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MUMPS help please

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So it appears that my almost 3 year old may have mumps and now my 5 1/2 year old has symptoms, too. I am hoping to avoid it in my new 3 week old baby. Everything I can find on mumps online makes it appear pretty harmless so I am not worried about it but I am wondering if there is anything I should do for them? Any natural remedies, etc? Any good advice for dealing with a wicked MIL who will say 'told you so' b/c we don't vax. grrr....


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If you have cell salts, or a local store carries them, ferr phos is good for mumps.  (it's a cell salt/tissue salt, not the homeopathic ferr phos, which I don't know enough about to say anything)


For most illnesses, I give extra vitamin C (I like the sodium ascorbate kind), that seems to help quite a bit.


And for the MIL, if it were me, I'd say that I'm glad they got it as kids when I'm around to take care of them, vs having the vaccine fail them in college when perhaps they won't be careful with their diet and lifestyle. 

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My son had mumps when he was around 4 and I was suprised how NOT a big deal it was. It was way milder than most winter illnesses!  I would do the regular immune boosting stuff like no sugar, cod liver oil, sodium ascorbate, rest when needed... I did keep him home a long time because you are contaigious for about 9 days I think. Our biggest problem was cabin fever!


I am glad my ds had it young too. I am actually suprised there is a vax for it because it was an easy illness and now he has immunity. I also remind people that our parents had it and they are okay. My step dad even showed me pictures in his baby book when he had it and the date (his mom kept a record all the childhood illness he got which I think is a good idea, especially now).


About the "I told you so" MIL..My response would be that I expected my children would get some illnesses they vax for and that I feel happy to support their bodies through it so they can enjoy greater health as an adult (and not worry about booster shots and such).

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About the 3 week old I would just watch closely for complications because illnesses can be worse in tiny babies and they need medical attention sooner (but I still would not be anxious about it). Actually,  if you do the immune boosting stuff it would probably go to the baby through your breastmilk if you are bfing. Coconut oil is another good immune system food to try.

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