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rcr, glad the IUI went well!  That really sucks about your DH's apartment.  I had no idea why they would take vitamins, but fake drugs make sense....BOOO! 


Kewpie, definitely sounds like twins!  Congratulations!!!!  Can't wait to hear your next beta level.  I love betabase.com for comparing my betas...they have a twins page too :)


Keria, yay for stims!!!!


Silver, I really really really hope you can get the legal department to let you have your DH's sperm.  Too bad it isn't like "normal" property...


Julie, have fun in Disney World!  It is SO FUN!


Laggie, fantastic news about the perfect blast!  Hope your 2ww goes fast!  Any news on if they froze any?


Nice to "see" everyone else too!!!!!!

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gah. Tried to bd tonight and dh can't "perform" . So frustrating! He has taken a viagra too, and it still isn't working.
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If DH knew I was telling the world online that he had trouble "performing" he would kill meROTFLMAO.gif. Anyway, All went well last night. I called the doc and she called in another prescription for viagra, and he found a 24-hour pharmacy and picked it up. Sheesh, that stuff is expensive. I think his problem is the stress of having to perform on a specific day. I wish I could just make it easier on him and pretend that it is just another fun night of sex, but taking an hcg shot and doing an IUI in the morning kinda makes that difficult. When I asked the nurse for viagra she said that having sex that night really wasn't required. I told her that DH has 0% morphology, and we really want to cover our bases.


Silver - how wonderful if the legal department let you use his sperm! I am keeping you in my thoughts, and I am so happy that your DH is there with you. I often feel that my grandparents are still with my mom, who is dieing, and it is really comforting.


Julie - I loved your post on my other thread about starting fresh this summer. We have a ton of baby stuff that I really should get rid of. Your post really made me think about priorities...


Keira - yay for stims


Kewpie, Blue - hi!


Laggie - hope you are relaxing and having a nice TWW! congrats on the perfect blast!

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rcr - wow, another IUI already? It seems like you just did one a couple of weeks ago... but then, I just realized I'm actually on day 29 of this cycle, which means my embryo transfer was day 27. Somehow in my head I thought it was around day 14. DP has similar issues with performance under pressure, but it's more that he doesn't, um, finish if I tell him it's "the day." I had to stop telling him, even though he wanted me to, because it always backfired (in a manner of speaking).


I'm surprised that Viagra does the trick though, our experience with it (although it's been, um recreational winky.gif) is that it doesn't make, "finishing" any easier... just starting blush.gif.


I can't believe his vitamins got stolen, that is just... weird. And sucky. Our RE keeps saying morphology often doesn't matter, that it's a bit of a red herring and that motility is the important thing. Hopefully that's true for your DH too (mine has zero as well.)


We're not allowed to DTD right now, which is fine because the progesterone is GROSS. I'm kind of curious whether they would work rectally instead because I think that would be a lot less messy. TMI, I know. I was just reading a website from a clinic that said no orgasms either, I wonder what their reasoning is?


Keria - Yay for starting stims, that's super exciting! 


AFM (as if this whole post isn't all about me, sorry redface.gif) I am feeling a little bit crampy/queasy today but no spotting so I'm nervous about that. I don't really have any gut feeling either way. I really really hope it sticks but I won't be surprised if it doesn't. We do have one embryo frozen that was good quality, so that is our backup plan. I really felt pushed by the embryologist to transfer 2 instead of 1 but we held out and did 1. 





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Hello all.  I only have a second before I've gotta go take my mom to the dr, but wanted to update y'all on my 2nd beta today.


2593!!  yikes2.gif  Yikes!  (a good yikes, though)  The doctor said that was excellent and we'll be scheduling my ultrasound on Tuesday.  It should fall around the 13th of June.

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Just a quick one here.....


Kewpie - Awesome!!!!  Those are some smoking numbers you got going on there!!!!!  So excited to hear about your U/S.  How many wks will you be then?????  joy.gif


rcr- sorry to hear about the "performance" problem!!  I'm sure missing it won't be the end of the world but i understand it is kinda a back up plan, just in case!!!  I try not to tell DH when I'm ovulating b/c i think it makes it more fun for him when he thinks it's just causal and fun BDing.  I actually think I Ovulated yesterday or the day before b/c i was having all this Ovulation pain so we got 2 nights of BDing in w/o him even knowing.  I'm always keeping my fingers crossed that maybe so how it might happen on it's own one of these times.


