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What advice would you give to a new mom?

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So we all know how much we don't like getting random unsolicited advice.  BUT...if you had to...what is the one piece of advice you would offer to a new mom if she asked for a suggestion from your experience?  Mine would be to encourage her to find other moms to connect with, whether it be through a mom's group, La Leche, whatever is available.  Can't wait to hear what you think!


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To live in each moment and soak it all in. They are little for such a short time.


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Trust your gut.  You know your baby best.  Tell your MIL to stick it.

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Say Yes as often as possible.

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To not give up on breastfeeding. It's tough in the beginning (at least it was for me, can you say sore nipples!) but once we got it figured out it became a wonderful bonding, quiet, relaxing time for us.

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Remember, If your baby is:

1) Happy at least some of the time

2) Gaining weight steadily (even if it's small amounts)

3) and Learning new things every day (i.e. showing mental development)


S/HE is doing just FINE!


There is SO much obsessing early on and it's draining. New mama's just don't have the energy for all that!


(obviosuly, getting advice about things is great, just don't OBSESS)


Also, at some point, no matter how careful you are you will probablly drop your baby, or he'll roll off the changing table, or crawl off the bed.... It's a rite of passge. You're still a good mother.

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I give this piece of advice to every new mom I know. 


Whatever worked for Susie down the street and her 10 kids might not work for you. Trust your gut as a parent. Do what feels right for YOU and YOUR baby. You are going to get so many tips and tricks and "you have to do this". What it comes down to is you doing what you think is right not what someone else does. 

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Expect there to be times when you will feel overwhelmed and terrified of the responsibility/challenge. Also expect there will be times when you are high on love, feeling joy like you've never felt before. As long as you experience both, things will be just fine!

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Take time for yourself even if you think you don't need it. Trust me, if you don't make it a habit NOW you'll regret it later on when you really need your own headspace.


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Originally Posted by blessedwithboys View Post

Trust your gut.  You know your baby best. 

This, exactly.


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If baby is fussy then try the boob, even if they nursed just 20 minutes ago. Most babies get hungry far more frequently than we're told to expect.

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Trust yourself and your instincts.  You are the expert on your own baby and you know more than you think you do!

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Accept as much help as is offered. Remember that attachments to other people do not detract from attachment to Mom, attachment is not a finite resource.

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There is no one moment in time that defines you, or your child. This too shall pass.

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if you think your baby is a high needs baby or needs to nurse *constantly* he or she might just need more sleep, and don't expect them to sleep through lights and noises like a newborn forever.

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I would say, don't be afraid to ask opinions, but realize its opinions.  Stick to your gut and you'll be a great mom! 

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to make her own informed choices.

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Take care of yourself, make sure to get space for just you. And that also means: you can probably trust other people to be with your baby more than you might think at first. In one sense, it is just that much more love and care he/she will be getting. It takes a village.....

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We all go into parenting with an idea of how things will go or how they should be. Don't be dead set on any one thing and allow changes to happen because it may end up that it either don't work for you or it don't work for the baby. 


Also it is okay that daddy or even grandparents or other close people, do things that you might not do. I say if its not harming the baby or goes against your core parenting then let it be. 

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Join a new moms support group. It's a great way to meet other new moms and benefit from the shared experience as well as the expertise of the group facilitator. In Chicago, try the Chicago New Moms Group.
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