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I talked to the dr. and she told me to stay in bed with my feet up and drink lots of water.  She said that this is pretty common.  Sometimes the placenta opens a blood vessel while it's growing or some women just bleed during the first trimester.  I've had a few clots, but they were about the size of a dime.  The dr said that unless it gets to the size of a quarter, everything still looks ok to her.  My cramping has stopped after being in bed for the last 2 hours and my bleeding seems to be slowing down. I'm in bed on my back with my laptop.  I'm feeling hopeful.  My u/s is at 7:30 est tomorrow.  I'll update as soon as I get home.  


DH also found some forums and there were many women who said they had AF bleeding and clots during the 1st trimester and went on to have healthy babies.  

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Kewpie - Glad to hear that it is slowing down now!!  You were scaring me girl!!!  I had a friend that actually bled pretty much through her whole pregnancy and has a healthy baby boy now.  I think it is way more common than we realize, so i'm just hoping and praying that those little beans are just digging in deeper to hold on good and tight for the next 8 months!!!!!  I will be stalking the computer tomorrow morning to see your update and will send extra prayers up for you tonight!!!!  Take care!!

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I remember somebody named babygray (i think thats the name) from he bsl thread that had similar bleeding and went on to have twins. Try to relax and get some rest. Ill be thinking of you.
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Kewpie, so glad to hear the rest is helping! I have also heard lots of stories of bleeding through the first trimester with totally normal pregnancies...but I don't think it's fair for us IF'ers.

Rcr, I hope you don't have to do the HSG but it does sound interesting.

Blue, I have only had female dogs and all great experiences. I agree they are sensitive, especially with raised voices.

Laggie, try to stay positive and practice your smug face smile.gif glad you'll get your beta this week.
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Sorry had to split my post up, my computer was acting funny and I almost lost everything!

Tax lady- grrrr! Auto correct keeps changing your name!! Sounds like this cycle is going great! 10 follies sounds very promising, and you ER/ET is just around the corner.

In waiting, yep...your name too! Grr! Welcome to our group. I looked at attain a little but I had this feeling IVF would work for us since we were unexplained IF. It's such a hard choice because you don't know which way it will go. Does your RE have any advice? For us it was much cheaper to pay as we go since our clinic is pretty affordable and we got a BFP on our first fresh cycle. It sounds like you are getting ready to get started so that is very exciting! I look forward to getting to know you better smile.gif

A big hello to everyone else!
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It's TWINS!!!!!  joy.gif and both babies look great!  He said that my lining is good and no more bleeding.  He thinks that when one of the babies implanted, it opened a blood vessel and the blood pooled and then drained last night.  Both sacs are measuring the same size and both have yolks.  I'll return in a week and hopefully we'll see heartbeats.

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OH THANK GOD.. KEWPIE.. joy.gifTwins!!


Thanks to everyone who gave me positive comments about the number of eggs vs. the quality.  I only need one, right.. and right now I have more than that.  U/S at 8:30.


I'll write more when I get the update this morning.  

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Yay Kewpie. I was worried!joy.gif

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Blueyezz, thanks for sharing your experience with Attain.  The “hounding” part makes me nervous.  One cycle at my clinic is $12,500 (which seems a little high but they have excellent success rates and I really like the RE and staff, which is very important to me).  The Attain program that I would be eligible for is $22,000 for 2 fresh and 2 frozen cycles.  So if I had to do 2 cycles it would have already paid for itself.  I love your puppy dog!  I think I can smell the puppy breath from here ;)


Rcr, enjoy your semi-vacation  ;)


Laggie, you are so right about the unknown factor.  If I knew I would have 20 eggs and plenty to freeze I wouldn’t even consider the package,  or if I were simply paying upfront for 2 cycles to be used whenever I probably wouldn’t hesitate.  However, with the Attain program offered at my clinic if it only applies to one live birth.  So if I were to get pregnant (and that pregnancy led to a live birth) then the rest of the cycles are null and void.  If I were to miscarry again, however, I could use additional cycles.  I’m sorry your 2WW is so excruciating!  I sure hope this cycle is a BFP for you!


BellyBean, thanks for your thoughts on IVF and unexplained infertility because I guess that’s where my diagnosis would fall now.  I found out last October I was hypothyroid, and got pregnant very quickly once I started meds but I just as quickly lost the baby.  I haven’t been able to get pregnant since then (which doesn’t seem that long unless you consider our entire wait is over 2 years).  I *think* IVF would work well for us as well but you never know.  I hope that you are doing well!


Kewpie, I’m so EXCITED for you!  I’ve been following your story for the last couple of weeks and my heart sank when I saw your post about bleeding.  TWINS!  WOW!


