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Asheville no vax friendly family doc

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Hi! I just moved here from Michigan and need to find a good family doc right away.  I prefer to see a lady doc.  We live (I believe) in the downtown/North Asheville area, at the end of Charlotte St. right by the Grove Park golf course, so somebody easy to find from there would be really helpful.  Bonus points if you know they take Aetna insurance.  :)  Thanks all!!!

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You might want to try Family to Family-They are located on Charlotte Street-they have a very holistic approach-also I know several people who go to community family health and like it..good luck

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We've been very pleased with Family to Family and I believe their primary docs are women.  They do not file any insurance at all as far as I know; they give you the billing codes and you file yourself. It's a bit of a hassle but well worth it for us. The kids actually look forward to seeing Dr Susan!

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Thanks gals!  I'll call today!

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