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Thank you for the pictures! He is a very handsome guy, and so laid back too.  I hope he is feeling like himself very soon.  I bet the vaxes are slowing him down a bit.  Now he just needs a name.

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Well, I feel terrible for doing this to him. He feels warm to the touch.   He's in pain when he tries to walk anywhere, he cries and keeps his back legs bent and hunches to the floor, moves a few inches and gives up.  So I tried to pick him up to carry him outside to see if he had to pee and he cried and then growled.  He did pee a little then sat down in the pee, like it hurt him to squat or to move.  He hasn't eaten and the only thing he's had to drink was about 3 licks of some tuna juice all day.  


I called the vet about an hour ago and told him all of this to see what he could do and he told me to give him a baby aspirin and if he's still like this tomorrow that he'd pass by and look at him.  This poor cat!  I really hope this didn't injure him permanently or make him really sick.  I hope he's fine very soon and not in pain, there's no way I could get a baby aspirin in him, he cries when I try to pet him and won't even touch tuna.


If anyone has ideas or experience with this, I'd be very appreciative to hear it.  His shots were around 5:pm yesterday, its been about 24 hours since his appointment right now.


I won't be doing vaccinations again if this is what it does to him.  He really looks and sounds like he feels really bad.  :(

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if you are concerned about food intake you could try cooking some chicken and giving it to him or even, a very very small amount of heavy cream...It is actually easier for them to digest than just milk...Generally giving cats dairy just leads to lots of watery poop but some cats can tolerate it very well and it is a good calorie/fat boost in a very small amount.


The only way my mother nursed her cat back from the brink of death (she was starving when she found her) was to give her as much heavy cream as she could lick up. 

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Thank you for the ideas.  I tried cooking him some chicken last week and he didn't want any, so that probably wouldn't fly.  He didn't want cream tonight yet but I'll keep trying that b'c he did give it a good sniff before turning it down.  Poor guy, he just seems so miserable.  If this is a common vaccine reaction, people should be told that it could happen, b'c I would have figured out something else to do besides giving them to him.  Or at least staggered them.  He had FELV, Rabies and FVRCP yesterday.  Bah, I should have gone with my gut and only gotten the Rabies one, which he needed for the flight.  The vet told me that "he really should have" the others if I'm taking him somewhere as public and frequented by other animals such as an airport and a plane.  I'm totally kicking myself.  I really hope he just starts feeling good again very soon.  I wish I could feel this for him, since I'm the one who chose to do it!  Anyway, thanks again for the cream idea... I'll try it again soon, let you know if it works for him.

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if you are concerned about food intake you could try cooking some chicken and giving it to him or even, a very very small amount of heavy cream...It is actually easier for them to digest than just milk...Generally giving cats dairy just leads to lots of watery poop but some cats can tolerate it very well and it is a good calorie/fat boost in a very small amount.


The only way my mother nursed her cat back from the brink of death (she was starving when she found her) was to give her as much heavy cream as she could lick up. 


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Oh poor kitty! This is not a common reaction, I'd say this is a really really really bad reaction. I'm surprised they won't see him today. He might need rehydrating subcutaneously. Someone might've already said this, but try strained baby food. Take the chicken and add some cream or water and stick it in a blender/food processor. That might help, but he sounds like he's just flat out miserable.


We do rabies and feline distemper, only because A) we have a kid so need the rabies just in case one of his friends gets the business end of a cat--so far no problems with that and B) we do fostering and some of the feral kittens from Kentucky come up with nasty upper respiratory infections. Our vet is a very anti-vax if you can get away with it kinda guy. During our pre-child and apartment dwelling years, we did not vax at all. We've never had to fly with our furry babies though.

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Is he grooming at all?  If he is, then one way to get things into his stomach is to put it on his fur, so he'll lick it off. 


