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Margaret "Molly" Opal -- added link to birth story (c/s)

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 (Long) Birth story on the VBAC board:     http://www.mothering.com/community/forum/thread/1304738/my-cba2c-long-sorry#post_16342505



Hey friends!  My hospital has wi-fi!


I had Molly by RCS yesterday.  She was 8 lb, 20.5 inches and had apgars of 8 and 9.


Her c/s was horrific.  I had my tubes tied, and the anesthesia wore off after they got her out (which took FOREVER).  It was really scary.  And then they gave me some trippy drug that put me in the matrix and I thought I had brain damage or something.  It was YUCK.  Seriously.  The most horrible birth of all three.  I was in early labor when I got to the hospital on 3/10, but I hadn't dilated or effaced at all and the baby was oblique.


I had a bi-lobed placenta that had a velamentous (?) insertion that got sent off to pathology, and the nurse brought it to me when I was lucid again and showed me where the sack was thin between the lobes - where the sac would have likely broken, and that's where the cord came from.  She said one of the lobes would have come out, and one wouldn't have, most likely, if I'd had my VBA2C.  They sent it off to pathology, saying it was a really strange placenta, and it had a spot of accreta.  But first she asked me if I'd like to take it home. 


Molly is awesome.  They have skin to skin at the hospital, so even though I was passed out from the anesthesia and the pain, the nurse (an angel) held the baby on my chest for goodness knows how long.  I tear up just thinking about it.  The nurses have been amazing and very encouraging.  My OB was awesome, too, and has been so supportive.  I was pissing off so many people when I got here because I was in labor and wanted to be checked and wanted to be SURE there was no way they would let me try for VBA2C, and she said she would have fought as hard as I did in my shoes.  She was *truly* sorry about how it alI shook out.


Recovery is going pretty well (knock wood).  Molly is clusterfeeding already, and this is my first break for more than 2 hours since she was born.  She is not a big sleeper - very alert and curious and loves to snuggle. 


I was really afraid after her horrible birth that we wouldn't bond - I didn't feel any hormonal surge of bliss or anything when I saw her.  But I'm really enjoying her.  And I love having my food delivered to me and stuff - it's kind of like a vacation.  Can you tell I'm on narcotic painkillers by the way I'm babbling?


Anyway, I'm excited to have a little babymoon here at the hospital, and I'm looking forward to all of your birth stories!



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Welcome Molly!! joy.gifI'm sorry that the c/s was so awful but it's wonderful that the nurses are so sweet. Scary about the placenta and insertion. Take it easy, enjoy your baby!!

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Wow, guess she knew that she just wan't going to come out vaginally because of the placenta, and that's why she wouldn't get into position. I'm sorry to hear that it didn't go well, but the nurse sounds amazing for making sure Molly got skin to skin, even with you still out of it. 

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Congratulations on the arrival of your sweet baby girl! I'm so sorry you had to endure such an awful experience, but I'm glad you're enjoying your precious little one and I hope you heal quickly.

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Wow, that is scary, but at least you know you had a great reason (or several) to have a C-section, right? And it's really great that the nurses have been so supportive, how wonderful!


So glad to hear you and baby are now doing well, really looking forward to pics!

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Congratulations Lyss!!!  That is so awesome that the nurse kept her on your chest :)  It is funny how babies just know when they can and cannot be born vaginally - or at least, that is what I like to think ;) My little guy was the same way - he could not get head down due to my placenta sitting in the way.. and with your velamentous insertion and a little bit of accrita it sounded like your little girl knew the same thing.


Sorry that your pain meds wore off early! mine wore off after the baby was out also, and I about died when they were doing uterine massage in recovery - um hello my uterus has a monster incision in it and you are pressing on it?!! I cannot imagine having my tubes tied w/o pain meds.


I was very loopy also after I had the baby, almost euphoric - I knew it was all of the narcotics.  I was so relieved the entire thing was done I hugged and kissed my OB's cheek when he came to check on me... he asked me how much pain meds they had me on :) ewps.


Congratulations again, I love, love love the name Molly.

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Lyss, sorry it was so rough...so glad the nurses & OB have been so helpful and supportive though -- and most of all welcome your sweet baby Molly!!!! Yeah, congrats Mama!!!

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Sorry about the bad experience, Lyss. I know it must have been harder for you when you wanted to try for that VBAC. But how great it is that she basically was still able to pick her birthday, so you know she was ready to be there with you! I'm glad that BF is going well too.


Molly is a great name (so is Margaret, it was my nana's orngbiggrin.gif ). Congratulations on your sweet little girl, now let's see some pictures!

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Congrats on your new little one!!! Sorry it so didn't go as well as it should have. It great to hear how much support you got from the nurses and doctors.

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Wow.  Sounds like the procedure was rotten, but the people were great.  So glad you had support!


Welcome, Molly!!  And Congratulations, Lyss!

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Congratulations! What a crazy experience. Now you get to love up that little babe of yours!

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Congrats to you!

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Congrats, Lyss! Can't wait to see beautiful Molly. Sounds like you ended up with a CS for the right reasons; no shame in that at all. How awesome was that nurse, too. I would have kissed her, not the OB! Way to go momma!

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Congratulations, and welcome little Molly!  Sorry that your experience was rotten.  Sounds like you had wonderful nurses, though.  

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Wow!  What a story--the good and the bad!  Somehow I missed this earlier.  Congrats!  I hope everything is still going well.  I don't remember having any hormonal surge or bliss with my first and he was delivered vaginally with no drugs.  So who knows!  I still loved him!

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so sorry to hear the birth was so hard- so, so happy she's here and you're babymooning!

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I just added a link to my totally self-indulgent c/s birth story on the VBAC forum.

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congratulations and welcome Molly!  i'm sorry you didn't get the vbac you hoped for.

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Wow, sorry you had such a nasty time with the birth. You posted on my birth thread, I'm the other one who had a C-section too. I say other one because I'm not sure...could you and I the only ones in the March DDC who had a C-section? So while I had a much easier time with mine I can relate to you in the other ways including not getting a vbac after planning for one! Very interesting about the placenta! Congrats again.

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