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Large Family, Healthy Living?

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I am a mother of 7  (13 - almost 1) with another on the way.  I homeschool our children.  We rarely get sick, but have been hit hard recently with a nasty virus.  I have been slacking with our food intake ( a lot of junk, we buy in bulk at Costco) and was wondering how a large family of 9 could afford to stay ahead and stay healthy so we don't have to frequent the dr.'s office and play their prescription games.  We have a MOMS nearby but I'm not sure if we can afford it.  Currently, I see a homeopathist, but don't think we can afford for everyone in the family to see her, too.  Any suggestions?  Thanks!

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You could get a homeopathy handbook from your library probably and (in all your spare time!) get a good handle on the homeopathic basics.

Other than that, of course diet is the first line of defense! Maybe incorporate as much raw garlic as possible? (I sneak it into mashed potatoes and everyone loves it.)

There are some great antiviral, antibacterial herbs that are inexpensive that you could have on hand. My fav is olive leaf.

Here's a page of herbs for the immune system.


Fish oil

Vit D3


all help - but they can get quite spendy!

Good luck, Mama!



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Thanks SandyMom :)

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I like Shonda Parker's books - http://www.naturallyhealthy.org/ - for help with remedies for specific problems.


Garlic is a pretty inexpensive antibacterial remedy.



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Thanks Nickey! I just ordered Naturally Healthy Cuisine.

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