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Working Mamas- Planning leave

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So I happen to be lucky and live in a state where I get disability to go on maternity leave. One of 5 in the US? What is wrong with our country?


Anyway - My midwife says she wants me out at 36 weeks because it greatly reduces the risk of cesarean to be out for a couple weeks before the birth. Has anyone heard this before? If it's doable I'm all over it, but I was kinda like... huh.

So I would get 4 weeks before and 6 weeks after (plus more unpaid if I want it). I cannot STAND being at work right now, so being out for the entire month of May sounds fantastic.


If I may ask, what are other people planning?

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HI :)


I'm slowly trending my work stuff down... So I say.  Things are massively hectic right now and it's killing me - I'm dragging so much.


I'm planning on making a bunch of changes on 4/10 - 

- no weeks over 25 hours

- telecommuting to as many meetings as possible instead of 2 hr round trips

- passing off certain responsibilities that won't be mine upon return


I happen to have a really essential project to work on for the last month that I haven't been able to touch since 1/1 and it has to get done.  So I'm going to clear the decks.  If I could flip everyone the bird too I would.  I agree, work sucks right now.


Regarding leave, since I'm moving down to part time, I won't get disability.  So I'm definitely going to try to "work" until the baby comes, though at a reduced pace/schedule.  Luckily I will be working on an operations manual at my house for the last few weeks so I don't consider that too taxing.  Then I'll take my 12 weeks from there.


My second job, teaching two yoga classes a week - I've taken some time off and am teaching max once a week in March.  However, I go back to twice a week in April.  I'm not really looking forward to it and may just cop out early.  I'm so totally exhausted and this is my week off from teaching!!!


I'm hoping that continuing to work and teach in April... that day job chills out and that teaching yoga keeps my busy and happy and connected to people... it certainly does make the time pass.  And when I say teaching yoga, I mean I'll be sitting on a stool in the corner telling everyone what to do.




I'm usually a positive person but it's just killing me.  I've been so positive my whole pregnancy - today I said to my coworkers how tired I was - they said - well that's good - you'll be all ready for the baby etc.  I am glad I kept my mouth shut so far.  I was surprised by their unhelpful and almost snarky responses.  

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I am SO ready to be done work. I am planning to be done April 1 (my DD is May 1). I'm wrapping things up, although I have a big project finishing on the 19th so after that I'll really wind down. I'm able to work from home some days, so that has been helpful. I find the commute more tiring than actual work - I take the subway and no one EVER gives up their seat. So much for polite Canadians :( I'll take 2 week sick leave (provided my MW can think of a reason to sign off on it, should be fine though) and then I'll start my mat leave 2 weeks before my DD. We have a year of mat leave up here, so I don't need to be as stingy with it, fortunately. I really feel badly for you American mamas - the leave situation really stinks for you! 

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I am working right on up until my due date (May 6th), unless I get put on bedrest or baby comes early.  I plan to take off until September 1st, so I basically get 4 months of leave (all unpaid, of course).  I really like my job and it isn't physically strenuous, so I didn't feel the need to take off weeks before my due date.  (Though I totally understand why people would - I stopped working 6 weeks before DD was born!)  As long as I keep up my water intake and keep my feet up, my feet and ankles don't swell.  Plus, my colleagues are understanding and don't mind when I'm out for appointments.  (Which is in their best interest, because if someone gave me crap about that, I WOULD stop working before my due date.)


The best news is, DH is taking 6 weeks off after the baby is born. love.gif  We had discussed it, and I was like, well, it would be helpful for you to be home for at least the first 2 weeks.  He said he'd see what he could do.  I wasn't expecting 6 weeks, but I'll take it!

