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Recommend Toys for 1 Year Old?

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My son will be one in a few weeks.  He hasn't been interested in the toys he has for about a month now.  To my complete delight he is very into books right now, but we have plenty. 


My mother is asking what she can give him for his birthday and I am thinking about giving him a gift, too.  I might buy an amber teething necklace, but if I decide to get a toy, too what would you recommend?


He has a few Haba characters - the frog, fish and duck, a pull-toy which he has yet to use b/c he doesn't walk, a classical music playing cube, rainbow bead shakers, Eebee doll, little Elegant Baby animals and vehicles, wooden cars.


I saw mentions of "play silks" in an old thread here and in a catalog.  What do you think of those for a one year old?


Should he have some wooden fruit or bowls or something?


Summer is coming so we spend our days at the harbor and in the park where he won't be using toys.


I want him to learn to do some playing on his own.  What do you recommend for at home?


Thank you!!!

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Balls! Any kind, multiple sizes/colors.

Bath toys! I don't know how anti-plastic you are (we are loosely anti-plastic, lol) but we have a set of fun little sea creatures that fill up with water and you can squeeze them to squirt the water out of a tiny blowhole. Huge hit!

Bowls and spoons are great but you can just take those from the kitchen (if you have a metal or wood bowl and a wood spoon.) You could also get him some toy pots and pans and cooking utensils that are more his size...

Not really a toy, but: big pieces of paper and washable crayons! He may not be ready right now but if not he will be very soon. I swear my 17-month DS can draw happily for an hour straight! He started I think around 14 mos.
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Oh also, wooden blocks and oversize legos are both fun! Build towers and knock them down! You didn't mention if you have anything like that.
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What about a little broom or some little pots and pans?  My son started getting into copying mama around a year old, he just loves to sweep when I sweep, and pretend to cook when I am making dinner!

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I got my one year old a set of wooden salad bowls and he thinks they are the greatest thing!  He loves to stack and un-stack them.  He'll do it totally on his own for 20 minutes or more.  I think he likes the sound they make.  Not really a toy, but I got him a re-usable grocery sack after he kept playing with mine.  He likes to fill it up and carry his junk around.  My little guy is also very into fabric.  He likes the kitchen towel drawer, so I would think some scarves would be a very appropriate toy. 

Also, what about musical instruments?  xylophone, shakers, etc are very popular in our house.

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Dd2 just turned one and we got her and Dd1 some bath toys, since they can take a bath together now. We're not into plastic toys but these seem good as they're phthalate, bpa, and pvc free. We also got them 4 Boon duckys. I like that the squirters come apart so they can dry completely and not turn into a moldly icky mess that would just end up getting tossed. We also got her the Haba rolling turtles. Grandma got her a water table, not that it is anywhere near warm enough for that here yet.


What about a swim class or mommy and me class?

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Fantastic suggestions, thank you everybody! I will post an update when I chose his present or a few small ones. smile.gif

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Sorry-a little late here...but wanted to mention a few things that have been BIG for us-DD2 turned 1 last month...


This bath toy has been a HUGE hit in our house with both DDs-we also have the faucet toy by the same company.  They love them!



Anything for their shared play kitchen...DD2 adores the Green Toys Tea Set & the little spoons that come with it.  She also loves all the wooden play food.  It sits in a wood bowl with the kitchen set & she spends her days taking them out, putting them back in, throwing them, retrieving them...


This B Toys thingy (formerly Parents toys-Target item)...a gift for Christmas from a friend & still being played with daily...



I am shocked to say this might be her favorite-for months now...



DD1 has the M&D Wooden Mailbox & they play side by side, switch back & forth, mix & match...they both love these mailboxes...

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