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Please help us welcome...

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Our little Chiara (Key-Ah-rah) Analise has arrived! Maybe not so little - 9 lb 3 oz and 20.5 inches. We're in love!  Here's her birth story & picture. 
On Tues. 03/8 (39w 6days) at 5:15 a.m. my water broke. I had been having contractions pretty much since Sat. p.m. when I had my most real of many false alarms about being in labor -- it was the first time I actually called my MW (I had texted my doula and the b.sitter tons of times before). I had a couple of very strong contractions that woke me up during the night which I thought was kind of exciting but when I stayed awake for a little while to time/monitor them it didn't seem like it was amounting to much so both times I went back to sleep. During the night I had a dream about my baby, that she had dark hair.  When the water woke me up, I wasn't doing anything, just laying in bed and it was a small gush. My MW was nervous that I might have a really precipitous labor so she asked me to come right in. I wasn't too worried, but the roads were still bad from the blizzard so we moved right along. 
When we got there probably around 7:30 or so  (I was with my doula -- DP was there on & off due to his work sit. -- my doula was was AWESOME!!!) I was 3-4 cm and 50% effaced, ctx still about 6-7 min apart. They wanted things to pick up so we did a little reflexology and the breast pump.  By noon I was in active labor. I did hands and knees on the birth ball, and the shower, primarily and made noise as usual.  By 4 pm I asked to be checked again since I had stopped leaking and thought the bag of water might be holding things up. I was 8 cm with a huge fore bag so the MW suggested I get on the birth stool so she could break it and at this point I was all for it to move things along. As soon as I sat on the birth stool it broke everywhere by itself like a huge wave!  Everybody laughed.  At this point things started to get kind of hard. I pushed for 2.5 hours with my first and 15 minutes with my second. It's true what they say about 3rd births being unpredictable. My whole perineum (sp.?) was swollen, they didn't know why and this was making things difficult, and I tried a bunch of pushing positions but they wanted something where I could feel the pushing but not making the swelling worse and that was hard.  For 2.5 hours she didn't descend much. I was getting exhausted and despite my doula's encouragement and bringing me snacks and drinks I was exhausted and starting to fall asleep between pushes and I was unsure I could do it. My MW told me the OB was "waiting" for me to have my baby and I got kind of nervous because I felt they were hinting at a c section.  She and the doc (who I never saw) suggested a "whiff" of pitocin to help make my contractions stronger and help her get born. I was kind of overwhelmed by sensation at this point -- before each contraction I was having a "crampy" thing and it was sometimes hard for me to tell what was a contraction and what was a warm up. Anyhow I agreed to the pitocin and told myself it was a matter of life and death and with the help of my doula, my MW and the awesome nurse, I was finally able to push her out after three hours at 6:58 p.m. on 03/8/11!  Evidently she was at an angle (acinclitic? sp.?) plus her big size and big head (never had a baby crown so long - ow -- but not a tear and no stitches needed) and her cord was quite long and wrapped around both her head & body so that made it harder for her to descend.  She was pretty alert when she came out and they let hold her skin-to-skin and nurse her for a couple of hours before they took her to weigh her and stuff.  DP made it back about 5 minutes before she was born and I was really glad he made it for that. It was the hardest of my three births (to my surprise) but oh-so-totally worth it....she's super precious! She's nursing well - I have some healing & resting to do but my mom is here & she is a godsend!
Healthy preg & birthing vibes March mamas - can't wait to read the other updates!  
Photo on 2011-03-11 at 07.05.jpgPhoto on 2011-03-11 at 08.50.jpg
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Congratulations....so beautiful!!  Chiara is a gorgeous name!

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Ohhh!  I love little chubby cheeked newborns.  She is beautiful.  Congratulations!

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Congrats Stella!! What a cutie.

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Oh, she's just perfect. Congrats! Glad to read your story.

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Beautiful!! Congratulations!! joy.gif

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Congratulations, she is beautiful!!!!

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Congrats!!  What a great, encouraging story!  Even though it was hard it all worked out!!  Good for you!!

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She is so beautiful! Congratulations!

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Great to hear!  Glad you got that skin-to-skin time!

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Congratulations!  What a well-filled-out baby!  Beautiful!  That loooong pushing phase sure doesn't sound like fun, but when all's said and done, a good birth, eh?

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Congratulations!  She's beautiful and I love her name.

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She's so pretty! Congratulations!

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She is a doll! Congrats, mama! So glad your DP made it there for her birth and that your team was so supportive. Enjoy your babymoon!

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Congrats!!! She's beautiful!!!

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She's so pretty!  I can't believe I missed your birth story.  Congratulations!  Great job.

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wow apparently thrid babies like to make things difficult...


she is such a big girl and so sweet



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Beautiful baby and name. Congrats!
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Congrats and good job!  I also had more time crowning with this one (also 9 lbs +) and that was a unique experience to be sure!

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