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Redoing DS room...need ideas photos added

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My 2 boys share a room. They are 7 and 2. There room is pretty small 11x8. Currently they have a twin bed they share and will continue to share, a small school desk and chair, toybox and an old shelf/headboard. There clothes are on the floor under the desk since there is no closet and no space for a dresser.


I plan on repainting, new carpet and adding a closet section. I am also getting the cube system from target with those canvas bins for their toys and books. My problem is I need some ideas for planning their closet area. I need an area for their clothes, and a desk section for homework. I would also like it to be adjustable so my little one can start helping clean his room. Any good organizing tips or ideas would be awesome about the room or closet!!!


area for closet



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what about a captain's bed (which has drawers underneath) for clothing storage?  i see them pretty regularly on craigslist. 


can you post photos?


oh - i think i misunderstood, or missed the fact that you are planning to put in a closet.  do you want most of their clothes to be hanging, or folded?  is it going to be enclosed, or just wall-mounted clothing storage in the main part of their room?  must the desk be incorporated into the closet (could they do homework at the table or elsewhere in the house)?

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I would like the shirts to be hanging and the pants to be folded. I would also like an area for socks and underwear and pj's. It's going to be wall mounted in a little inlet they have in their room.


I will post pics later on this evening.


There has to be a desk. My DS was very addament about doing his homework in his room "where my music is"

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Thats a great idea for the captains bed too!!!

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cool, i'd love to see update pics after your project is done!  i just saw a cool hanging bar made from pipes, for a little more of an industrial look; for the pants and small stuff, you could use metal bins or fabric bins in those cube shelves.  in my own closet, i use something like this:


for my undies, bras, socks, tights, camis . . . etc, it just hangs from the bar.


actually, i have a narrow one (like 4" wide) that i use to divide my boys' closet, too!  i don't store much in it, just weird things like neckties, swimsuits, hats, but i used to keep their pajamas, socks and undies in it.  maybe that would work for you, too.  it's a lot cheaper than shelving, and it's vertical, which would be good if you want to fit a desk into the same space!

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I don't know if getting a new bed is in your budget, but a loft bed would free up a lot of floor space. You could put the desk and toys for sure underneath. I probably wouldn't want to put a two year old up that high, but maybe in a few years?  This is what I was thinking of. . . http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/70161834

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Loft bed...good idea. I could always put a mattress underneath for little man...not guaranteeing he won't try to crawl in bed with his brother.

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I agree with a PP that some kind of loft bed sounds ideal.  My son's room is similar in size, and we actually have found a way to use it as both the baby room (when he actually sleeps in there...) and the guest room (baby sleeps with us full-time when we have guests sleeping in the loft bed).  My hubby and FIL made a custom double loft bed with lots of shelves on it for storage.  It is wonderful!  Anyway, here's a couple of pictures that will maybe help give you ideas:


J's room

Looking into the room from the door....


The ladder going up and more shelves.  Look for loft beds with storage space included!  HTH.

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