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Trying to conceive with a retroverted uterus

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Does anyone know any tips to help conception with a retroverted uterus?


We've already had to overcome so much - he had a vas reversal last month, he's overweight and smokes and won't give up, I'm 39 and have had fibroids removed and now we are trying to conceive. Advise would be appreciated.



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I was told during an examination many years ago that i had a retroverted uterus. It didnt stop me conceiving in the past. I dont believe it should be an issue. I could be wrong though, but i dont think so. Its never been mentioned to me since. Good luck to you!

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That is so encouraging - many thanks for replying so soon. It's helped put my mid at rest a wee bit.


Thanks again! :-)


Can I ask - was birth normal too?


Beth. xx

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I've conceived twice with a retroverted uterus. My first baby passed away at 11 weeks but I'm 21 weeks pregnant now with my second baby. I did not have any trouble conceiving with a retroverted uterus but what I did notice was it took a little longer for the doctor to be able to hear the hearbeat w/the doppler because my uterus was further way from my abdomen. Also, I don't think I am showing as quickly because of the way it's tipped. Other than, I have not noticed any difference.

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Mine is retroverted too. I am having trouble conceiving, but I believe this is primarily due to my PCOS. This site says about one quarter of women have it, and it isn't believed to cause fertility issues.
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Retroverted uterus is no big deal, and I have 2 healthy babies to show for it! I did a ton of research on it back in the day and did read at some point that there might be a teensy advantage to conceiving if you're on top, as the anatomy and gravity work a little better that way. But to be honest, given the other issues you've dealt with are all way more cumbersome than a flipped uterus. smile.gif

Your uterus will flip out of the pelvis by week 14 or so and be like any other pregnant uterus, so no worries about the birth, either. Then after giving birth, it will flip right back! Don't give this one another minute of worry. smile.gif Good luck on your TTC journey!
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You are wonderful - TQ SO MUCH :-)))))

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Birth was pretty normal except for ds1 being overdue and therefore induced. Ds2 was a homebirth.

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4 pgs here with a retroverted uterus. 3 of the pgs were conceived very easily, like first try or right after stopping trying to prevent. 1 took a year but that was related to bfing and it's effects on my fertility. Like others have said, it doesn't have any effect on TTC or birth. The other thing that can be different is because the uterus is still tipped in the first tri, some times finding a heart beat is harder. That has always been my experience as well. As the uterus gets bigger, it straightens out. 

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