Laggie - the crampy feeling sounds like a good thing!!!  Yeah!! Keep us posted.  When is your beta?


Belly - what the count down number now??


Hi to everyone else too!!!



Okay got to run and work on making dinner.  Talk to you all later.  Tomorrow morning is our "pick out the puppy day" !!  Yea!!!!!

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blue - I will be 7 weeks at that point. 

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laggie - I had cramping both times I got positives.  I'd take that as a good sign!  Not everyone bleeds :)

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rcr, I think performance problems are pretty normal under all this pressure!!!  I think we have all been through it, but still frustrating (for DH and you). 


Laggie, cramping seems like a good sign to me!  Sticky vibes!!


Kewpie, your posts are screaming twins!  Can't wait to hear about your u/s


Blue, yay for puppy day :)  My transfer would be between June 20th and July 1.  So between 24 and 34 days! 


AFM, I just realized AF isn't here yet??  I know there is probably a 0% chance we got pregnant on our own this month, but a girl can dream right?!  I would be expecting AF between today and Monday.  Now that I am typing it out I am starting to feel crampy...oh well, I guess fingers crossed :) haha!

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Kewpie, I'm so excited for you!!  WOW.. those are amazing numbers - I wonder if it could be more than twins??  joy.gif A really really nice girl at my work that just had a baby and I were talking one day.  I told her about my IVF (background story would be too boring).. anyhow, she is a twin and said that being a twin was the best thing ever.  She was sort of sad to be having a solo baby and I thought that was such a nice thing to say to me.  I'm so happy for you!!  You've really taken great care of yourself and it shows!! I'm keeping my promise and totally asking for my RE's accupuncturist.. he has one on call with his office.  


RCR - performance problems, been there done that.. I understand.  I had to give myself my shots last night and I thought of you and said to myself, RCR is brave - her husband is not there and she gives herself the shots - YOU CAN DO IT TOO.  You were my inspiration.  


Belly - it does happen!!  I broke down and POAS last week because mine was delayed.. a girl can dream.. and it does happen.  This time, when it was negative, I wasn't as sad as I had been before, because now I have more hope with IVF.  


Laggie - sounds very very promising.  I'm keeping with Kewpie, she had early cramps, she had other cramps.. she's pregnant.  STICKY STICKY vibes to you!!


Blue - I know you hesitate to talk more than IVF on the IVF thread, but I want to see pictures of your new puppy!!  PLEASE?  Are you bringing home the puppy or picking them out? How exciting and fun, I just think of all their cute, soft, cuddly, sweet, fur ball, baby cuteness.  Bringing home the little pup and showing them around the house and them just falling in love with you on a crazy day of riding in the car and being shown their new home.  HAVE A GREAT DAY!!


I have been awol for a little while.  Work has been crazy.. the IRS is harassing one of my clients that pays millions of dollars (literally) to them every year.  I feel like screaming, enough is enough, they pay so much - I feel like they're just going after them because they know they have more money.  Then yesterday, I have a client that is 90 minutes out of town, so I had to spend the day there and work as fast as possible so I only had to go once.  But they're right on the beach, so after work I took a nice long walk and talked to my angels about how I'm ready to have a baby and more than that, an addition to mine and DH's life.  We're so ready for this..   


I started my stims last night.  :)  Finally.  He's added a growth hormone to help with the quality and my next u/s is Tuesday.  He said, "You'd make a lot of ladies here jealous with all the eggs you have."  That makes me feel REALLY good, I'm scared.  I just really want this to work.


Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy yourselves.




