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Anthropology Information

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I was just wondering if anyone knew of a good, accredited school that offers a bachelors degree in Anthropology?


Long story, short - I am almost done with my BA in American Studies and I plan on going for my MLS/MLIS (for those who remember me from a post last year, law school isn't going to work out because we're moving again next summer; no guarantee we'll be going near another law school). The anthropology degree would mainly be for my own enjoyment and enrichment. I love reading about it and I really enjoyed taking the one class my college offers in it. Plus, I think it would help out in my future career, whether that is in a library, museum, or classroom. My biggest problem is my husband is in the military and not only do we move every two to three years, we are not always near any type of college...hence the need for online classes.


And, out of curiosity, could I get into an anthropology graduate program with my current BA? If it matters, I am more interested in cultural anthropology. Are there any good online graduate programs?

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online masters in anthro, supposed to be a great program.    If you dont have enough undergrad anthro credits, you have to take one addt'l course prior to entering the program, to get you up to speed.  

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Thank you for the reply! I'm looking into UNT tonight.


I've also found these schools, but I think they are only for an undergraduate degree...


Oregon State - http://ecampus.oregonstate.edu/online-degrees/undergraduate/anth/

Ashford University - http://www.ashford.edu/online/degrees/bacasummary.php

Charter Oak College - http://www.charteroak.edu/Prospective/Programs/Concentrations/Anthropology.cfm 

                        Would it be better to go for another bachelors degree or just go for my masters?    

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Most (maybe all) graduate-level anthro programs will accept people without a B.A. in anthropology. I got accepted to a graduate anthro program without a single undergrad course in anthropology, even...

If this is just something for your own enjoyment, I'd go for the masters. It will allow you to focus more on the areas that interest you and the classes will probably involve more papers and higher-level thinking and less boring stuff. MHO.
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My sister is in the B.S. anthro program as eastern Oregon University and loves it.  I have a friend who teaches in the anthro. program at OSU, so they have my vote by default. ;-)  I went to OSU online for awhile and really enjoyed the courses and format.

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Thanks for all the replies!

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