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Difficulity digesting fruit - why? insights? help please!

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Does anyone have any ideas why me and the kids have such trouble digesting fruit?


We follow a stellar t/f diet mixed with raw foods, and ferments, along with digestive enzymes.  Avoiding allergens, taking cell salts, etc..  Really I'm not sure what else to do at this point! 


Eating fruit alone causes us huge problems.  My eyes swell and itch.  Dd develops a cough and ds gets constipated.  So we try and eat fruit (eg. berries, apples, bananas) with other foods along with some fat (eg coconut oil).


2 Nds suggest this is genetic and both told me to do a parasite cleanse then a detox.  No improvement in the fruit stance.


My kids don't get candy, and occasionally I'll make a treat.  To them fruit is a treat! and they feel so deprived of something that should not hurt their bodies.


Any insight would be hugely appreciated!

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Well, everyone's body is so different and I really believe there is no one healthy diet fits all. I know fruits are supposed to be such good things, but I can only share that ds2 and I cannot take too much fruits.


On the specifics of why, these are what I have gathered while researching my occasional hives and ds2's eczema:

- a diet heavy in fruits are not helpful to those who are sensitive to salicylates. It can produce symptons like hives etc. The fruits you name, including coconut, are high in salicylates.

- For those with yeast related issues (could show up as gut issues or skin issues), too much fruits will make it worse.

- we use traditional chinese medicine. Children who have a "yin" constitution cannot eat too much fruits, it will make them cough and could lead to asthma. Generally young children are not given too much fruits as it could put their delicate constitution into the more "yin" spectrum. Those sensitive to salicylates can also have cough or asthma as a sympton.

- too much fibre can also be counterproductive to those who have constipation. I know it sounds strange. But the fibre thingy for constipation is only for those who have very little fibre in their diet. There is an optimal amount; too much is not always a good thing.


I have been put on a low salicylate/chemical diet for a few weeks by a dermatologist for my hives. It gave me great relief for a few years and I now know how to adjust my diet. For my son, I was advised to restrict his fruit intake severly by two different TCM doctors. Whenever he is having a serious flare-up, all fruits are off the menu.


After reading up on all the various diets and trying a number, I've arrived at the conclusion that just because something is good for someone, doesn't mean it's good for me and my child. I've just learnt that lesson all over again when I finally confirmed that my ds2 cannot digest fish at all - and there are all these advertisements about the wonders of fish and fish oils all around me. The best thing to do is always to observe your own reaction and adjust your diet accordingly.


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