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Hi, Thanks you guys.  I came to update that as of around noon today he picked up energy and is walking normally now, not hunched over or crying.  He ate a half of a small can of Fancy Feast chicken feast classic with a teaspoon of fish oil that I mixed up with it.  He would lick at it then come back and eat a little more and finally now he's eaten a half of those pop-top tiny cans, but I'm taking that as fantastic progress.  His sides are sensitive, when he tries to lie down he struggles to decide which side and then finally lays but it takes him a few to settle into the position.  Is he just constipated?  I read that the fish oil would help with that since its what I read last night.  I'm glad he ate some, maybe he'll poo and feel better.  He hasn't poo'd since Tuesday right after the vet appointment at 5pm.  Maybe the fecal stimulated a poo, but he hasn't eaten much since then either.  


ALso, when I had a hand very lightly on his right side at any time yesterday or late last night, I could feel a spasm type of vibration and he would get really protective of where my hand was and cried if I put any more pressure than lightly touching the fur.  Could he have had some liver issue from the vaxs?  Today he lets me pet his sides but still lays down carefully and has not laid on his back, like in all of the photos, since the vet visit.  I'm really perplexed and want to help him.


Is it common to miss some kind of intestinal worm if a fecal reads negative?  I read that it can happen and his belly has always been distended since I met him (1.5 months ago).  Should I take him for another exam or just give him something for worms??  Is it dangerous to give a worm treatment if he is actually negative for parasites?


Netgyks, I hear you.  I don't care for or choose vaxs, usually.  Our dogs only ever had/have them randomly (typically Rabies only) if they need to be at a free run dog sitter's for the weekend but they usually road trip it with us anyway.  I've read of too many negative reactions and long term sarcomas related with vaccinations.  Ugh.  I will def not be doing this again.  I'm on a budget and moving and am without a car here, so when this vet said he'd waive his house call visit fee to come and get us ready for the trip all at once, since he was a stray, I was desperate and agreed to his ideas.  I waived my own gut instinct of only fecal check and Rabies vax in the process.  And poor kitty paid the price.  Sux.


He is seeming better now, tonight, thank goodness.  Hopefully he'll take a good poo soon and feel great again.  His big tummy was diagnosed as him being overweight, but his belly also feels medium to hard, to the touch.  He has a little "fat pad" that is mushy, but his belly part has always felt full, if that makes sense.  Anyone have experience with this stuff, that can help me figure out if he's fine and overweight, or if it's an undetected parasite or something else that I need to get him tested again for??


Thanks everyone!  I'm grateful for your advice and suggestions and help, and support!  Still some unanswered questions so maybe someone out there has dealt with their own cat and similar stuff??  Hopefully not, but, yk, if you have it would help to hear about it.

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Really, I know my kitten tested negative for fecal but then finally the vet gave him a dewormer "just to be safe." He had bad loose stool and then, voila! He looked so much healthier, glossier, and started growing fur on his belly. I think most rescues do dewormer as a matter of course, I would at least bring it up with your vet. He sounds pretty miserable, poor baby! Is it possible he ate some non-food item?

I really would take him in and insist that they deworm him. I don't think it can cause any lasting damage, just maybe some digestive trouble but he's already got that.


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Yeah, Ok, I'll get the vet back here and ask for a dewormer.  He was living outdoors in a neighborhood with wild birds, raccoons, opossums and several other homeless cats for at least 10 months or so.  And he had fleas when I first took him in.  I thought the negative fecal was kind of odd, given all of that, but trusted the test.  Then read that they are often wrong.


He still hasn't poo'd, but he has eaten most of the other half of the Fancy Feast can and drank a tiny bit of some tuna flavored water.  His energy is good, purring and grooming himself.  I tried the Laxitone but he hates it and won't touch it.  I tried putting it on his paw when we first met and he didn't lick it off, just ran around like a madman, trying to fling it off of himself.  So I don't want to do that to him when he's feeling bad.

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take him. it's deplorable that his last owners abandoned him, but kudos to you for looking after him.


people don't seem to fully understand this, but cats are domesticated animals. sure, it only takes a couple generations for them to revert to a feral state, but it still is generations, not months of a single cat's life. this cat became attached to another human really quickly... that means that he really craves that human relationship, and short of finding him another home in your neighbourhood, the only right thing to do is to take him with you.


he will have to become an indoor cat when you move to the city. it really would be criminal to ever let him outdoors again, in that environment particularly. he may miss the outdoors a little, but to him, having a human companion and caregiver are more important than hunting and roaming. letting him outdoors in the city is a guaranteed way to get him run over, poisoned, attacked or lost. indoor cats are capable of having very fulfilling and happy lives. toys, good food, your company... that is all he really wants. if you think you will be away a lot due to work or school, you might consider adopting another cat with the right temperament when you get to your new home. cats to enjoy the company of other cats.


good luck! he seems like an awesome cat, and i'm sure he will adapt just fine to the new situation and lifestyle.


