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baby's heartbeats

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What is your baby's heart rate? Mine has been 120-130's and everything i read online says low heart rate is a boy. We dont know the sex....and are hoping for a girl. What is your baby's heart rate and have you noticed a low heart rate with a boy or girl?

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Our gender surprise has ranged from 130s to 160s but generally 140s, I think. I read that it's not telling for gender, but that could be just first tri. With DS, it was usually in the 150s.

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my last three have been surprises.

avg hrs were 140's, high 160's,low 130's

all boys

this one is around high 150's avg

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Gender is a surprise. Hb ranges from high 140s to 160s. Can't rcall DS or dd's.
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DD's was low 140s, this little one has been higher, usually high 140s/low 150s and it's a boy :D

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My boys were both high, 150s and 160s. This one (girl) has been 140s and 130s.

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Well bluff on what the internet says....lol.

So maybe this low hr is a girl. All my boys have had high hr's. So maybe this little one is a real laid back easy going girl...just like her mama! :)

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Early on (week 12) it was 160, but no one has told me a heart rate  since.  I'm having a boy.


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