Taxlady, I hope that your U/S goes well! Looking forward to your update!


I hope everyone has a great day!

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Kewpie!!!!!!!!!!!broc1.gifcarrot.gifbanana.gif  Yea for twinkies!!!!  twins.gif  Soooooooo excited for you and your DH!!!!!  Take it easy and no over-doing!!!!!  You scared me!!!!


Inwaiting - Holy smokes!!!  That is expensive!!!!!!!!!  Wow!!!   That price probably doesn't even includes your meds!!!!!  It is so hard to know what to do.  Sometimes I just wish i had a crystal ball and I'd use it to help you make that decision for sure, b/c it's so hard to know which way to go.  If you would have to do it twice or a fresh and a frozen then it would totally be worth your while, well kinda.  I just wish that the Attain price would include meds and then I'd be more game!!  Good luck with that decision.  I guess if they have a really good success rate maybe you will get pregnant on the first try.  Aghhhh... so hard!  I feel for you!!!

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Blue - really? I thought $12,000 was about normal. What does it cost at your clinic? I think it is around $12,000 at mine.

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so the IVF clinic rang and says they have an answer from the legal department but they want me to come in and tell me in person.  so that means its bad news.  I thought I would hear for ages.  I seriously thought I couldn't feel any worse.  How much of a kicking can I take.  to make it worse I've just seriosuly pissed my family off so I don't know if I can ask anyone to come with me.


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Silverbird, I'm so sorry.  I wish I had some words to comfort you with, but I know that nothing I can say will ease your pain.  My thoughts are with you.


Blue, nope that doesn't include meds or anesthesia.  It does include ICSI though- I believe that do that for almost every patient.


Rcr that makes me feel a little better about they price.  There is such variance in prices which only adds to the confusion.

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Silver - I am so sorry. I was hoping you would finally get some good news.


Inwaiting- well, we have IF coverage, so I am one of the lucky ones who doesn't have to worry about the cost, but I did look at the prices just so that I could be even more thankful for the state law that mandates IF coverage. My clinic is in a hospital - I wonder if they are just more expensive than private clinics?

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Hi.. The price seems about what my clinic charges too, including the operating room and ICSI, but no meds. I live in Los Angeles, so I figured it would be more expensive here (since everything else is)..


So the doctor counted my eggs, "I'm only counting the biggest ones, otherwise, we'd be here until tonight".  I said, ok good, meaning, good, just count the big ones and he said, "Well, we don't want you producing too many eggs"... ugh. I feel sort of bad about this.  I'm on one menopure, 150 folistem, .05 lupron and 1/2cc of omnitrope.  They will call me this afternoon if I need to reduce anything.  I REALLY like my doctor and his staff.. I just am feeling nervous right now. 

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silver - I'm so sorry.  I was hoping you'd get good news.  Could it be that they want you to come in and it's good news?  Maybe so you can sign papers or have a consult?  



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I was thinking today that it might be time for the summer thread.  What do y'all think?  Who would like to host it?

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Silver - I'm very sorry for your loss. There are  no words, really. Thinking of you.


Kewpie - Oh my goodness!!! How many embryos did you have to begin with? How many did they transfer? I'm so glad to hear about the wonderful ultrasound report. Keep us posted on heartbeats!


InWaiting - So glad to have a fellow GA girl on here! I'm cycling in July too -- probably around the 15th. Are you with a clinic up in Rome or down in the city? I'm with a group in ATL and love them so far. We were all set to go to Cornell for the procedure until I met with them (appointment was over 3 hours!). So fun to have a cycle buddy in state!

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Kewpie - I am so happy for you! I am also happy you get to stay home and rest. Best wishes! I think its time for a summer IVF thread too.


rcr and others - I think $12k for those without insurance coverage is about right. I also am lucky to have insurance coverage, but its according to a lifetime maximum of $15k, so I track all the costs. Luckily, I get the insurance contract rate, but I also see the rate people without insurance would pay. Three IUIs (clomid and novarel trigger), one IVF/ICSI and one FET were about $10k with insurance contract rates (including all meds). I think I will have $5k left, which is not enough for another IVF/ICSI...


Inwaiting - Hi. Does your clinic offer any refunds if a cycle is unsuccessful? Mine doesn't, but I have heard that some do. Also, some of your procedures and medications *might* be covered by health insurance. You can ask your clinic for a list of the procedure and medication codes and call your insurance and see if anything is covered. In my case, all the ultrasounds and bloodwork are not considered infertility related codes so they are covered. Same with lupron and clomid.


Taxlady - Sorry about the nerves. I hope everything goes ok.

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