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Nursery Pictures

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Haven't seen a thread for this yet! Post your pictures of your baby's nursery!


I'll start... here's what we have so far but it's not anywhere near being done!

(the dresser is going to become the changing table once we get the pad)


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Cute as can be!!!!!!!!!!! Your crib is beautiful!!!

I don't get to do a nursery this time... :o( We are in a tiny house ( 3 bedrooms ( tiny ones though) and are hopefully finding renters and moving in June. Baby will be with us and then eventually move in with my 4 year old dd. We don't even have a crib for this poor babe yet as my 17 month son is still in our crib. So not sure what we will do there. Maybe borrow my SIL's crib.

I love seeing other peoples pics though

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We don't have a nursery.  We have just rearranged our bedroom (1BR apartment) to fit a baby. 


We have some new Ikea shelves we bought to house baby items in boxes, drawers and cubbies for clothing of different sizes, a crate for toys, books on a low shelf, bath supplies, etc.  We're hoping to find a small rug to go in front of the shelves.  Our bed is behind it, my husband's work space is across from it, and the cradle that my grandfather made for my parents when I was born is next to the bed (we'll probably do a combination of co-sleeping and cradle sleeping).


Here are some photos.  It's hard to get nice ones in the evening, as we have no overhead lighting.  ;)  The first two, I just took.  The third picture was in daylight. 


We do have a little antique lamp a friend refurbished and gave to us next to the changing pad on our dresser, as well as bedside lamps, a desk lamp, and you can see the reflection of our Christmas lights around the windows, which we leave up year-round like college students.  ;)  So I'm hoping there will be enough lighting options for middle-of-the-night diaper changing.



5527456117_41f5117e63_m.jpg 5528050168_a8d5f96d8e_m.jpg




There's a rocker in our living room, in case our baby likes to be rocked, though it wasn't purchased "for" the baby, and a Bjorn bouncer folded up in the corner behind our TV.

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I just love nursery pics! 


Beryl - I love the shade of blue you painted the nursery and the chair with the black and white pillow.  It's classic, yet soft and romantic.  Perfect!  Your dresser is also awesome.


Neuromancer - That lamp is fabulous is what a good job you did in incorporating your baby into your existing space.


We finished our nursery a few weekends back and here are some of the pics we took.  I'm really happy with it...it's probably the nicest room in our house.  Definitely decorated for the Moms and to our taste.  We, or rather I, spent months scouring the internet for all of the big pieces of furniture (they're all second hand!!!)







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OMG - this thread is REALLY making me feel unprepared.  I had a big set back in the last few weeks - mostly good stuff - friends visiting, parties, showers and etc.  I even had a surprise weekend visitor come on Friday just as my house was on the verge of becoming a crazy mess.  Her arrival put us past the point of no return.  ;-)    When I get to it I'm going to post a picture of what will be the babies room, buried under a pile of shower gifts and homebirth supplies.  It'll be my little gift to you all.  ;-)   

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Oh, and I forgot to say that your baby spaces all look beautiful!  

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Wow! Those are some awesome nurseries. Beryl, I love the vintage chic vibe you have going on. Neuromancer, your smart use of a small space is awesome and Gumshoegirl, LOVE the modern-ish style. Very cool.



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LOVE them all! I love the colors and styles! This is something I would be going for if we werent using everything from DS1. I used 'grown up' safari decor...most of it came from Kirklands. And my mom and I picked out the fabric and my aunts sewed the bumpers, valances and such. Its all animal print that you could use in a nice fancy house(but we dont have one of those LOL)

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Beryl, I meant to say I love the legs on your dresser.  The furniture you chose is really nice.


Gumshoegirl007, your room came together so well.  I'd like to get some wall-mounted shelves like you have (with no visible hardware).  We saw some at Ikea, but my husband was worried they were too deep.  I wish we'd gotten them.  Your mobile looks cute, too.  We were given one that I really don't like, and then the person who gave it to us passed away and we are feeling sort of "pressured" to use it.

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Originally Posted by Lauren82 View Post

Wow! Those are some awesome nurseries. Beryl, I love the vintage chic vibe you have going on. Neuromancer, your smart use of a small space is awesome and Gumshoegirl, LOVE the modern-ish style. Very cool.



