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I am covered in milk!

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Oy vey!  I am not so much good at keeping my milky boobs under control.  After three kids and three weeks...still...covered...in...milk...  What is your strategy?  I try and keep the other one from soaking me, but then the one I'm nursing on makes a mess.  Again.  Oy!

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I have an OALD. I wear heavy duty cloth nursing pads and arm myself with a burp cloth. I apply downward pressure to the nipple not being used as my milk lets down and my son's learned at 6 wks to just let go when the flow comes too fast. So that's when I soak up the spray with the burp cloth.


That's the best I've got, honey.

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I do that at home, but on the go it's a mess!  And and night?  Forget it!  I try and cover #2 while I nurse on #1 but in my fog I sometimes forget.  And then I am always leaking right out of my pads when I let down at random times. 


Where did you get your pads?  Mine are not cutting it!  Happy to have so much milk and an aggressive letdown but sheesh!

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I use Bravado cloth pads and Lansinoh disposables.  Still learning to manage the OALD - my first was big enough to 'take it' and not have tummy trouble.  Alice has been pretty miserable the last few days though.



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I am in the same boat. I sleep on a fleece blanket, and use the disposable nursing pads, which I have to change constantly. I hate being sticky and coated in milk constantly!

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I have some disposable pads, and use them, but I worry about staying wet/not breathable and the possibility of mastitis...again...

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I use Homestead Emporium pads. When I really need to break out the big guns I use Lana Care wool pads. I sleep with a comfy nursing bra on and that helps keep things in place. I also sleep on top of a cloth chux/incontinence pad with a flannel baby blanket on top so that we're not totally soaking. Really when E wakes up at night I make sure and snap up the side that I nursed on last so that I'm covered, latch him on, shove a burp cloth under his chin, and doze off. We manage!


You could try cutting some circles of fleece or wool and backing your nursing pads with that.

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Great idea on the fleece or wool!!!

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I just recently stopped having the leaky situation.  Don't get me wrong.  It still happens once in a while, but nothing like when I first started nursing my DD (she's 3 months).  I hated the way the disposables felt and was too cheap to spring for a good reusable pad.  I ended up just using those thin baby wash clothes and tucking them in my bra during the day.  At night, I would wear a tank top and fold a receiving blanket, then tuck it in the shelf of the tank...and I'd sleep on a towel.  It was nuts, but that is what I did. Now I just slip a paper towel in my bra when I'm out and about.  Good luck!

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