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Talk to me about Benbrook, TX

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Well, we may be moving to Ft.Worth.  My mother in law lives in the Crowley ISD and all the public schools there have terrible ratings.  The only nearby school with a great rating is in Benbrook, TX   about 20 mins away.   Anyone live there, have any comments.  I drove thru it and it seemed like an older area, a little shabby but clean and calm.  I was afraid that it was going to be a very high end area with million dollar homes way out of my $1000/mo lease range.  Just like to hear what others think of the area.

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I have friends that live in Benbrook. They really enjoy it. They chose Benbrook because it has a low crime rate, but I do think it is more expensive than surrounding areas.

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I can only tell you it has a superb library, as my aunt is the head librarian! I haven't spent much time there, but they really seem to love it.

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You'll definitely find something in your price range out there.  I didn't know Crowley schools had a bad reputation or any different from Benbrook.  Can't imagine it's too much different.

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I just came across your post and don't know if you are still considering the Benbrook area.  We moved to Benbrook about a year ago and have been happy with the decision.  My son has not started school yet but the elementary school ratings were a big factor.  We also enjoy having the YMCA/Community Center and the nice park nearby.  There are older areas but also a good deal of new (and newer) construction as you go further south on 377.  We were fortunate to find a foreclosure at a great price in a nice area around Whitestone golf course.  Golf was certainly not an attraction for me but it is a very quiet neighborhood with a nice mix of retired/semi-retired couples and families.


Good luck with your decision and let me know if you end up in the area.  We are always up for a play date!





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