He is cute, glad you kept him and took care of him.  


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Yeah, he is very cute.  He's like Cat of Green Gables, it was his personality that hooked me in ;)  Well, that and the fact that he's too chill to survuve long outside on his own.  The sore on his face is gone, maybe I wrote that already?  I think the fish oil I've been adding to his food is helping his fur, he looks even fluffier since last week.


He's been acting completely back to normal these past few days.  Laying on his back again a lot.  Purring a lot and moving around the same as before his vax ordeal.  His belly is still full feeling, but he's been back to poo'ing at least once a day like he was before the shots.  I've been trying to find a natural wormer.  I'm so hesitant to introduce any sort of chemical wormer into his body after seeing what the vax's did to the poor guy.  Anyone used pumpkin seed powder?  Or I already have some food grade diatomaceous earth, but with that he has to eat it for 60 days straight or it can cause problems or be ineffective.  Anyone have experience or other wormer ideas for us??  Thx!

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Just checking in.  How did the relocation go? Does Handsome have a name yet?

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HI, thanks for thinking of us!

He's being called "Cat" most often, also CatCat and Puppy, b'c he follows me around wagging his tail like a puppy would. ;)

There have been a few delays on the house sale, so we haven't left yet, but he likes to chill occasionally in his pet carrier.  Its sitting on the floor open, so he can get used to being comfortable inside of it.  As much as I didn't feel like I'd be a cat person, I can't imagine not being buddies with him!  He still prefers to go to the bathroom outside over using his catbox, but has used it when I'm not around to let him outside, never a mess in the house that's not in his box.  Doesn't ever jump on counter tops or chew on cords or anything.  He's a really great cat and I'm really happy that he trusted me to take him in.


I'll update when we get to the new city... seems like he'll do well.

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Thanks for the update.  I'm thrilled to hear things are going so well for you both!  I can't wait to hear how he does in his new home.

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Yeah, hopefully he'll do well.  I just found out that a friend wants to be roommates in my other city, so chances are that this cat will be living with 2 (nice) medium sized dogs and one other shy and physically smaller cat.  All of them are neutered/spayed.  So, it should be interesting!  Apparently in his previous home, he lived with a large dog and another cat and a toddler.  Anyway, here's a photo, he's really enjoying having a soft bed and regular food and water and love!  When he sees me get his brush and go sit on the living room floor, he runs over while chirping/meowing, dives upside down and stretches out to get brushed.  So funny.





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aww happy kitty...

so glad he is doing better!

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I was just wondering how kitty is doing, did you get moved yet? He is too cute!

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Hi!  Thx for thinking of him.  Us.  We haven't moved yet, issues with our buyer's loan, so the dates keep getting pushed.  He's doing great, has his little routine now for cat things he seems to like to do, lol.  He's still having some stress from the harness I'm trying to get him used to, the first one he was ok with but he ended up being able to get out of it, so I switched to a different type and when I put it on him he just lays down and won't walk much.  We're working on it.  I still have guilt about taking him out of this neighborhood but I can't leave him here either... and at this point, he's attached to me it seems, and I've grown attached to him too.  He's a neat little guy, very sweet and funny personality.  Here's a photo for you (please don't quote the photo b'c I'll probably erase it later for privacy, ty!), this is how he is everyday in the mornings, chilled out next to me, sleeping:






Having to wait may be a blessing in disguise.  I think by the time we leave, I'll be renting a different place in my other city, my friend is looking for a house with a fenced yard now, instead of my small inner city apartment.  I'll post updates when we get there and tell everyone how it went.  Seems like he'll be alright.

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adorable! The house idea sounds great, I hope everything smoothes out and you get transitioned easily.




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