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belly button care

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I'm curious what you guys are doing in terms of caring for your LO's belly button.  My baby's stump fell off a few days ago and it looks okay except theres a bit of greenish discharge in there, it smells a little funny and there's some redness on the outside.  It's all pretty minor, though, in terms of amount.  I'm thinking about cleaning it with a Q-tip but I'm hesitant because I don't want to irritate it.  Would breastmilk help?

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i've heard breastmilk is great for that...and i'm totally impressed it already fell off! ours came off on day 13! we didn't do anything to ours until the very end when it smelled bad, my dh put alcohol on a qtip and cleaned it that way. i was all for leaving it completely alone, but he couldn't take the smell...not that the alcohol really helped with that. :)  now it's just a little bloody, but not gooey...and i think he did alcohol one more time today. 


a friend used goldenseal powder on her childs...so that's an option too!



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The hospital recommends doing nothing and keeping it dry, so that what we did.  It did smell a lot on the last day before it fell off, but since it IS rotting skin, that shouldn't be a surprise.


(Does anyone else keep them?  We get sent home with the stupid clamp so I keep in in their baby books in a baggie.)

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