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Okay... all of you that asked for the puppy pictures, here they are!!!  She is sooooooo cute!  I'll do more personals later!!!!  She is 4wks old here and we get to bring her home w/ us on Friday June 24th!!!  Can't wait!!  I always thought a TWW was long, this is going to be longer!!! LOL


First pic is her sleeping in DH arms and the second is the same but from the other direction so you can see her coloring.  She is a German Shorthaired Pointer, in case you were wondering!!  We are in LOVE!!!!joy.gifI'm sure the guy thought we were crazy b/c we showed up w/ our video camera and everything. LOL  What can I say... we love animals and she is our fur baby until we have a real one. (even then she will still be our baby too).


1st Pic Ever- 4wks!!!.jpg


4wks markings..jpg

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Oh Blue she is adorable And I think she looks like an Abby :)


Taxlady yay for starting stims, are cycles are close lets get some BFPs


Belly fingers crossed for you let us know what happens.


Laggie when is your beta I found the tww of IVF to be even slower than regular twws.


Kewpie congratulations on another great beta grow little ones!

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Blue - I LOOOOOVE your puppy!!!!!! Last night when I came home, my neighbours told my they had a new puppy so we went over to play in their backyard. I got my girl fully grown, but now I want a little puppy. SOOOO cute!! Are you going to name her Abby? I love people names for dogs. My girl is Polly.



Kewpie - HOLY Beta!!! How are you feeling?



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Good morning everyone!  I am finding it very hard to manage my expectations as AF is still MIA.  I don't want to believe it is possible, but I keep getting really hopeful and I *know* I will just be disappointed when she shows.  DH wont let me POAS since he says it will jinx it...plus the only one I have in the house expired in March of 2010 :)  I might pick one up at the grocery store today for tomorrow, but I am still pretty crampy off and on, so I think I'll probably start soon.  I really wish I could stop thinking about it!!!  Like Taxlady said, even if she does show, I have a transfer next month so there is lots of hope in that too.


Blue, what a cute puppy!  I am sure the breaders were very happy to see such a loving home for their puppy :)


Taxlady, yay for stims!  When "about" does that put your ER/ET?


Kewpie, I never even thought about more than 2 until someone mentioned it above!!  I know someone IRL that has triplets from a DET, 1 set of identical and 1 fraternal.  They seem to manage it VERY well!


Laggie, fingers crossed for your beta! 

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And....AF is here :(


June Transfer here we come!!!  I'll start my estraidol today.

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WOW.. that puppy picture is cuter than ever!!  I know it would be hard for me not to take her home, but you know she'll be there soon.  I'm with Missme, can't wait to find out her name.  It's fun to have a new little one on the post, even if she does have fur.  CONGRATS!!


Belly - sorry about your AF, but I'm glad you agree that now you can look forward to the next step.  OF course, it would have been fun to get that unexpected BFP, I was there, but we've got to stay positive.  JUNE TRANSFERS HERE WE COME!!


I have also heard of two friends that had DETs and got triplets from one of the eggs splitting.. I think it's very exciting.  I would be so happy with one or two or three or four.  I'll take as many that want to join me.  


At Thursday's appointment the tentative schedule is ER on the 7th, ET on the 12th.  Which means, I'll miss that wedding on the 11th, but I DO NOT MIND.  I woke up this morning with "round face", so RCR when you asked if anyone else experienced weight gain from the hormones, you can count me in.. I feel round today.  Felt my ovaries a little last night, but this morning I feel pretty good.  I have 7 days to follow Kewpie's protocol of getting this place set up for bed rest.  I'm going to put a few meals in the freezer and get this house organized so I won't think about it when the time comes.  This time, my mom will be here on vacation (she and my dad live in Paris for work) and it looks like I'll have a "serious back injury" during the Father's Day Golf Bonanza we host every year.  I hope this year, my husband wins the trophy and I get a BFP (test date would be on father's day at this point).  


Cool Keria, It's fun to have a "cycle buddy".... BFP BFP BFP BFP (I took my pom poms out this morning) LOL.

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Blue, oh my gosh, what a little cutie pie!!! Thank you for sharing. loveeyes.gif

Kewpie, yahoo girl!!! joy.gif Those numbers are awesome!!! goodvibes.gif
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Blue - ooooh she's adorable!  What a cute little face and wrinkly skin!  I just wanna hug and kiss her all over!


missme - I'm feeling very tired, but otherwise fine.  Thanks for asking


Belly - Bummer about AF, but at least her arrival means you can get started on your transfer.  Are you doing a FET this time?


