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Welcome.gifto all the newbies!  


hug2.gifto all whom AF has found.


I'm just whistling.gif along at CD5.  I had an acupuncture appt today and on the advice of my acupuncturist, I'm not going to temp or anything during the rest of this cycle.  I'll be leaving for Hawaii in 5 days and praying that I O while I'm there.  It's going to be difficult, but hopefully refreshing to not temp for a while since I've been doing it faithfully for almost 13 months now.  I'll check in on you ladies before I leave, but probably won't be around much until the end of the month.  I hope to return to lots of BFPs!!  

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Stevi, we're cycle buddies!  twins.gif


What CD do you normally O?  I want to keep you in my prayers while I'm away.

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Thanks to everyone for the well wishes and sympathy. Stupid AF!


And good luck, MommyMatsumoto!

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Shelley: It will be awesome once you can link it in your signature but I meant you can also just post the URL to your chart in a regular post and whoever is the threadkeeper can add it to the 1st page where all our names are. Then it's chart-stalk til you drop! Also don't be down, that 3am temp could have really threw things off. How long were you asleep before then? See what it is tomorrow.


Sourire: Thank you! We'll see how the next several days go. Have fun on your trip, I'm sure it will be awesome. I'd volunteer to take over next week's thread but I'm not exactly sure what to do. Do I just create a thread and copy and paste? Anyone other than Sourire who's here and knows let me know!


LadyScientist: Ooh so maybe this cycle is it for you?!


SithLadyFred: Ugh I have SO been there. I'm sorry :-( Like everyone else says it's really good your DH is all in for trying. I usually avoid telling my DH when smiley-face day is (OPK) so he won't get all weird about "trying".


cbaa: I totally bailed forgive me! bwahahaha. I'm going to blame MommyMatsumoto for telling me her mid-December birthday is actually quite magical. It seems like right after she said that a digital OPK (aka Golden Shower Boyfriend from the Bajingo thread) practically begged me to pee on it! Yes, it's all her fault. Sheepish.gif Care to join me?

P.S. Last month was the 3 year anniversary of my grandfather's death and it's still unbelievably sad to think about the day he died, that we don't make the drive 3 hours to visit his house, that this whole chapter is over. My thoughts are with you.


MommyMatsumoto: Are you going to take/use any OPKs? I hope the best for your trip. I hope you come back to BFPs and WITH a BFP!

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I am telling myself I'm NOT going to take my OPKs, but who knows what I'll actually do.  I just started using the digitals last cycle, and I sure LOVE to see that smiley face!  LOL

Originally Posted by Gemmine View Post

MommyMatsumoto: Are you going to take/use any OPKs? I hope the best for your trip. I hope you come back to BFPs and WITH a BFP!


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Gemmine: I "think" this link will take you to my chart: http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/340ddf


SithLadyFred: Sorry to hear about AF. She's a real snot.


MommyMatsumoto: Have a blast on your trip. Maybe this break from everything will be just what you need!


Sourire: Have a great time on your trip as well!!!


AFM:  As you can see from my chart, my temps are dropping. Poop. Yesterday's temp came very closely after 3 hours of sleep (3:45am), and I remember FF saying that you needed 3 solid hours of sleep, so I did make that. Today's temp came at 5:29am. I think now that I'm temping when I wake up the first time, that my dots will normalize, and more often than not, I wake up about an hour before my 6:35 alarm, and then go back to sleep.


I am still not convinced that my FF O date is correct. I know the temps tell all, but I took a near-positive OPK a week ago last Wednesday and also had quite a bit of cramping that day as well. It never became positive though, so I just don't know. For that time period, we did NOT time BDing correctly. If the Monday O is correct then we did time it well.


But, I don't think we got it this time. I knew it wouldn't happen first time out of the box, but I would have liked to have been pleasantly surprised.  

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MommyMatsumoto...   I ovulate on cd13-14. Have a Reproductive vacation!!! How cool to conceive a child where our president grew up!

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Oh my goodness!  Yay for having all these new folks in the ONE Thread!  Welcome to everyone I haven't welcomed yet.


A2E: Yay for the weight loss!  Diet?  Exercise?  Both?


MommyM: Have a fab time in Hawaii!  Can't remember if this is your first time going there...  DH and I went to Kauai the second month of TTC our first pregnancy.  It was our most favorite vacation EVER...despite the fact that I started the trip with a horrid, first-ever sinus infection.  Unfortunately, that was when my cycles were so wack-a-doo and I hadn't even started acupuncture yet or anything, and the cycle was a bust for us.  But I think it may be just what you guys need... winky.gif


I know I haven't been posting here as much lately, but I am checking in on you gals just about every day and can't wait to see some more BFP's.


dust.gifTO EVERYONE!!!


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Ok, I need some guidance from you guys. I was mentioning my temp dips the last two days on another site and someone said it could be an implantation dip? Do you any of you know anything about this? I do NOT want to get my hopes up. Wait, who am I kidding? Already done.


So, is this a real thing or no?

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Hey ladies, I managed to get some limited internet access in my hotel here in New Orleans. This afternoon DH and I were walking around the French Quarter and we saw some fortune tellers and I thought it would be really fun to get my fortune told (even though DH thinks its BS which it probably is). Anyways the fortune teller told me a bunch of crap that could have applied to anyone but then she got my attention when she told me I had a lot of real estate opportunities right now and I would be moving to a new address within the next 6 months (I just bought a house and I am moving there in August!) So after that I was super happy when she said I would have 3 kids (that is exactly how many kids I want) and extremely happy when she told me that I would have my first baby within the next year and will almost certainly get pregnant this summer! hooray!


I don't have time for any other personals right now but I wanted to give a big welcome to SithLady!


Gemmine thanks for volunteering to run next week's thread! It's super easy: just click reply on the first post in this thread, copy the whole thing, and paste it in a new thread!


Sorry I'm not able to update the front page right now, my connection is kind of crappy.

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Shelley71...   We need more info to really start jumping at implantation dips. Unfortunately there are dips in non-pregnant cycles too, so they're not even that promising. I'm not trying to be a bummer, just don't want you getting enthusiastic over a very vague sign. Anyway, how long ago do you think you ovulated? How many days from Ovulation to the dip(s)?


AAM...   I need to get started on the BDing, I'm due to ovulate in about a week! Let the stress and fun begin!!! LOL

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I looked it up and after reading more, I'm definitely not getting my hopes up. It was a nice thought, but from what I've read, it's normally just a one day dip IF it's even an implantation dip. So, I'll just see if my temps stay down. I'm also being realistic that this isn't my cycle, and I'm ok with that for now. I didn't expect much my first time out, so here's hoping for a successful cycle next time!  thumbsup.gif

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Might be a little late, since tomorrow is the last day, but I wanted to get in on this. :)


Just O'd last week (based on my calendar and CM changes, but I don't chart temps), so now we're just waiting to know!


I'm excited to get to know everyone, and for the mutual support/encouragement here. :D

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New thread is up, ladies!

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