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Andrews AFB Montessori Schools

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My DH is starting a new job at Andrews in June and I am a trained Montessori teacher so I would like to place our children in a legit Montessori school in the fall.

I have no clue where we will live, but am reaching out in hopes someone knows of schools and decent areas close to the base. Commuting is not something we are used to, nor is it something we want to spend hours doing each day (especially with 2 small children).

Thaks so much!

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My brother and I both had incredible experiences K-6th grade at Paint Branch Montessori (http://pbmontessori.com/). Unfortunately, I think if you live very close to Andrews that would be a terrible commute. :( I don't know of other options.


Bro and I turned out great if I do say so myself! He got a Masters in biomech engineering and is a medical device safety reviewer at FDA, and I'm a Math/Philosophy undergrad back in school for my PhD after seven years consulting. :) I hope to send our future kids to Paint Branch, as I credit their teachers for my interest and facility with math!

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I don't know what you mean by legit montessori, but PG county has public montessori elem schools that you get in to based on lottery.  You can visit them to check them out.  IIRC, the one we visited (Goddard) had montessori certified teachers.  They have to do standardized tests periodically, but the day to day teaching is montessori method.  Google them for more info.  You might also google montessori pg county or surrounding areas and see what you find. 

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the pg county montessori schools are:

John Hasson in Oxon Hill

Judith P Hoyer in CHeverly

Robbert Goddard in Seabrook (near Greenbelt)

I know that Hoyer is AMS certified, I'm not sure about the others.


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Henson Valley Montessori is a private school on Allentown Road, very near AAFB.  My kids had a great experience there years ago.  There are more current positive reviews online if you google it.

It looks like there might be an Upper Marlboro campus too - if so, new since we were there, but you can check it out.  Good luck.

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