janet, one I would not want to repeat for baby #2.

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I delivered two babies at North Fulton hospital and really appreciated my experience with the midwife there. Kim Storey is wonderful! She and the nurses helped me get through the process of going natural. I chose to walk versus a water birth and they let me do that until I was complete. For that reason, if I have another baby, I'm wouldn't consider any place but North Fulton.

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I know this thread is a little old, but for those wondering where Kay Johnson went I found an answer.  She has teamed up with Debbie Pulley to do home birth.  Website is http://www.gamidwife.com/  Hope this helps

ETA:  NM, I see someone else already posted this info!

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