Thanks!  I wish I knew what I was going to do with the diaper pail (really a tub) when it comes.  We're using a service, and they'll deliver all the supplies next week.  I'm a little worried about fitting that into the room in a semi-attractive way.  :)  We'll probably have to give in to clutter eventually, but right now we're being stubborn.  Last weekend my husband cleaned under our kitchen sink and threw out our old mini grill just so he could stash the car seat and baby tub (bucket-style) under there! 

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They're all so lovely!  Gumshoegirl - I LOVE the wall colour!


I don't have pics.  For one thing our camera is broken and for another the baby will be in with us for the 1st year before moving in with the older ones.  We have a rather large bassinet set up in our room and the baby's sharing a dresser with DD in the kids' rm.  I'm thinking about getting a change pad for on top of our dresser - and kicking myself for selling the one I had!

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They're all beautiful!  We do have a room set up for baby's things, but the baby will be in a cosleeper in our room for...I don't know how long. We'll play it by ear.  When the baby's ready to move to his/her own room, we'll convert DD's full-size bed back to a crib and put it in there (and get DD a new bed).  


We did buy a dresser, which we've painted white and put cute drawer pulls on.  And the glider's in that room.  I need some soft lighting, some curtains (currently just have blinds), and some artwork for the walls (DD wants to make some, so that'll be cute).  Right now it's pretty minimalist in there, but it's also sort of quiet and soothing, which I love.  :)  I'm hoping to have the curtains up and at least a couple of things on the walls in the next week or so, and I'll post a photo then.  

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Beautiful baby spaces, ladies!


We don't have a nursery to share. Baby will sleep with us for the foreseeable future. DS2 is still with us full time and DS1 spends about half the night with us. I really really really wish DH would agree to buying another queen sized bed and making our room the family sleeping space, and using the room that is currently DS1's as a play space. I simply adore having the kids sleep with us and really hate how grumpy DH gets about the crowded bed.

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hmm, i haven't taken pictures of our nursery, aka, part of our bedroom yet, but it is pretty much all set up. DD will be in our room at least until out of a baby bed. I didn't do a big theme for her, but her colors don't match our bedroom walls at all. For her bedding etc, we have pink, brown, off white and light green. Our walls are a mustard and brick red, lol! But now I may go take pics because I haven't yet and i never did with ds and well I am trying to take more pics this time around! Luckily our bedroom is large enough to accomodate all her stuff although it is wall to wall furniture, and no way can i fit the rocker in there, it will stay in the toyroom for now.

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This is baby #5 and i've only done a "nursery" for one of my babies....lol. I love all the pictures....great decorating mama's.

My 6yo sleeps on the floor on a twin mattress beside our king size bed....our 2yo sleeps with us and baby will join us in the family bed.

I may move the 2yo to the twin mattress if we find that we are cramped....will have to see.

I have set up some shelving and got baskets from Target to put baby items in.

I'm eyeing a glidder on craigs list...really want a rocker.


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I've never done a nursery for any of my kids.  My older two slept in my room for 12-18 months.  This baby will sleep in our room for at least that long.  We have a crib, change table and dresser in our room (it's big so tons of space for all that and more).  Eventually we'll get bunk beds for DS2 and this little guy can sleep on the bottom bunk.  We only have 3 bedrooms so they're all taken up, so even if we wanted a nursery we couldn't have one!


I love seeing everyone's nurseries though!

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I wish I had done a before and after for ya'll but all I got photographed was the half done room:  


2011-03-22 17.40.48.jpg

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194146_10150149073161607_554131606_6975357_3536917_o (1).jpg



the baby's crib is the room with my two younger boys(6 and 3) i dont anticipate baby really being in there until he/she outgrows the bassinet and is sleeping longer stretches. the boys room is a jungle theme. the greeen is supposed to be grass and the blue is sky. i painted that monkey in the corner. so when I saw this set i had to have it!!!!the other side of the room has a volcano

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Babe will get this room when DS moves to what is now a guest room, probably in the fall. In the meantime, we'll change the guest room into a nursery, probably after the baby is born so my mom at least can have that guest room before we move the bed downstairs. This is from about a year and a half ago, not really changed much.  If we have a girl, I may buy a feminine bumper and skirt. I LOVE the other nurseries posted!  So clean, modern and really, really cute. We are jealous of white trim.



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This isn't a room.....it's more like a "nook". It's just going to be for naps and changings.


baby nook 2011 3.jpg

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