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I work p/t (contract) doing office admin in a church, so even though Canada has great Mat leave policies, they don't apply to my situation. Even if I was a paid employee, the job is 30 minutes/week less than the minimum required for Mat leave. I also have my own business as a doula. DH is a mechanic, who only gets paid for the cars he works on. If no cars come in for repair at the dealership, then he makes $0 that day. He could take Pat. leave, but of course only gets 65% of whatever he's made in the past 8 weeks. So if the next two months at work are really good then he'll apply to take a couple weeks off, but if they're slow, then we won't be able to afford it, since we'll be completely without my income already (my job pays our mortgage). In which case he'll probably only be home for a couple days. :(


I have doula clients due March 18 & April 12 (I'm due mid-May), and 1 client booked for Aug 9 as well (a repeat). My plan is to keep working the p/t admin job right up until I have the baby, take 3 months (unpaid) off, and then start up again, taking the baby with me. If I feel up to coming back sooner than 3 months I'd consider it, solely for financial reasons. The church has said they will 'see what they can do' in terms of covering part of my income while I'm away, but it's been a tough financial year at the church so I'm not holding my breath on that one. DH really doesn't want me to have to go back to work, especially early, but unless things change at his workplace we don't have much of a choice. If I think about it too much, I get stressed..... DH too.... but we're trusting that one way or another it'll all work out.



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Even though I've been with this company for... 4 or 5 years now, I'm technically a temp so I don't get paid leave.  That being said, they also have to fill my position when I leave, and I am supposed to train the new person coming in - so to be relatively sure that this is doable, my last day will be April 15th - I'll be just past 37 weeks. 


I too am so done with work.  Just sitting in a chair hurts at this point (the baby digs up into this one spot in my ribs that I just can't relieve unless I'm standing or at least somewhat reclined.  I wish I could have one of those exercise balls to sit on instead of my office chair!  And by the end of the day, I'm just plain worn out.  I don't really have the energy for much when I get home, and I feel generally sort of useless around the house.  Can't *wait* to get some time out of the office!



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My company is too new and small to have mat leave outside of the State funded, which is only 6 weeks in California (as a once removed Canadian - I think this is total crap). However, my boss is great and is totally fine with me taking off 6 months unpaid and then coming back part-time work from home for the next 6 months. I'm 38 weeks at May1st, which I'm thinking will be my last day. Taking my 2 weeks of vacation before hitting up the maternity leave pay. My husband is going to take 3 weeks of the paternity leave when the baby is born and then take the other three in October just before I'm in the working from home phase. Fortunately I've been saving up for this baby for a long time, so I have a stockpile for the down time.


My boss is hiring two people to replace me, which is flattering. :)

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I haven't decided yet on what day I am leaving. My due date is May 19th and my original date to leave work was May 6th but the last couple of weeks I have been thinking of leaving April 29th. Like the rest of you women, I am already tired of work. I didn't realize the states has such a crap maternity leave if you get it at all. I guess for this particular part being a Canadian is good as I get a year off.  Can you all believe though that May is only 2 months away?!?! yikes! Ready or not...here our babies come :D

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My last day is April 26, and I'm due May 10, so I'll be off from 38 weeks on. I'm taking unpaid leave until January.


My job is killing me lately, too. I teach kindergarten, so I'm on my feet all day. I feel exhausted when I get home. 

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I was just recently laid off but hired back part-time as a contractor so maternity leave is now off the table.  My original plan was to work up to about week 39ish.  I finished with both my prior pregnancies at about week 39.  My midwives always encouraged me to end earlier but with DD1 she was 9 days late and DD2 was pretty much on my due date so I ended up with a little kick back.  I've always gone right back to full time (although I've telecommuted) after 12 weeks.  My home birth midwife did feel like working until the end wasn't the best idea- her comment to me was that I needed to change my energy and let go of the responsibilities of work.  With my last two pregnancies I was sort of just in stand-by mode those last 3-4 weeks as I transitioned everything to another colleague and spent time doing documentation and answering questions.   With this pregnancy, I will probably do as much part-time work as I can until close to my due date.  Then, I'm not sure what I will do. A lot depends on how many projects (they gave me a list) that I complete before my due date.  Since I am currently setting my own hours and there is no pressure to be anything other than contracting- I may do odd hours while baby naps to supplement our income.  In reality, I probably won't do much for the first 8-12 weeks though as DD1 and DD2 definitely only did 30 min cat naps those first few months and the down time was usually spent folding laundry or catching up on other household tasks.

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I am planning on working until I go into labor. I have always done that. I have never heard that stopping work by X amount of time decreases your chances of a c-section. I am a midwife myself, and I always tell people that when they need to leave work is a personal decision, but that if there were a medical reason to stop work I would let them know. I know I would lose my mind being home from work for that long. Plus, my dh has been laid off and cannot find a job right now so I am the only one making money in my family.

