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Birth story

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After resigning myself to a long wait, I decided to take my 4 year old on a walk through the local gardens. We spent an hour wandering the grounds when I remembered I needed to get something out of the safety deposit box. Off we went to the bank and while standing in the vault I 'sprung a leak'. Not quite believing what just happened, I drove to the grocery store while my aunt and uncle went inside for a few things. In the short time they were gone the trickle became a little something more so I phoned inside and requested that they not spend any time dawdling.

In the 15 minutes it took to get home I barely got out of the car before a most definite gush caused me to sprint to the bathroom. My husband made it home by 3:30 and I was having short, sporadic, mild contractions. We called the midwife and gave her a heads up, readied the birth tub and waited. By 5 i was in a pretty steady labor pattern and by 6 pm Stephen decided to call in the midwife and I climbed in the tub.

She arrived at 6:50 and I asked that she check me. 1-2 cm dilated, 30% effaced and head at -3. Huh? I had been contracting steadily for over an hour, my last birth was 3 hours start to finish and I'm still 1-2?? Ok, I told myself, something similar happened with my last birth and when things picked up he was born quickly. So back to the tub and went and the midwife went down the street for a sandwich.

At 8:00 pm I asked her to check again. 4 cm, 50% effaced -2 station. Are you kidding?? It's head isn't even engaged yet?? I thought I was at least a 7 and entering transition. It took a few minutes for me to wrap my head around this. So far I had been in a strong labor pattern for as long as it had taken me to birth the last baby. Back to the tub I went.

After a very intense hour ( shaking, nausea, 2 + minute contractions back to back) I asked to be checked again. At 9 pm I was 8 cm, fully effaced and 0 station. Within 15 minutes I felt very pushy. She checked again and said I still had a small amount of cervix. At that point I became concerned because I didn't want to push against an incomplete cervix, yet I couldn't stop myself. My hat is off to any woman who is able to 'blow' through the urge to push!

By 9:20 I was on my knees in the birth tub. I felt the baby crown, gave one good push and at 9:27 the baby came out into my hands.

The bottom half was covered immediately and we called the big kids in. It was sophia's turn to tell us the gender and after a few minutes of intense scrutiny she announced " it's a girl!". I was in shock. I was so sure she was a boy I hadn't bothered acquiring anything for a girl and had told the kids I would eat a bug if I was wrong. Fortunately I had some gummy worms in the house that were acceptable for bug eating.

My mother was out the door at 9 am the next morning to pick up a few pink things.

Elizabeth Scarlett Grace was born at 9:27 pm on 3/3/11. She weighed 8 lbs 13 oz ( surprisingly small) and was 22 inches long. In addition to a long legal name she has already acquired a number of nicknames in her short time on earth..Ellie belle, Gracie boo and pancake (?)--that's from the 4 year old.

I'm healing very quickly. The nursing is tough but it always is the first few weeks. Fingers crossed I avoid ductal yeast this time!

We are so happy to have her and we're looking forward to her one week party tonight!

Happy baby wishes to all y'all!
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Congrats mama! I love the part about eating the bug :).

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Lovely story; great name! Congrats!

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Good story-enjoy your baby!
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Congratulations!! Welcome Elizabeth! joy.gif

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What a great story - congrats Mama! Great name too!

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Eat a bug...ROFL!  What a great story.  I can only imagine how discouraging those cervical checks must have been at the time.  As for "blowing through" pushyness, I think I did for a bit, but it wasn't anything laudable in my case--only sheer terror...lol!  Well, congratulations!

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Congratulations! Good birth story, so cool your dd told you boy or girl!

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Congratulations!  Our babies share their birth date.  I've had ductal yeast, and it's terrible.  Here's hoping we both avoid it for the duration of nursing!!

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congratulations!  her name is beautiful.

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