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Layoff support thread?

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Where is the layoff support thread? I see so many posts of people trying to stretch the budget and fighting things now. Too many seem to be stuck. Anyone else starting to lose it? I'm about to go crazy. Dh's job is getting worse and worse. He's still 'employed' right now but it's a joke. We would almost be better off if they laid him off at this point. He was laid off in Feb for about 2 weeks before they went back to work. The job was suppose to be for about 5 more weeks and then most likely laid off. Well he came back worked one week then last Wednesday they sent them home for 4 days off because they'd caught up on the work. Instead of going back to work Monday it got extended 2 more days. He worked yesterday and they are off again! Another 4 days to clear up some leak. Hopefully he'll be back to work Monday for a few weeks but apparently that's not looking too sure. He hasn't had a full month's worth of paychecks since November! I'm 32 weeks pregnant with our 3rd and can't handle this.


He applied for another job and has 4 people referencing him there trying to get him on. It looks like he has a really good chance of getting the job (should be one of the top guys in line for a job)... once a spot opens up. Of course that could be next Thursday or a month from now. I've been searching like crazy and so far there just aren't any leads. I don't know what else to do. If they actually lay him off he can at least get the unemployment but until they call a lay off that can't happen. That isn't much money anyways and only lasts 6 months at most but it'd be something.


I normally would run out and get a job or another job if something like this happened but no one is going to hire a woman that is 8 months pregnant! If something doesn't give quickly I'm going to have to go back to work immediately after having the baby. I mean immediately like within a week or two of coming home with baby I'll need to be applying for jobs and working. Definitely not what I was hoping for. I just don't know what else to do. Dh has experience in a few different fields but none of them are hiring. It's just crazy. Anyone else feel like they're fighting a losing battle?

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I don't know know of a layoff thread but I can understand how you feel.  I just got a job after being laid off since August, at a significantly lower salary than before and over three hundred miles away.


References are good - IMO the best foot in the door and chance to land a job there is in these days.  Try to find ways your DH can stand out among the rest...polish that resume, phrase job duties in ROI: "Streamlined X system in Y days, saving the company Z dollars" - that kind of thing.


Also, if your DH has done different kinds of jobs before, try to see how his skills acquired in those jobs might be "transferable skills."  For example, my friend who has worked 20 years as a reservationist for an airline need not go work for another airline or a travel company if she leaves that job.  She has strong customer service and problem resolution skills that  might apply in nearly any industry that values its bottom line and brand.  I made my resume into a "functional" resume that highlighted key skills instead of a chronological list of my jobs.   


Also if he's only working part time you should be able to qualify for some assistance. 


Best wishes! 




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