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Dh's job future

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There are many changes at my husbands job (yet nothing ever changes financially!) I am just wondering if you see anything as far as my husbands job/career situation? Thank you!

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There is a lot of anxiety surrounding this (I believe your husbands anxiety). Is he worried about getting let go?

Well let me encourage him to know that he won't be. I don't think he fears it because of anything he's doing, but because of all the changes. But I feel his position is fine.

I will say this though, the company feels like it's shrinking. It has a sense of being a part of something larger, but maybe breaking off into something smaller. Your husband will maintain a job through this as well. I see him going with the part that breaks off from the main conglomerate. This is a good thing.


I do believe eventually, in the near future with the shifting and changing (that will continue to happen) that he will end up in a better position, (as in higher up) as well as financially. I do see a raise in his future, this year, I'd say next several months.


Encourage him to remain clear about his desires for his job. Meaning what he really wants out of a job/career. He needs to be manifesting positively, not out of fear. So encourage him to get very clear about this desires, including the financial aspect and set his intentions. Regardless of what the company is doing.  He will weather it and fair better for it.



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Thank you sooo much!!! :)

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You're welcome! :)

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