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Please help me deal with this coughing!  I haven't slept in four nights and my throat is just raw from coughing all day too.  My chest and sides hurt from all the coughing too.  Last night I resorted to taking Robitussin DM because I was at my wits end and was just hoping that getting some sleep would help me get well, but it didn't help at all!  Then I was frustrated that I had ingested this drug against my better judgement and it didn't even provide any benefit. 


What can I do to help relieve this cough?  I'm already using a cool mist humidifier, hot tea with honey, lemon drops, Vick's Vaporub on my chest and throat, Vick's on my feet and then cover them with socks. 

Additional vitamins I'm taking are 275000IU of VitD3 for 7 days and 1000mg of VitC each 2 hours until this goes away. 

Anything I'm missing?


This is so bad that when I lay down, I cough so badly that it makes me vomit.  The doctor said it's the worst case of bronchitis he's seen in a long time, but I'm not running a high fever so he doesn't think it's pneumonia and doesn't think an antibiotic will help.

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I'm watching this thread for ideas since I also have bronchitis and a low-grade fever, which is really messing with my sleep. Primarily because I'm so congested that I can barely breathe at all through my nose, and sleeping with my mouth open is just not something that I'm used to. I'm also taking extra Vitamin D. Are you really taking 275000IU or was that a typo? I'm taking about 8000 and I thought that was a lot. Sorry I don't have any really good suggestions at the moment. It sounds like you are having a REALLY tough time and I wish that there was some insight that I could share :(

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Thanks, and sorry you are suffering too.  Yes, I am taking 275000IU/d for 7 days as recommended by my doctor.  Even for kids they recomend 50000IU/d for at least days at the onset of cold or flu symptoms.  I've been taking 10000IU/d maintenance dose daily for the past 6 years and my blood level is only 75 (gwhich is good but not maximum.)  They recomend 5000IU/d for everyone but 10000/d for womenn pregnant or nursing which I've been one or the other or both for 7 years now.


I still haven't found any good solution to get any sleep at night.  I feel worse today than ever and my fever is creeping up there--I can certainly feel it more, but it's still low grade. Ughh!  I dread going to bed tonight.

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Sorry that you are going through this :-( It truly sucks being sick and pregnant! Maybe add orange juice. Extra Vitamin C never hurts. Hope you feel better.

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I "slept" in a chair last night and I coughed less, but still didn't sleep in longer than 20 minute segments.  I have a double ear infection now and conjunctivitis in both eyes!  At least I made plans not to work today.  Two of my three kids have fevers again too and it sounds like my DH has bronchitis too.  I'm going to see my OB this morning.  We'll see if he has any recommendations.  Maybe I'm ready to try an antibiotic if he thinks it will help. 

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I had bronchitis a few weeks ago. I went to the acupuncturist and that cleared it up pretty quickly for me. I also resorted to taking benadryl to help me sleep at night. I don't think that it stopped the coughing, but it knocked me out so I could sleep which I think was what my body really needed. 

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