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Weight Gain?

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How much weight, if any, have you guys gained so far? I have not gained any. May have lost just a bit due to making healthier food choices. With my last pregnancy, I gained a lot, and never had to worry much about weight before that (I was 18). Since then, I have never been the same--I became overweight for a few years and just recently worked really hard to get and stay in shape. Now I worry about gaining too much again and being fat for years, but also about not gaining enough to be healthy!
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I have been petrified to get on the scale. I just lost 30 pounds before getting pregnany, but now I feel really bloated and know I've gained some weight. Guess I'll have to suck it up and weigh myself tomorrow! It's such a conflict to work so hard to lose it and then it comes back so quickly. A happy reason though! 

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I always told myself I'd lose weight when I hit 150 (I'm only 5'3'')... I weighed myself the other day, 155. This baby makes me eat 24/7 and I'm so bloated. It terrifies me because there's nothing I can do about it for 9 months. =(

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With my first pregnancy I gained 45 pounds, making me nearly 170 at my final weigh in.  After giving birth my "normal" weight has been about ten pounds more than my previous weight which I just can't seem to cut--probably because I am a bit of a yo-yo-er.  I am hoping to not gain as much this pregnancy.  I am trying to stay more active this time around--I have a gym membership, and am happy to be pregnant through the spring/summer months, which will hopefully keep me more active, along with my dog and (almost) 5 year old!


Last time I had many personal struggles which most likely aided my weight gain, and at 5'2 I am hoping to gain a "healthier" amount, without actively trying to manage the weight portion.  Our bodies need to increase blood volume, create milk supply, support the baby (with amniotic fluid and placenta) and then the weight of the baby itself, so I'm shooting for around 20-25 pounds tops (since I am so short), but I won't beat myself up if I gain more.  I'm just going to make the effort to eat well (more often than not), have many smaller meals throughout the day, take a good prenatal, get exercise--even a tiny bit--each day, and try to stay positive.


Our bodies know what to do, but I understand also wanting to be healthy and happy in your own body. =)

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This is my fourth child and I gained about 50-55 with each of my earlier pregnancies. It was very hard to lose it between pregnancies, but between DS2 and DS3 I managed to lose all of it and was in great shape. I gained 55 again with DS3 and still have not lost 25 pounds of that. So, yes, weight is on my mind. I really don't want to gain 50 pounds this time around and find myself with even more weight to lose after the baby is born.

So far I've gained 2 or 3 pounds, which for 12 weeks is awesome for me (in previous pregnancies I usually gained around 10-12 in the first trimester). So far so good. I'm trying to completely stay away from sugar and I am only drinking water (oh, and a cup of coffee in the morning). In my previous pregnancies I tended to try and find "substitutions" for alcohol, which usually contain sugar. 


Good luck to you!

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Zero so far at almost 8 weeks. In fact, I may have lost some, probably due to me only craving meat and that's about it. I'm 5 foot and around 120 lbs and this is my third child, so so far so good. I gained about 15 lbs for DD's 31 week pregnancy (but started at 127 at 8 weeks, which was very high for me) and about 20 lbs for DS's full term. With DD I had gestational diabetes, so I altered my diet drastically for DS and didn't gain weight at all until around 20 weeks. Not being quite so drastic this time round, although my body is totally off carbs anyway, so who knows. I've been lucky enough to go back to my normal weight fairly quickly each time, although my general shape is certainly not what it was 5 years ago!

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I'm 9 weeks and have gained around 9lbs, which is standard for me.  I start putting on weight the moment I'm pregnant!  I gained about 50lbs with both pregnancies, so that's what I expect this time too.  Luckily breastfeeding sucks the fat right off of me and I get back to normal within 6mo or so..  I'm just rolling with the weight gain, I'm always hungry and eating is the only thing that makes me feel better.   I am 5'7 and was 122lbs before I got pregnant.

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I've lost about 5 lbs so far (I'm about 8 wks). I topped out at 175 with both of my other kiddos, though, which is about 45-50 lbs more than I usually weigh. I'm lucky enough that nursing and walking everywhere we go seems to take it right back off, though. I don't expect to gain less than 40 lbs this time, but hopefully it'll fall off as easily as the last two times!

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I was 113 before baby, 118 now, so I've gained 5 pounds so far. I'm about 10 weeks. 

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I feel like I have gained weight but I have lost 7 lbs.  I am a bit conserned about it but I will keep eating healthy and hopefully my body will catch up.

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At my appointment last Tuesday I had lost 1/2 a lb. That makes sense because I haven't been able to eat much. However, I am feeling quite a bit better the last several days, so I've been able to eat more, so I'm sure that will change quickly.


Last time, I gained 42 lbs, but I started out weighing quite a bit less than I did this time. It sucked pretty bad. I gained all the pregnancy weight, lost it plus 5 lbs within a few months of nursing. Once she stopped nursing about a year ago, the weight came back like it was nothing. Of course it took me a while to remember that I wasn't nursing anymore... meaning I didn't have to eat like I was nursing. I had just started cutting back when I got pregnant, so now I guess the weight loss has to wait until this babe comes. 

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 I'm going to say 0.  I'll find out for sure on Thursday. Edited to add I've gained 1lb

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8 wks here and I've lost 3-4 lbs. I just cannot eat a lot of food :( With Kieran I gained 40-45 lbs, but it was more weighted to the back end of pregnancy. I'm hoping to not gain that much this time.


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I'm 8 weeks today and I think I've gained about one pound, which is actually good for me b/c I don't usually gain anything for months.  I started all my pregnancies at about 100 pounds and in my last 2 pregnancies I've topped out at about 22 and 26 pounds total, which causes my mw's to bug me incessantly about my diet.  They'd like me to gain more like 35 pounds since I start underweight.  On the other hand, I hope #3 doesn't go crazy on me cause me to gain a ton!  lol.gif

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Oh, ha, I forgot to say that at ten weeks so far I have actually lost weight.  When I first found out I immediately gained about 5 pounds (likely to be psycho-somatic) and then have since lost that and a smidge more, even though I haven't been eating as well as I was at first, or exercising as much.  I am showing as if I'm 4 months though! 

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I'm sure I've gained a bit, but haven't checked.  I am definitely MUCH thicker around my waist, so bloated!  I only gained 22 lbs with my first pregnancy, and I know I'll likely gain more this time but wasn't expecting to look so pregnant so fast :)  I'm petite- 5'4" and 123 lbs normally.

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I just lost 15 pounds before getting pregnant to take me back to a healthy weight.  I was active and healthy before my first pregnancy and gained a very healthy 25 pounds during that pregnancy, but during my son's first 18 months of life I bounced up and down on the scale before finally getting serious a few months ago.  Like a few of you said, I think I gained 5 pounds upon finding out I was pregnant, and I feel bloated all the time, so I'm a little scared of the weight gain this pregnancy... but eating is all that makes me feel better these days so I'm just trying to eat nutritious things and focus on healthy baby.  We can worry about the weight next year : )

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No clue. I make it a point to not weigh myself during pregnancy. I just try to listen to my body when it comes to my food choices.

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Ive actually gained 2 pounds and Im 8 weeks.  Its funny because Ive been so sick and everything sounds gross- it probably the carbs. Or my new giant freaking boobs.  Vegetables are repulsive right now.  In the past I have gained no weight the first 2 tri's and gained WAY TOO MUCH weight the last tri...I will be happy with slow and steady this time, if my body allows me.  I cant wait until I get to the point that I can actually make healthy food choices- right now I just eat whatever sounds good, because what doesn't sound good makes me wretch.

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