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Belly -- oh no! how scary! I'm so very sorry. Please be gentle with yourself and get as much rest as you can.

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Bellybean- Oh my gosh...I know Im sorry can resolve the pain but I hope that your husband is their to give you big hugs and hold you while you cry...I also will keep you in my prayers!hug2.gif


Missme-I hoping you are keeping busy during your 2ww!  Hope you hear great news in 10 days!!goodvibes.gif


AFM- I triggered tonight!!..  I also had an u/s today and they are thinking that at least 20-25 follies are mature and maybe more. They said don't be surprised if you get 20 or more eggs at retrieval.  My retrieval is Thursday morning at 9:30am and transfer is on saturday.  We will be putting two back in!!  Then the 2ww begins!  I am glad that this cycle is moving toward the end!!  I will be ok is this cycle is a BFN as long as I have frosties for a FET.  I am not getting my hopes up to early since this is my first cycle.  I am okay with trying again in a couple months!!!


Blue- Good luck Blue on your u/s on Thursday, I will be thinking of you!!!joy.gif

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Originally Posted by blueyezz4 View Post



Silver - glad to hear from you.  What do you mean an "OP"??

Sorry for not being clear I ment op as in operation.  I should be having an operation to remove scar tissue from my ovary in aug.  we r now in the scary place where both dh and myself and preparing for possible surgery though he hasn't totally decided and we don't know when his would be.


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lyndiramos - Woo-hoo!  Congrats on making it to trigger day!  I'll be praying your doctor is right and you gets lots-o-eggs!

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AFM - Oh man... these cramps are the worst I've ever had in my life.  I was warned that the first after a m/c is bad, but I was not prepared for this.  And they seem to not want to let up.  My first 3 days were pretty light and I was thinking it wasn't bad at all and then Sunday came and everything changed.  I guess I should be glad that this means I'm definitely having a period and not just spotting but man o man!  


The funny thing is, exercise seems to help, so I've already walked 4.5 miles this morning and I'm scrubbing my whole house cause I can't sit still or I'm in agony.  haha  I'll be glad when this is over and can enjoy my squeeky clean home. 

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Kewpie - If you want to add me to the list, I would be waiting.


Bellybean - I am so sorry for your loss.


Blue - I have to wait for cycle day 1. Since it looks like nothing turned up with all the miscarriage blood tests, I just have to get another sonohystogram before I can officially start the FET cycle.


Lyndiramos - That sounds like a really good stim. Best wishes on the transfer.



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BellyBean - I'm so sorry for your loss. I'm absolutely heartbroken for you. How I wish I could help you in some way. Please know that I'm thinking of you and your family and praying for your recovery, both of your body and heart. My sister went through it in her fresh cycle, and it was a tough road, for sure. Sending lots of love your way, poor girl. xo



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julieven - welcome! hope your stay is short and sweet.


lyndiramos - congrats on your trigger!!! I'm so excited for you and can't wait to hear how many eggs you get! I'll be thinking of you tomorrow morning...have fun...I was so excited to finally be doing mine that I really enjoyed it all even though it hurt!


Kewpie - man, I'm sorry you're sore. Good to know exercise helps. Are you allowed to take anything other than tylenol? 



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keria - sorry to hear there's something unusual in your uterus. you'll find out more on Friday, right? Let us know.


blue - so excited that you get to start things up tomorrow. I'll be thinking of you tomorrow at 7:30, LOL!


silverbird - thanks for stopping by...we do worry when someone doesn't post for a while! Your husband's procedure sounds horrible! I hope you're doing okay in the meantime.


cassnbeth - are you feeling better? any news about your cycle?


AFM - I'm am feeling great - OHSS symptoms have dissipated and I'm feeling super hopeful. I've decided not to be superstitious and to throw caution to the wind and dream and talk to my little bean - As my sister says, pregnant till proven otherwise. I doubt that I'll POAS, as I'd rather wait and know for sure...don't want to agonize over lines. But ask me again in a week! We'll see then if I'm still so tough!

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Blue - Thinking about you! Good luck tomorrow!!


julieven - You've been added.  Welcome to the group.  I hope your stay here is short.


missme - I can take just about anything up until my next transfer.  I've been taking ibuprofen, but it's barely taking the edge off.  

Absolutely talk to your lil bean!  It can't hurt and I think it helps.  I talked to mine too... actually, I still do. 

