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Protein and energy!

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Are you trying to get the 70-80 grams of protein every day?  It really seems like the more protein I eat in a day the better I feel and it *does* seem to slightly alleviate foot swelling, as long as I stay up on the water/herbal tea too.  I "normally" have *no* problem digesting grains and stuff, so focusing on just meat/eggs/veggies feels a little weird, but since some of my friends are following the paleo diet, I've gotten some good advice on how to boost protein.


I was just curious about your tips and tricks for eating all that recommended protein.  Here's what I'm thinking... eggs for breakfast, protein shake for snack, chicken breast for lunch, and chicken/fish/meat for dinner.  Plenty of veggies added in and amongst those and sweet potatoes for carb cravings.  Also, I realize that since I am not on a diet to lose weight, that some grains should be added in, but emphasis on protein. 


Seems like when I eat a lot of carbs, especially flour-type carbs and sugar type carbs, whether wheat, rice or whatever, that I get more tired and a bit more foot swelling.  You too?  Also, walking is so great for giving me energy, but I *should* have been walking waaay earlier in the pregnancy.  You probably walked and exercised way more than I did.  Up until about 2 months ago, the only exercise I was getting was cleaning my house... that was a mistake.

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I've been watching my protein and iron intake, as those two things seem to be issues for me. I'm a bit of a carb lover I'm afraid.


My DH is on a diet that focuses on protein and subsets of veggies, so if I eat what he's eating I do OK. An 8oz steak for dinner easily covers the protein requirement though I'd prefer to get it other ways and earlier in the day. Nothing beats a good steak though, hard to resist. 


On days when I'm not doing lots of meat or don't feel like eggs, I'm grabbing a few handfuls of nuts and a protein shake. Also helpful since I'm supposed to be taking calcium-magnesium in liquid form and that stuff is nasty...easier if I put it in the shake. 


I go through a lot of milk and cheese, that adds up. I've been on a quesadilla kick lately! I should cook up some chicken to throw in there one of these days. 

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I found a cal-mag liquid supplement that actually tastes pretty good. It's formulated for children, and tastes like cherries (sorta). It's a colorful bottle I have to keep in the fridge. The brand is Lifetime. 



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yes, sounds like we are basically doing the same things!  have you tried CALM?  (although it might just be mostly Magnesium)  Taste not offensive at all.

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I'm doing protein smoothies for breakfast and eating Iron loaded cereal before bed. I'm finding myself not very hungry the past 2 weeks. I only gained 2 pounds in 2 weeks. That's not alot for me. I'm not really eating like i should...but i'm not hungry either.

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I've found that the protein and lots of water helps my foot swelling also!  Can't do too much walking around as this darn pubis symphysis pain gets in the way, boo.


I'm not a big meat eater so I've had to really focus on my diet to get more protein.  So far I've got a protein smoothie in the morning, often a package of edemame (in handy single serving sizes from Costco) either for lunch or afternoon snack, some protein at dinner (usually either beans or fish), and at least 3 glasses of milk/day.  Many days I have some cheese with either crackers or an apple too.  I was eating 2 eggs every day for a mid-morning meal for a while but those aren't appealing to me lately.  I think the smoothie really helps me get enough (27g for the powder + 9g for the cup of milk that goes in it + there's some tasty fruit too) whereas I was really struggling before.

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Today I had 3 eggs for breakfast with zucchini and bell pepper.  Then a protein bagel and two oreos (hehe).  Lunch was a protein smoothie.  Then in the afternoon I had the Floradix and some leftover hamburger (just the meat).  And dinner was steak and broccoli.  I can see my veins in my feet and they don't even look puffy.  Plus plenty of water, raspberry leaf and nettle tea, diluted.  Whew!  Tomorrow is typically spaghetti night... but I bought some chicken today that I will make to supplement my dinner... and asked honey not to take the leftover steak to work for his lunch.


I had my blood drawn on Saturday for the follow-up to the low-iron-blood drawn around 28 weeks.  Last two pregnancies the iron came up and this time around I am still nervous!  I was even taking the Hema-Plex two hours before breakfast faithfully and 25 mL of Floradix on an empty stomach in the afternoon.  Cut waay back on calcium supplements and tried to eat Malt-o-Meal and clams and stuff.  It HAS to come up.  Doesn't it typically naturally come up on its own anyway from a low around 28 weeks?  Just nervous... and need some good vibes.

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I'm really struggling with protein. Comparing my previous two pregnancies and my protein intake, it definitely makes a difference in swelling --- had enormous feet with the first, where I didn't know about the protein-swelling connection, vs hardly any with my second. This time, though, I am gluten free and dairy free, which makes getting enough protein crazy hard for me. This baby isn't liking a ton of meat, in fact isn't big on me eating at all. I'm just not that hungry.


i'm trying to add in a protein smoothie each day, with soy milk (ugh, hate the fact I "have" to drink soy grossedout.gif ) or goat milk if I have any. I hate the protein powder I've been using (brown rice) and recently bought a new can of egg protein... sadly it's confirming my long-time suspicion that I'm intolerant/allergic to eggs too. Every time I've had this protein powder, I get really awful gas, just like I do with dairy and gluten. Gah.


Anyway.... I'm trying, but not doing too great.

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