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Purple - Glad to hear things are going well for you and that you are keeping busy to help pass the time!  The tww always seems so long!!  Fingers crossed for you on Monday!! What time do you think you will hear back about your results?


Taxlady - 19... that is a great number!!!  How many do you think you will put back w/ your ET???  How many did you get at ER and how many fertilized last time, I'm drawing a blank.  Fingers crossed for you and sending you lots of sticky vibes!!


Laggie - Did your friend know that you were having issues in general w/ fertility?  Had you mentioned to her that you might have to use donor sperm before?  If so, then I wouldn't be offended, even though it really is none of her business especially if you aren't very close.  I've found that people that don't understand how it feels to go through IF just sometimes say stupid things that I'm sure they don't mean to sound rude, but it may just rub me the wrong way.  I try to give them the benefit of the doubt.  Good luck to you!!


Keria - Glad you are feeling better!  So sorry to hear that your DH is sick now. That sucks that you are having to take care of him, but at least since you already had it you won't get it again.  Men can be such babies when they get sick... but then again, I'm kinda like that too when i don't feel good.  Because you asked....see pic below.


Bungalowmamma- Yep, that sounds about right - cost wise!  I used Freedom for all of my IUI's and w/ my last FET, but used Walgreen specialty pharmacy w/ my fresh IVF.  I really thought Freedom did a good job though. I also really like their online teaching videos on their website and used them a lot.  Once you get the boxes of meds just take a deep breath before you open it b/c you will kinda be blown away.  I remember putting it all out on the dining room table and taking a pic on my phone and sending it to DH saying this is what $4500 looks like!!!!  Because you asked....see pic below.


Kewpie -  sorry to hear you aren't feeling well. I was starting to worry about you yesterday when you didn't post.  I know when I get pregnant my nose/sinuses get all messed up bc of hormones which is very common unfortunately.  Can't wait to hear how your U/S goes tomorrow.


AFM - Well, I started spotting off and on yesterday and then some ever 3rd time I pee today, so I'm thinking AF is on her way.  I told DH that i thought she was on her way and he asked "is that good or bad" ... Hello!!  If she didn't show up, we wouldn't have to be spending all this time and money on another IVF let alone the upcoming test i have in the hospital.  Just makes me laugh that he isn't sure if it is good or bad.  Well, at least I have the new pup to look forward to and can't wait to be her Mamma!!!  Since several of you asked.. here is a 5wk old picture of her playing outside that we just got from the guy.  She is the one in the back watching the SPAZZ in front of her.  You can tell she is just thinking to herself, "Man that dog is crazy and I'm so well behaved"!!!! LOL  16 more day until we go pick her up!!  Can't wait and sooooo looking forward to the distraction.


5wk grass pic.jpg






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Purple I'm glad you are keeping yourself busy but I won't judge you if you decide to POAS  2whistle.gif


Taxlady that's a great number hope all of them are doing great today.


Laggie Yes it's legal here, my old clinic actually advertises ti on the website like hey come here do IVF you can pick the sex of your child, they only do if you already have a child of the opposite gender but still.


Blue she is so cute and she does look like she is saying look mommy I'm such a good doggie aren't you glad you picked me and not that crazy dog, and yes Dh is a big baby when he gets sick, men....


Kewpie hope you are watching some beautiful heartbeats now or soon.


AFM nothing new just waiting, I'm feeling nothing no cramps no twinges nothing don't know if that's good or bad, maybe is because I've been keeping myself busy and have not paid a lot of attention to my uterus either way I'm not stressing about it.

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My appt isn't until 1pm, so don't worry if y'all don't hear from me till after then.

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Oh Blue.. that puppy is a doll.


Good Luck today Kewpie!  I hope you get to hear the heartbeat, but of course, it's early.. blah..


Keria.. no news is good news in my book.  I hope those embies are getting nice and comfortable!


Soo.. I didn't remember what happened last time, but thanks to this thread I was able to go back and look.  We got 20 eggs at retrieval, 17 fertilized and 10 made it to day 5.  We knew this time that some of the eggs were over mature and some were immature, I wonder if it sort of evened out to 20 like last time. 


I'm a little afraid to call for the egg report today.. I'm not sure I want to hear about the attrition. 

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I just got back from the u/s.  Both babies look good and healthy.  We heard both heartbeats.  Twin B is positioned behind twin A, so he had to hunt for a bit, but he got it.  I'm 6w4d and A had a count of 118 BPM and B had 124 BPM.  He's not sure why I'm still spotting, but he doesn't think it's anything to worry about.  We're having 1 more u/s next week and then we're being graduated to our OB.

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Okay all, I guess since no one has volunteered to do the Summer Thread coolshine.gif I'll take it again b/c I don't want this Thread to die.  I can't promise that I'm going to be the best Thread-keeper since we have the puppy coming in 2 wks and I'm not sure how much time I'll have to do maintenance, so you all will have to really help me stay organized by keeping me updated by Bolding anything you want me to update. 



FYI All Posters:  After I post this I will post the summer thread so please come join us over there!!!!  YAY Summer!!!!!!

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Great news Kewpie!!  And THANK YOU BLUE!!

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