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Freja is here!

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She was born yesterday, March 12 at 3:23 pm. She weighed 7 lb 5 oz and was 19.5 inches long.


It was pretty wild! I drank castor oil blended with ice cream and soymilk at 7 am, at 9 I was feeling queasy and the diarrhea started around 10, wasn't too awful. Used the toilet maybe 4 times over the next couple of hours, and started having semi-regular contractions, between 3- 5 min apart, around 11:30. They were not very uncomfortable, and with all the prodromal labor I'd been having I was not sure at all that I was in actual labor. Over the next couple of hours they intensified, and around 1:45 they were about 2.5 min apart and a little uncomfortable, enough that I was pacing the living room and not really feeling like sitting down. I called my midwife and we decided I would call her in an hour with an update.


At 2:35 I went to the bathroom and while on the toilet had a really strong contraction. I got off the toilet and had another- I had to squat and hold on to the side of the tub. When it was over I went back to the living room and told DH "We have to go in now." He told the girls to get their shoes on and I called my midwife back and told her we were going in. I had another contraction right as I got off the phone and again had to squat on the floor. I had DH call the birth center and they said they didn't have any nurses there so to go to the second floor where labor and delivery is and they would move us as soon as the nurse got there. We piled into the car and I had another contraction that made me start vocalizing and really breathing. I put the seat down and lay on my side for the 10 min drive to the hospital, contracting most of the way, making lots of noise, and with my foot pushed up on the dash. About 2 blocks from the hospital my water broke. As we pulled up to the hospital I called L&D and told them I needed a wheelchair and they sent one out, the ride up there seemed to take forever. The on call midwife checked me and I was at 8 cm, about 2 min later I yelled that she was coming, and right then DH and the girls came running in. My older daughter got a bit scared and ran out to the hallway, my mom and best friend hadn't gotten there yet to be with them. I had just enough time in between contractions to wave and smile at my 8 year old, she got a big smile on her face and waved back, later she said she felt much better after that, I wish her sister had been there, too. I started pushing, I was laying on my side still from the exam, and DH was holding my legs. My best friend walked in right as I was pushing Freja's head out, and brought my older daughter back in with her. I just gave little easy pushes, I think about 4 or 5, and she was out! They handed her to me and of course she was just perfect.


My midwife (the one I had wanted to deliver the baby) walked in right after she was out, she was stunned.  The nurse and other midwife told her that I gave birth 8 minutes after I got to the hospital! She couldn't believe it, she said that when she talked to me last I sounded so calm that she told her husband that it would be a while, and she didn't try to rush over to the hospital too fast until they called her and said I was at 8 cm. She delivered the placenta and we all laughed about that.


After about an hour they had me get up to go the bathroom, and I couldn't believe how OK I felt- I had no tears, not even little ones to burn while I peed, I had no funny guts-falling-out feeling, I was totally energetic and felt great! This birth was crazy intense but once the baby was out I barely felt like anything had happened to me.


Freja is very, very calm and observant, and has spent lots of time looking around at everyone, and hardly any time crying. The pediatrician says she looks great. She almost slept through the night, except that I woke her up to nurse and change her diaper. I, of course, was woken up a million times by nurses so hardly slept at all.


My older daughters and DH are so thrilled about her, they all want to hold her all the time and dote on her to a ridiculous degree. DH changed his first diaper, which was really funny. Of course he was worried the whole time that he was doing it wrong and bothering her and everything else. The girls are really excited to come back to the hospital soon, I talked to them on the phone this morning and they really want her to get cleaned up so they can dress her.


So happy to have my baby!


Will post pics when I get home later today.

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Wonderful birth story! Congratulations!

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Congratulations!  I was wondering after you posted about the castor oil, and hoping things were going well for you.  Looking forward to pics of the new baby. :D

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I knew that baby was going to come out in no time with all that early labor you got out of the way!


Congratulations and welcome Freja!

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Congrats!!  What an awesome, encouraging story!!  Enjoy this sweet time.

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WOW! That's an awesome story!  Congratulations!!!

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congrats! sounds like all the prodromal stuff lead to a nice, quick, easy birth. 

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Oh my goodness - what an awesome birth story!  I'm so jealous!  Seriously, your body was ready.  Congratulations on your wonderful experience (although I'm sure you were afraid you were going to have her in the car).  I'm shocked you made it to a room!

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Lyss- I was totally afraid I would have her in the car the first half of the ride, the second half I was afraid she would be born in the grass in front of the hospital!

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Congrats!!! Enjoy your babymoon!

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Congratulations!  Crazy story but great results!

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How exciting! Congratulations!

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Congratulations!! Welcome Freja!! joy.gif

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Yay!!! Welcome baby Freja!  What a wild ride of a birth story but worked out so great, congrats Mama! Can't wait to see her picture! 

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Sounds like and exciting birth! Welcome sweet baby!
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Congrats, mama! Welcome, Freja!!

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Oh what a birth story!  Congrats mama!

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Great birth story.  Welcome Freja!  Congratulations!!

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congratulations and welcome Freja!

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