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Thanks everyone for all the kind words.  grouphug.gif  The pain from surgery is much worse than I expected.  I am lucky to have a wonderful DH, mom, and MIL who are helping out with everything.  I got some more bad news...I guess they don't want me to try another FET for several months to make sure my insides are totally healed.  So no April FET....at best we'll make June mecry.gifDH did manage to find a very thin silver lining (I can always count on him for that).  At least we know our embies are good, since technically each transfer has implanted, obviously not in the right place this time.  He also commented that the chance of this happening again is 50% less since I only have one tube.  winky.gif  Not "good" news for most people, but I appreciate him working to see a positive and making me smile.


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Blue, good luck today!  Hope the U/S goes well.


Julieven, welcome!  I hope your stay with us is short.


Lyndi, cant wait to hear about all those eggs!


Keira, so sorry to hear your news.  I pray that everything is fine with your uterus and you are able to move on quickly.


Missme, I am praying and sending TONS of goodvibes for a BFP!!!  goodvibes.gif


Kewpie, Glad that getting exercise helps!  Hot baths work wonders for me!  Hopefully, AF is done soon and you can get started!


Silver, I am so sorry to hear both you and your DH are gearing up for more surgeries.  It's so unfair crap.gif


Cass,  I hope you feel better soon.

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BellyBean - So glad to see you here! I was thinking of you last night. I'm sorry you're in pain. It sounds like you're being well taken care of though. And bless your DH - he sounds like a good one! Laughter is the best medicine, after all. Sending more hugs to you. xoxo


Kewpie - have you tried Naproxen? That's my go-to for cramps. Hope it lets up, though.

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Hi.. I'm new, well not new to MDC, but so new to IVF.  I'm Taxlady.  My DH and I have finally figured out the why we haven't gotten pregnant.. we've been trying since 2009 for our first baby.  Now we're in the whirlwind of IFV and ICSI.  It's happened really fast for us, from the SA to RE to the plan of attack.  My heart breaks for Bellybean and I've read a lot on here about heart breaking circumstances.  I'm really scared.  I've been on Lupron since the 7th.  Tomorrow is my next appointment, I think I'm getting a HSG (saline to check my uterus - is that right?)  I've tried not to read too much on the internet because I don't want to scare myself further, so I'm just trying to listen to my doctor and go with the flow.  The other dates he has given me are the 29th for egg retrieval and April 3rd for transfer.  This is seriously expensive.. but I'm also not trying to think of that either. 

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Welcome taxlady


Still thinking of you Belly.

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Welcome Taxlady!  I hope you find your visit here short and get a BFP your first try!!


Bellybean- Im hoping you have had some time to rest and relax and that is great that you have help!!


Blue- hoping all went well for you this morning!!


AFM- I am home from my ER and the meds they gave me didnt put me to sleep so I was awake for the whole thing Very painful!!  But not as bad as I thought it would be.  They were able to get only 11 eggs so we are hoping that they all were mature fertilize..  They are calling us in the morning to let us know how things are going.   Well Im going to get some sleep and I am going to go to class tonight.  Talk to all of you soon.  And good luck to you all!!

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BellyBean - I think it's good that you and your DH are looking for the positive in an otherwise heartbreaking situation.  You both are in my prayers.


Missme - I've never heard of naproxen... I'll look for it if this happens again.  Everything seems to be easing up today, so I think I'm on the other side of it. 


Taxlady- Welcome to the group.  I hope your stay is also short.  We've done ICSI before and are about to do it a second time.  Yeah, it's spendy, but I try to think about the outcome more than the money and that helps with sticker shock a little bit.  IVF can be confusing for sure.  I'm doing it for the second time and I still find I have questions.  Feel free to ask away and I'm sure at least one of us has been in a similar situation and can help.  This is a great group! Would you like me to add you to the list on our first page?


Lyndi - 11 eggs is a decent number.  We had a total of 4 (3 fertilized) and we managed to get pregnant.  It only takes one! smile.gif  Good luck to your embies!  goodvibes.gif  Please keep us posted on how things go. fingersx.gif


Blue - I'm hoping your first u/s went well!


AFM - I made my appt for my SIS (the saline ultrasound) and it'll be next week on the 23rd.  Everything in regards to AF seem to be slowing down.  woot!  Not too much else to report yet.  