Taxlady - Good luck on getting yourself ready.  It really does help the stress level if you don't have to think about things.  :)  I hope it helps you too.


AFM - I've been having really bad anxiety attacks the last 4 days.  I went off my meds for a few days to see if I still needed them cause I'd rather not be on them while pregnant, and yup... I do... I'm in the middle of a REALLY bad one as I type this.  The medicine I'm on is a very tiny dose (50mg, i think) and it's zoloft which is supposed to be really safe for pregnancy.  I don't know why I thought I didn't need to be on them and I'm now kicking myself for going off.  If you've never had a anxiety attack, I'll describe one for you.  Your heart begins to race and you feel scared and you have no idea why.  With me, my back also starts to ache between my shoulder blades and my hands and arms tingle like I touched an electrical outlet and I can't breathe and I feel like I'm going to die.  Nothing calms me down either.  I feel like a doofus now.  I went back on my meds this morning and they should be kicking back in in a few days.


I've also been super tired.  I feel like all I do is sleep.  Thankfully DH doesn't care if I sleep all day or not.  He said to do what I feel I needed to do. The morning sickness seems to be getting a little worse this week too.  I've been nibbling on candied ginger and that helps a ton.  It affects my blood sugar less than saltines.  I feel like I'm going to be sick now, so I'll end this here.  I hope y'all have a great memorial day!



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Bellybean - sorry about AF, but best of luck for a June BFP! 


Taxlady - I'm sure I've gained at least 5 pounds since starting IVF, but I'm afraid to step on a scale and find out. I hope you produce lots and lots of perfect eggs - good luck with the ultrasound tomorrow.


Blueyezz - that is the cutest puppy ever! It looks like we aren't getting a dog for the summer after all greensad.gif but I might look at fostering with one of the local rescue groups.


Kewpie - anxiety attacks are no fun, I hope you feel better soon. But yay for being tired and having morning sickness winky.gif. Okay, is it weird that I'm jealous of morning sickness?

rcr - I think my last response to you was all stuff I've said before. We really need to graduate from this thread!! Or I need to stop repeating myself lol.gif.


AFM - I should stop reading things on the internet. The info from some random fertility clinic said that many women "just feel pregnant" and that I should trust my intuition. So I've been "just feeling pregnant" all weekend but I'm not sure if I'm kidding myself. I don't have any symptoms, although if I think about it hard enough I start to feel queasy - but I think that's just nerves irked.gif. My beta is supposed to be on Friday but I will be out of town for work so I'm not sure what to do, I'm waiting for a callback from a nurse. I might POAS on Thursday and do the blood test on Monday when I get back. I don't think I want to find out when I'm not at home. 

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Laggie I read a study were they looked at the effect of negative feelings during IVF ( feelings of insecurity and not feeling pregnant etc ) versus women who were super positive about the whole thing at the end the women who had negative feelings had a higher success rate than the positive group, which is not to say you should have negative feelings about it but it probably means that your feelings don't really affect the outcome. At that moment it helped me a lot because I was super worried that if a negative thought crossed my mind I was going to ruin the whole thing.


Kewpie hope you are feeling better and get all the sleep  you need, I have no personal experience with zoloft but a close friend took it while pregnant and breastfeeding and her baby is perfect so if you feel you need it you should go back to it or try to wean very very slowly from it.


Taxlady sounds like a good plan, fathers day is a great day to get a BFP, we live with my parents and have not told them anything yet last time we told my mom after transfer because of bedrest and she went a little over board with it as in would not let me do anything I don't know what we are doing this time this doctor does not really encourage bedrest but more of a take it easy so we'll see.


 Now AFM I only have 5 follies, which has me a bit worried but doctor said it's fine. I'm trying to follow kewpie's example and focus on quality not quantity,  I'm doing daily u/s and b/w right now which is a bit tiring I think ER should be some time this weekend.

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