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Today is my first day as a sahm

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and I am not entirely sure what to do with myself. DD (3) is at her preschool right now. She is now going MWF 9-11:30 instead of M-F full days like when I was working. I don't think I have ever had time at home alone before. It feels really weird. I know it won't last because I'm due with a new little one in May. LOL But, I'm at the computer drinking a cup of coffee and realizing I don't have to panic about throwing in a load of laundry before I rush out the door for work or questioning when I will have time to vacuum or or or... This feels so bizarre! Has anyone else gone through this?

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ha... don't worry, it'll catch up with you ;)  lol.gif


ETA... Keep in mind, right now you're caught up with your regular routine... but when people are home all day, the house gets messier and whatever.  Or you'll get busy taking the kids out and about... or ... I dunno.  It's just a different dynamic :)  Enjoy your time off, though!!

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enjoy it woman! because by wednesday, you will have tons to do and no time to do it! :) i remember drinking my coffee, watching the sun come up and wishing it was saturday so my dh could be home with me .... ah, how those days are gone!

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I kind of understand :)


I was a SAHM until last fall, when I went back to school. Today is my last final, and I'm not taking any more classes (at least not for 6 or more months). The housework is all caught up (for a minute...) and tomorrow DS has preschool. Tomorrow morning will be the first time in months I don't have to spend his schooltime doing my own homework or catching up on chores (even during winter "break" I didn't get any kind of break- too much to do to prep for the holidays!). I will get a couple hours to myself!! I probably won't know what to do with myself, either, lol.

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I went through this after working for the first 16 months of my son's life. I was let go from work, and literally the next day I was a SAHM. I didn't know what to do with myself. I looked for work for a little while and after crunching numbers realized that the jobs I could find weren't worth being away from DS. After a week at home I finally accepted the fact that I was going to be a SAHM. It was so weird though, I went from having to plan/schedule everything around work, to having all day with a toddler and no plans. for the first few weeks I didn't know what to do with myself. I cooked a lot, cleaned out cabinets, organized, did projects that I had been meaning to do for years, but after all that was done, then I was like, what now?  I've gotten into a new normal now though. You'll get used to it. I used to love cleaning the house, and now it's a monotonous daily thing that never seems to end! You are home more, there are more messes, more to clean, and then as your kiddo gets older, more playdates, activities, etc to take you away from the home, which then means less time to clean and cook, etc. It's just totally different from working outside of the home. Don't you worry, you're time will be filled up really quickly! I'm due in May with #2 and already stressing that I won't be able to keep up with everything!

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Yes, that happens to me all the time!  I am actually a WAHM mom (about 20 hours a week) but there are still days when my son is napping and I don't have any work to do and the laundry's done and I walk about my condo wondering what I "should" be doing!  It feel so indulgent to just sit down and read a magazine or watch tv, but sometimes I just let myself do it anyway.  There's only so much cooking, laundry, etc. you can do in one day so when the house is quiet I say you should enjoy yourself!  It feels bizarre at first (like playing hookie from school or something!) but you'll get used to it.


Congrats on becoming a SAHM! :)

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