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I picked up a mainstream pregnancy magazine in the bookstore because of the title "Everything a mom needs to know about her boy's parts" or something to that effect. I figured it would be full of misinformation as I flipped to the page. I read the whole page and not one mention of circ. Then the next page had a big headline "To Snip?" Which of course, led to head shaking at the idiotic nature of this reasoning. But then I read something that actually made me smile smile.gif The whole first paragraph of the article, in bold bright green type, was about how fewer and fewer moms in America are doing it these days, and how a mom could skip it in full confidence. The article then went on to do the usual "let's match up an equal number of bullet points on each side" but at least it did specifically mention that circumcision is a surgical procedure that can have negative side effects. I know it's not perfect, but for what it was, I thought it was great that the bit that was called out and in bold was entirely against circumcision, if just mildly.