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BFP BFP BFP!!!! ( makes # 4! )

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 Hi everyone, just wanted to say hi! my hubby and I got a BFP last night, and were so excited and nervous! this will be # 4 for us, anyone else having baby #4 I could sure use a buddy, seeings how were going to keep it a secret for a while! 


 so excited to be here and meet you all, congrats to all of you, yay for the november babies!

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Congrats mama, this is my third!

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 Hi Sommer congrats on your 3rd! and so nice to meet you!!

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well...I don't really know for sure (the $tree test has a light but definite line so I'm heading to the store in a bit for a different test) but if that test is accurate then I am expecting #4!!!  And baby #3 will be 6 months old on the 15th!!!!!!  I've never done the babies close together thing, so I'm a little freaked out but extremely excited :)



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ooooo Iam so excited for you, they say a line is a line! :D let us know when you find out for sure!  my oldest 2 boys, were 17 1/2 months apart then little girly came a long a couple years later, and now she will be 3 this summer, I cant believe how time flies! so  I havent done that close, but pretty close, and honestly it was tough but I wouldnt change a thing, they are practically twins, and love each other so much!  how far apart are your first 2? congrats to you, how very exciting!!! were going to have to be buddies for sure!!

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I have 3. DD and DS are 15 months apart. DS and DD2 are 17 months apart. DD2 turned 2 in January so her and the new baby will be almost 3 years apart. I always joked with DH that when we had another one, we'd have to have two so they could have the same close bond that my three do now. I didn't plan on this happening so soon though! Of course, twins do run on my mother's side...
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hi motivated mama! welcome, and congrats on baby 4, we had said the same thing aswell! heheh glad you are here!joy.gif

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If I get a BFP this month it will make #4 for us. My children are ages 11, almost 8, and 2.5. Do you know around when your due date is?

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btw Congratulations!!

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hi! not sure what my due date is im thinking the 11th of november, but we kept track for dec and jan and we kinda lost track in feb, opps! may need an early u/s to confirm!

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Congrats! This is #4 for us too!

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Number four for us as well. Ds (7), DD (5) and DD(2) are all excited (although ds claims it's only okay if baby is a boy, as that will even things up a bit around here. :)

Our spacing has gotten bigger each time (2yrs 3 months, 2 yrs, 9 months. and now 3 yrs 3 months.)

Each time it has taken a bit more time for us to be ready to try for another :) This will be the last though, so I'm planning to love every moment of it (even the nausea.....I know it's coming....)



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This will be our 4th baby, as well.  We have a 5.5 year old, ds1 turns for next week and ds2 is almost 19 months old.  We will be busy, but are so excited :)

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yay congrats!!!!!!!!!!

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Baby # 4 on the way for me too. My others are 6 and 5 year old twins (14 months apart). All boys. I'm really excited. Congrats everybody.


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