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Thanks for all the welcomes.


Sure I would like to be added to your group. 


Lindiramos - so you're able to go to school after the ER?  11 eggs seems like a lot.. so I wish you good luck in fertilization. 

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Hello everybody...so sorry that it's been so long, I was traveling for work for a week. And wow, so much stuff to catch up on.


Belly--oh my gosh. So scary. So heartbreaking. I can tell you are a really strong woman. My heart goes out to you. We will all get through this eventually in whatever way we can. 


Blue--how was your ultrasound?


Julieven, welcome!  Hopefully not for long!


Keria, so sorry! I'm thinking about you!


Missme--can't wait to hear the results of your beta! OHSS is rough. When the swelling started to go down and I was really on the mend, I cut out all the salt and sugar and drank plain hot water with lemon and I felt like that helped clear out the rest of the bloating, quickly.


AFM: Well we're officially on track for a transfer this TUESDAY, March 22. Thawed 12 embryos today and my first progesterone shot is tonight. Keria do you mind updating the first page?

I'm trying not to think about it too much--which is also why I haven't been on this board for awhile. I had a long talk with my doctor about it yesterday. Basically it all comes down to the embryo quality. If you remember, last time they thawed 10, all of them survived the thaw, and at 3 days they were growing more or less on schedule, some a little behind, but they all kind of slowed down, so on the day of transfer we just had one early-stage blast and one pre-blast. There's no way of knowing what caused this. I am hoping something weird was going on in the lab, cause it was over the holiday weekend.
This time if we have the same quality situation we'll definitely transfer 2. The only way we'll transfer one is if we have several really excellent ones to choose from: 3 or 4 Grade A or B, Stage 3 or 4 blastocysts, if that makes sense to you ladies at all.

Being better prepared and knowing what to expect is good, and I'm just trying to stay even keeled.


Love and luck to you all! blowkiss.gif

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Wow,  you all have been busy here!!!  I've been crazy busy with going back to work and haven't had much time to be on here....I miss it!!!!  I'll try to get all caught up. Sorry if I forget anyone.


Silver- thanks for clarifying what op was.  To me, op stands for Out patient.


Kewpie - sorry to hear about the cramps.  Hope you can find something to cut the pain down.  I normally take like 3-4 ibuprofen for my cramps except for when we are TTC that month.


Belly - your DH's comments remind me of my DH!!  Always trying to make me smile with a smart comment.  I'm glad to see you online and I'm sorry to hear you have to wait a bit before doing a FET.  I guess it is best to let your body fully heal before you do anything.  Hope you start to feel better soon.


Taxlady - Welcome!!!  I think the saline u/s is actually a SIS.  The HSG is where they check to see if your tubes are open.  There are so many tests it is hard to remember all of them... I understand.  Good luck and keep us posted.


Keria - just sending you a friendly hug....hug2.gif


Lyndi -  11 is a good number.  I'm so sorry you didn't have good pain meds while they were doing it?!?!?!  What is up with that?  I was in pain too, but I guess they gave me more and it knocked me out.  I think they use Versed (sp?) at my place.  Maybe if (hopefully you won't need it) you have to do it again I'd ask for Versed.  That stuff is good at knocking you out.  Keep us posted on the fertilization report as you get it.  Fingers crossed for those embries!!!!!  Did you end up going to class?  I think i slept for like 5 hrs after my ER and then was okay just a little sore, but not too bad.


Primi -  Yeah for a transfer on Tues!!!  Keeping my fingers crossed for you embries that this time things go a little better.  Always makes you wonder if things are run the same way around the holiday... i hear ya.  Keep us posted.


rcr - How are you doing??




AFM -  Had my U/S this morning... thought I might not get there b/c i almost got swallowed by a pothole on my way there.  This winter has really messed up the roads and they are everywhere like mine fields, it's scary!!!  Anyways, all looked good on the u/s and I think they even said I had one follie that was already at like 6.  So I started Gonal F tonight at 75 IU (a real low dose) it seems so small compared to my massive amount I was on w/ my fresh cycle.  I go back for my next U/S next Wed.  I was kinda hoping it would end up being Tues, but that's okay.  We will see.  I'm just hoping that I won't have to have another U/S after that and we can have our transfer somewhere in the beginning of the last week of March.



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