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new seat

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We have a marathon and a radian 80xlt - dd is probably a bit less than an inch away from the top strap being too short for her.  we used to have a frontier, before the radian but it was in a car that was totalled and then replaced with the radian.  i know the new froniers have higher strap height and i found one on sale for $205 free shipping and no tax today.  What I was wondering is whether anyone has heard about any new seats coming on the market that will be better than the frontier, in its class, in maybe the next 3ish months?  When I bought my first frontier, like a month later the radian 80 came out and i kicked myself for buying the frontier before I needed it....sort of don't want to make the same mistake.  dd is 4 yrs old, 45" and 46lbs.  definitely not ready for a booster...i really want to keep her harnessed for as long as possible - we actually just forward faced the radian last week!  Just moved the straps up to the top notch on the radian too....so i guess probably if she keeps growing at the rate she has been then i will really be needing 2 new seats in the next yr.  I hate buyers remorse!!



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I haven't heard of anything, but I'd just keep an eye out and order seats when she gets within 1/4" of the top strap or such.  At her age she may mature enough for a booster (especially if you have another year to year and a half or so) before she outgrows the radian.  Then you can save a bundle over buying the frontier.

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They are coming out with a new Nautilus type seat called the Argos BUT the strap slot heights are going to be similar to what they are already (I think 18.5" or 18") which wouldn't really help you. The Frontier85 is probably your best bet since it now has 20" top strap slot heights plus it converts to a highbacked booster, since you mentioned that you would prefer her to be harnessed as long as possible. The Radian's strap slot heights are actually shorter than the Nautilus IIRC, they are tall, don't get me wrong, but it is more that they are one of the tallest for rearfacing and not as tall for forwardfacing, though I have heard that Sunshine Kids allows you to have shoulders over the top of the strap slot height FFing as long as the top of the ears are below the shell still. I need to check in my Radian manual to make sure this is accurate though. That might give you a little more room FFing if it is true though.


That being said, I do agree with Dahlia - you might still have at least a year - 1.5 years to go before she outgrows it assuming 1 torso inch a year, and you could just get a dedicated booster at that point. I would just wait and see. Britax goes on sale twice a year, so give it 6 months and see where she is at.

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Which seat is she close to the top strap height in?  The Marathon and Radian have different harness heights--she should have at least a year in the Radian over the Marathon.

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she is less than an inch away from the strap being below the shoulders on the Marathon and maybe an inch and a half or 2 on the Radian.  We do need 2 seats though because I drop at preschool and hubby picks up.  I would be really interested in the info about the radian and the strap height cuz that would save me from potentially having to buy a second frontier next yr.   She has always been a sleeper/slumper in the car.  I just dont see that changing anytime soon.  I drive her around the most, but she always falls asleep in the car on the home from preschool with hubby....I keep telling him I am almost ready to grab a HBB for when someone picks us up to go somewhere nearby or emergencies, since un-installing and re-installing is such a hassle (especially with the radian!!) but - im not there yet.  i guess it really is just all about me ;)

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just a little bump but also an added sidenote - i was noticing that on the radian, not sure if she just sits differently than in the marathon, but she probably only has an inch left in that seat as well .  i dont use the marathon much cuz its in hubby's car, but i should probably check it next time he goes out with her, maybe she had a growth spurt in the last month? holy shnikeys

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