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I also plan on working right up until I go into labor - I have a leadership position within my company and am the sole breadwinner for my family. I think my midwife feels lukewarm about this - but I made it pretty clear that this is who I am. In my mind, being pregnant, being a mother, working full time outside the home - none of these are separated - they are all part of who I am (personally, of course - everyone has their own needs and ways to focus on what's important).


I'm planning on taking 8 weeks off after the baby comes - my dp is a SAHD so I'm very lucky that I don't need to plan childcare transitions.I haven't decided if all 8 of those weeks will be totally disengaged from work or not...



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Yes I'm not looking forward to the last few weeks of work but the alternative is a whole lot of hours stretching out in front of me... just waiting.   might as well as long as my health is good and the stress isn't too bad.

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I'm planning to work as long as possible because I only have 7 days of paid leave. And since I only get paid for 10 months of the year (I'm a teacher), each day I take unpaid is a big chunk of my salary. I'd like to work until May 11 (babe is supposed to be born on the 13th), but I've had to leave work early for both of my previous pregnancies due to blood pressure issues, and it's not looking a whole lot better this time, so I'm planning on being ready to leave after the Easter break. Even that sounds really daunting to me--I'm so tired and achy now; I can't imagine how much worse I might feel in another 6 weeks. At least I'll have a full 3 months to look forward to with baby before I have to go back to work.

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I'm not currently working, but I am a 3/4 time college student.  This semester is done on May 11th, and then I have a 3 week class starting May 16th.  I'm planning on missing one week of classes at most, depending on what day of the week he's born and how my recovery goes.  After that 3 week class I'm off until the end of August, though!

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Ah yes school. I'm due the day finals week ends. The good news is, one of my classes is an English class, so the final is a paper (and my prof has said he will drive to my house to pick it up if he has to) and my other class you don't have to take the final if you ace both midterms, so I am shooting for not actually having to be at school finals week.

Then I'll be done with City College but I'm not transferring yet, as I was waiting to see if we were moving, which we are.

I have to say, concentrating this semester has been difficult, to say the least.

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I plan on getting out as early as possibly, probably in the next 3 weeks.  My due date is 5/19 and my company, since I've been here 15 years provides full pay disability.  If I didn't have the benefit of full disability, I could go on state disability at 36 weeks, which is not full pay.


I commute in and out of NYC to work everyday and don't always get a seat and have to walk up and down stairs and through crowds of people.  I'm starting to feel the effects of the commute and long hours.  I even was experiencing some minor contractions due to some stress I've had.


I go to the doctor again Friday, will see what they say!

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I'm fortunate enough to work from home and it's a freelance writing job which is low stress. So, for me, I will work up until the day I go into labor. If I had an outside the home job that required on-feet standing for hours on end I'd leave somewhere around 30-35 weeks... whenever it got too uncomfortable to remain there.

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The first two times, I worked right up until labor.  (Literally, my water broke at work the second time, 2 days past my EDD.)  The third time I took off two weeks before baby was due and she ended up being born 10 days past EDD!  I was pulling my hair out.  It was torture not having any distraction from wondering why I am not in labor!  The time dragged on!


This time I may take off at 39 weeks, which means working up until Easter.  I think that's a good separation point.  My job is really physical including being on my feet and working non-stop for 11 to 12 hours a day/ 3 days per week.  I plan to take 12 weeks off after the baby is born.  It is sort of "paid" leave as I own my own chiropractic office, and my associate doctors cover my practice while I'm gone for no additional salary or percentage.  There is some work I have to do from home throughout the entire leave, but I stay away from the office completely.

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Last time I worked even past my due date (I was 11 days late, I worked up until labor started, which was 8 days post-due date, long labor!) since I'd much rather have time off WITH the baby than without! I had a super easy pregnancy though (and this one is similar so far) so it wasn't like I was uncomfortable or tired or anything. I work 40 hours a week (in a lab, so some desk work, some standing)

I'm in MA, so we get 3 months off no matter what, and my company itself will do 8 weeks paid, although you can get 12 as 'sick leave' for the last 4 if you get a doctor's note (which is what most women do) I also have a lot of vacation time stored up, so I think after my three months Ill do 3-4 day work weeks for a while if I can swing that.
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