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On the 2ww sad but hopeful still

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Hello everyone. I'm new to this and have so many "what if" in my mind.
I had my ET yesterday at 12:30pm here in houston. I'm a 5 day transfer. Our first and last fresh cycle.
They transfer 2 embies one of them close to blastocyst but no there yet.
They just called me from the clinic and told me that from the other 4 embryos non of them could be frozen. Sad news considering that this is our only chance...
Can someone tell me if you went on a similar type of cycle and they became pregnant?

I am in bed for the rest of the day and also taking tomorrow off to take it easy.
I'm so anxious and have a sad feeling starting to overwhelm me.
We have TTC for 3 years now and I never got pregnant before.

Thanks for reading.
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DragonFlyGirl - I haven't had my ET yet (will be sunday), so I haven't been where you are. Try, try, try to focus on the 2 embies inside right now! And watch something funny. I'm gonna buy the last season of 30 Rock to watch after my ET so I can laugh after my ET.


Sending hugs and baby dust!


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Thanks so much for your positive words. I see that you have been trying too.
Best of luck for you too. Now that you mention it I'm going to get on my complete collection of Friens DVD's.
You r right. Focus on what we have!
I'll b thinking of you Sunday!!

More "sticky" thoughts for you smile.gif!
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Dragonflygirl - I was thinking of you while I watched re-runs of Friends this weekend...How are you doing?

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Hey Missme! how are you? I prayed for you this sunday and I hope you feel great and that you are taking it easy? How did it go? How do you feel?

I'm hanging in there. I had horrible cramps saturday night. They woke me up and took my breath away.

I took 2 tylenol and went back to bed. They passed after 2 hours. I haven't had any spotting. And i cheatted and took a HPT yesterday. Came back NEGATIVE.

I do not feel preggo at all. I never been pregnant to know how it feels thou...

Have you been pregnant before?

I had a long talk with my hubby yesterday after crying my eyes out... he is so sweet and caring.

We agreed that we are going to try one more time if the results are negative this friday. We were going to try a second time with frozen eggs if necessary, but there were no eggs left.

We talked a lot and I feel much better and strong to get any news this friday.

I'm at work now, and it feels good to be busy!

How are you doing? Are you back at work?

It is nice to know that there is someone like you on the other side that understand how I feel without saying much.

Do you think I should feel pregnant if I was? smile.gif

Write me when you get a chance........... Happy monday!


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Hi Dragonfly,

It's still VERY early for a HPT.  If you transfered 5 day blasts on the 10th you would only be like 8dpo yesterday when you took the test.  I would wait unitl at least 12dpo to take another one (if you plan on it).


I got pregnant of my first IVF (fresh cycle) and got a BFN on my FET last month.  I didn't feel any different before I got my beta between the 2 cycles.  I really don't think anyone would be able to "feel" the difference so early!


Still holding out hope for you!  I also got several negative HPT when I was pregnant before my beta!  I did a lot of crying, but it was all for nothing!  GOOD LUCK!

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thanks BellyBean for your comfort and nice words.

i'll wait and pray, and have sticky feelings and good vibes!


thanks to all for your support.


3 more days for my beta.

no bleeding, no more cramping... no more crying! :)




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DragonflyGirl - Bellybean is right...it's too early to trust a HPT. Try not to pee on any more sticks!!! I've never been pregnant, either, so I don't know how it feels, but it's soooo early to have symptoms. Those bad cramps you had may have been your swollen ovaries, and as long as thy're gone I wouldn't worry. I'm glad you talked with your DH and came to some decisions...there''s always hope, no matter how hard it is to feel past the fear. I;m on March break right now, but I'm a little restless. I'm chillaxin' big time, but I'll be glad to go back to school next week. Well, sorta...


My transfer went really well - 1 perfect embryo. It looked like I was going to have 7 to freeze, but I still haven't heard the embryologist's report. Thinking of you, I felt so grateful and lucky that I had some extra.


Thanks for thinking of me. I hope you're doing well. I'm crossing my fingers that your little bean is snuggling in for the long haul. xoxoxox

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